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Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:17 pm

That's right! Atricis' anniversary month is upon us! This month marks our 11th year since our initial foundation, and we are still going strong! Thank you to everyone who has made Atricis a great place to play for so many years. Atricis would be nothing without you lovely members. To celebrate our 11th year we have a few things in store!

Bonus Marks Summer is back! RP posts will earn 6 marks per post instead of 3! And the chances for Bonus Marks has been increased to 25% instead of the usual 10%.

A new plot has also begun! Go take a look!
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Posts: 61
Joined: Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:35 am

Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:01 am

Here we are to introduce the newest color to the firelizards of New Atricis, introduced at the most recent hatching handout!

Images Forthcoming
Ametrine Firelizards
Gender: Female
Size: ~2 feet and 7 inches
Clutch Size: 2 - 15 Eggs
Rank: Mid Ranked
Rarity: Rare, Unknown %

Overall Info:
An unknown mutation that appears to be roughly brown in size, Ametrines are a recent color that next to nothing is known about. They first appeared in the hybrid clutch of amethyst firelizrd Josephine and bronze fancy flitt Hunk so it wasn't initially clear what they were at first, but considering the colors in the clutch were all those of the mother, it was suspected to be a new firelizard mutation. Ametrines are a combination of colors it appears, mainly purples, oranges, golds, reds, and pinks of various hues, though at least some dark patches of purple need to appear on their hides.

As of right now, their flight and clutch patterns are unknown; what is thought for them is estimated based on their nearest female brethren, the Seraphinites - however, this may or may not change when the first hatched Ametrines rise to mate and clutch. They will be closely monitored when this time arrives to see if they abandoned their clutches or not, but in reality, they will end up being the sort of firelizards that will typically "adopt" abandoned clutches they come across, especially when their own are on the smaller side.
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