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Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Wingrider Lyndah of Pewter Kinarth
Timeframe: Within a sevenday of the hatching feast

Lyndah was sitting in the dining hall with a little frown on her face, resting her chin on the table while staring at the container in front of her. More interested in the new thing than their human were Zen her bronze starlizard and Seyra her green firelizard. Sniffing and chirping at the pot filled with sand and an egg within. It was definitely warm and the egg was pretty hard to the touch, in fact she had bought the egg some time after the feast of the hatching. In fact it was the feast that was the catalyst for this purchase of hers, seeing some people's fancy flitts and got interested.

Reaching over she gently rubbed Seyra's headknob before nuzzling Zen who came back to her. "I got us a new friend, so what do you think it will be? I mean there are so many types of Fancy Flitt too. Female or male, gold or bronze, green or blue, or any of the other new colors so to speak?" A big smile was spread over her face, an almost childlike glee at gaining a new one. Zen chirped a little bit with a huff and straightened up, glancing at the egg as if a possible rival of his status. Seyra however was gently trying to nuzzle the egg and move the sand around to make it more comfortable. Lyndah couldn't help but giggle and poke Zen on the nose. "They won't take over your position don't worry, see Seyra knows how to care for the new little brother or sister."

Kinarth on the other hand was relaxing outside on a ledge, giving a soft rumble at his rider's emotions. ~You have known for awhile Zen doesn't tolerate the higher ranked males coming near you of their... small size. Good thing I'm not a bronze?~ Lyndah couldn't help but laugh and shake her head. {Ha ha very funny, he would probably feel like he was your twin and thus superior anyways and try to boss you around no matter what you are just like he does now.}
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The Hatching was over and done with including the Feast but still Zilelmos lingered at the Weyr. For the time being he was finding work to do which suited him just fine. He was also asking around about the Pearls, a water creature similar to dragons but closer to Whers when it comes to bonding with humans. Whether he wanted to try his luck Bonding to one of them or not, he was curious enough to want to learn more about them. As of yet he felt no compelling reason to travel to the Flotilla where all the bonded Pearlhandlers lived to see them first hand.

Today he finished doing some simple manual labour which satisfied his need to keep busy even if it didn't use any particular skillset. After washing up however he was hungry and eager to eat even if it wasn't exactly meal time anymore. He had little trouble getting a meal however as the cooks always had hungry Weyrfolk coming in at odd times looking for food, between the riders, Wherhandlers and others.

Normally he would just find a place to sit and eat, regardless of company but he spotted a brown haired girl staring at what looked like a small jar filled with sand. She had two firelizards with her, or at least what he mistakenly took as two firelizards. As he drew closer he realized one was actually one of the more nocturnal type of flit. He looked at it curiously but turned his attention to the jar and realized why she was staring at it so intently. There was an egg in it and if he had to make a guess she was expecting it to hatch any time. Odd she chose the Dining Cavern as a place to try and Impress it, or maybe she just didn't want to leave it alone on the worry it would hatch while she was away?

"I've never seen one hatch before...may I sit and watch?" Zilelmos asked, indicating a seat before Zyndah. "I won't try and feed it...this food's for me and I am far too hungry to share it with a hatchling." This last he added more to make it clear he had no intentions of trying to steal the hatchling should it hatch.
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