Unexpected, Unintended? - Lin/K'din

No longer part of the Lower Caverns due to various reasons, this large building is where all the children and many of the crecheworkers live. There is a central, fenced yard in the middle of the building's U shape where the children can play outside, as well as indoor play areas and sleeping spaces.
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Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:54 pm

Shards, she was a moron for saying it. Carrot readied herself for the worst, preparing for K'din to let her down gently.

The idea of love was never supposed to happen. All they swore to ever seek from one another was comfort and nothing more. The first time Carrot found her mouth press against his own in a kiss, she warned herself that she only wanted intimacy with K'din, the kind kept sacred between friends. Even the bronzerider remained wary for all his brow pressed against her own in recovery . He told her then, assuring her that they were merely friends, good friends... and when she agreed with the temptation of a second kiss, he caught her between the wall and his readied form, cursing himself as he surged forward to sweep away the remainder of their willpower with a hungered kiss. She gave him everything, and even dared to take from him as well, though he seemed more than willing to oblige those few times she dared to pluck way the reigns. He proved vigorous, exhausting even, yet by the end, she could not stop the smile that tugged at the corner of her mouth as she regarded him in recovery. He seemed happy in that moment too as her fingers played with the hair at his brow... only to slip down his spine and further still, until the clever digits brushed against the fuzz of his rump.

For the first time in her life, Carrot managed to quietly admit to herself that the intimacy felt right to her. Previously, she felt disgusted with herself for Locke, recognised her mistake when she slept with A'ric, and felt undeserving and worthless with R'vir. With K'din, however, she felt a resounding satisfaction, and a serene content. If life could be like this every day, Carrot could be happy, and she was. K'din made her happy in a way that made her anticipate the next day with a smile.

Now she dreaded a life without him, fearing that she would be forced to face the days in his notable absence... and then he spoke.

"If you need that distance then I'll give you however much you need, but... I care about you, Carrot. I never want to hurt you. I want to reach out and know you're there. I wanted to wake up to you this morning."

She hated hearing the uncertainty in his voice, but his confession of wanting to see her fuelled her with hope.

"It might make me selfish, I can't say I love you, but..." before Carrot could feel her heart sink again, he retracted the lie. "I could say I love you and it would be true...but it wouldn't be the way I think you're meaning it...yet."

Did this mean what she thought it meant? Though timid, she dared a step closer to him, eyes and ears regarding him fully. He loved her?

He confirmed her suspicions with his next confession. "Anyone else and I know I couldn't say that, but I can't say it won't happen with you. For you. Just you. I don't know what that means to you, if it means anything, but...whatever you need me to do, I'll do it. If it's to put distance between us, I'll hate it, but I'll do it. If it's never go with a flight moth ever again, I...I'll try to do that. I've never done that before, so I might fuck it up, but if I do you can punch me. Have Unna teach you if you need. She's always been pretty good at it. Or just have her do it, though she probably would anyway. She can punch me twice. Anything you need, I want you to have that."

The delay was absent between his confessions and her response. Rather than let him fret with uncertainty, she slipped forward and folded her arms around his shoulders. She spared several kisses to his brow, his cheeks, and a final loving on to his lips before she nestled her countenance against the curve of his neck. She caught the scent of him, a strong and savoury musk mingled with the spice associated with dragons. It soothed her, and reminded her of all those nights when he wrapped her in his arms, and she wrapped him in her own. "I don' need no one t'punch ya K'din," she murmured lovingly to him. After several long breaths of assuring silence, she pulled back to regard him, though her hands remained dedicated to him. "Does this mean ya's gonna get one o' 'em bands 'round ya arm?" The faintest smile graced her features, "This mean we's gonna be more 'an friends now?" She already knew the answer, and perhaps the question was more of a tease, yet she asked it nonetheless.
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Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:33 pm

Love had always been something K'din never quite understood. He was borne by a single mother who had never, through her death, revealed the secret of his parentage. Was it because she loved the man who left her to face life alone? Three of his siblings shared the same father. Nera had never claimed any hold over the man, never moved in with him or showed concern over children he bore with other women. O'reli, in fact, seemed to have another long-term partner who had been male who mourned him at the least more visibly than his mother. His mother had befriended the greenrider and they had comforted each other in their friendship through the rest of Nera's life. Turns later, Nenet had been the cause of a flight and all had been surprised at her existence at his mother's age.

And, throughout most of that, he'd spent most of his time at the creche when he wasn't getting himself into trouble staying out late listening to stories from riders playing card games over a nightcap and smoke. He grew up with the warm happiness of goldflights that slowly turned into a burning lust. One of his favorite creche workers--the one who didn't punish him for sneaking around the adult riders when he should be in bed, was often a flight moth.

So K'din had never understood love, at least not in the way holdfolk seemed to. He understood the love of family. He understood the love between dragon and rider. He understood the love between friends in many different forms and realized there were likely more variations he would ever learn. But the all-consuming love of one person that those around him had sought and found or found and lost or sought and been burned had been a knowledge that had evaded him in all his years alive. He thought, however, that if it was comparable to anything, it might be similar to what he felt for Carrot.

He thought this as she held him close. As she pressed kisses to his face and he returned the one pressed to his lips before she hid her face against his neck. He held her close and planned to do so for as long as she allowed, hoping this was her answer. Hoping this meant she did not want distance anymore than he did.

"I don' need no one t'punch ya K'din," she said to him and K'din swallowed and tightened his hold. "Are you sure?" he asked, because the past had taught him he frequently deserved it. Then again, Carrot was strong in her own way. Look at how she'd brought him right to her today, saying words he'd once thought he'd never consider let alone voice. He shook his head and grinned to himself as he pressed his face into her hair. Shards if he didn't mind it one bit.

He loosened his arms when she pulled back, to allow her to step away as she liked, even if his fingers and hands clung where they were.

"Does this mean ya's gonna get one o' 'em bands 'round ya arm?"
she asked and K'din froze.

"This mean we's gonna be more 'an friends now?" she asked with a knowing smile and K'din took in a deep breath, falling into a crouch in front of her as he let it out.

He laughed. "I think we've probably been a bit more than friends for a bit longer than we've thought," he said, his hands falling away from her to rub at his beard, remembering the questions he'd brushed off in the last few months that had all seemed to center on Carrot. He'd called her a friend and no more and seen more than one disbelieving frown in response. He shook his head again, however, the cogs in his mind choosing instead to turn over her first question as he tried to find any reason to not answer the way he already knew he was going to.

"You do realize," he asked, looking up at her, "How much ribbing I'm going to get, don't you? When I start wearing one of those bands?" He reached up to grab her hands with his own, his eyes twinkling even as he complained. "I'm never gonna hear the end of it." But, in the middle of it, his answer was made clear. Not once did he suggest he would refuse her request. "You'll watch for when Akoth rises?" he asked, making his own request, instead.
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Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:50 pm

Rather than answer her directly, he lowered himself down into a crouch before her. Though others might panic about the intentions behind the gesture, Carrot knew K'din well enough to recognise it as a concession. She stepped forward, and with a loving touch, she ran her fingers through his mop of hair. Thick and luscious, the texture of the feather soft strands slipping through her fingers reminded her of the pride he took in them.

"I think we've probably been a bit more than friends for a bit longer than we've thought."

I'd hope so, all things considered, she thought, though his lover said not a word of it, for she simply did not have to. He stroked his beard, giving her permission to do the same as she brushed a thumb along his cheek.

"You do realize. How much ribbing I'm going to get, don't you? When I start wearing one of those bands?"

Once more, her hand ran over his crown. "I'm sure it ain't nothin' ye can't handle." K'din had always been a good man, and while it took him a while at times, in the end, he eventually did the right thing. Looking briefly back on their time together, Carrot knew she could trust K'din to do that much. He might not be perfect, but he cared about her enough to always do right by her in the end.

"You'll watch for when Akoth rises?"

She crouched down with him, lowering herself to her knees for him and stole an ardent kiss from those lips that had tasted more than her flesh; they had danced with her soul and seen into her heart with every kiss. Kissing him then, Carrot knew what their lives would be like from this moment forward. Not perfect, but Carrot did not want perfect. She wanted honest, loving, K'din. She wanted her friend by her side for as long as she lived, and forever did she want to stand by his. "O' course I will. I'll always be like a moth t'flame f'ya K'din." In the worst of times, and in the best of them, Carrot would love him forever.


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