New Starlizard Color!

Turn 2049
42nd Turn of the 9th Pass
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Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:08 pm

At last, we are prepared to reveal the information on the strange new color that appeared in the recent Starlizard handout!
Sunset Starlizards
Gender: 75% Male, 25% Female
Size: ~3 feet and 6 inches in length
Clutch Size: 3 - 7 Eggs
Rank: Mid Ranked
Rarity: Rare, Unknown %

Overall Info:
Named after a wher with very similar colors, Sunset Starlizards are a lot like their Brown brethren, ranked similarly, and tend to behave similarly, however, one in every four Sunsets appears to be born female and able to clutch! They are primarily purple in color, being anywhere from dark, gloomy purples, to light, dawn pinkish purples. They have marks from there that fade through orange and yellow spectrums, fading into the lightest color to almost look like a glow, with sometimes the lightest yellow of them being almost white, namely on the lighter Sunsets. Sunset laid clutches also appear to have somewhere around 25% of the clutch hatching other Sunsets.
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