New Year Activity Check - 2018

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40th Turn of the 9th Pass

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Re: New Year Activity Check - 2018

Postby Zee » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:41 pm

Yanna - Pearl Candidate - N/A - Candidate

J'zad - Wingrider (brown) - Koroith - Dragon Rider

Furflit -- Hope -- Common Female -- J'zad

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Re: New Year Activity Check - 2018

Postby Karkeloth » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:19 pm

The Activity Check is now CLOSED!

Accounts listed in the "To be Deleted" list have now been deleted. If your account was on the deletion list and you wish to return you may read this section of the rules for more information on returning after account deletion.

All characters listed as being NPCed by their players have been moved to the NPCs forum.

Profiles belonging to inactive or deleted accounts have been moved to the Gone but Not Forgotten forum.

Update 3
Through a newly discovered staff option to move posts and merge topics, any dragonkin profiles that were not already reposted onto their Bondeds' profiles were moved using this option. With the dragonkin specific forums emptied, they have now been cleared and there are fewer forums in the character archives.

Update 4
All active Face Claims have been updated into the Characters Played By thread

Update 5
All dragonkin size lists has been updated. Wings have been updated. Pets have been updated.

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