Here, Here! To New Lives! - {68th Hatching Feast}

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:46 pm

Tag: V'ric, Alassiel

Dark eyes danced with happiness as he listened to what Vare said. It was nice to know that the young man WANTED to be in his Wing. While A'ric knew it would be absolutely amazing for his cousin to be in his Wing, part of him knew he had to face the fact that there was also a sizable chance that V'ric would NOT be in his Wing. Unfortunately they had to deal with the harsh reality, which was that there was a greater chance the newly bonded rider would be placed somewhere else. Either way though, A'ric was still proud of his cousin, no matter what Wing they were placed in. Smirking he just shook his head playfully and teased his cousin a bit, "Keep that attitude up, and I'll just start calling you Behemoth."

For a moment, he was going to tell his cousin that, try and let him know not to get his hopes up too much, but then Alassiel spoke, and A'ric could see the concern in the other man's face and that caused a slight frown to appear on his own face as well. Nodding in agreement with the newly bonded brown rider, A'ric said, "He does have a point. To her, it's always been you, and there was never any question in her mind. Plus, what you thought MIGHT happen, didn't. I wouldn't let it run around your mind to long. It's not good to dwell on thoughts like that. Just know that she is here, and you can love her and take care of her. That's all that matters now."

A'ric smiled softly and after a moment said, "Ok, I think it's about time we moved on to a happier topic, do you both agree?"

Tag: Finn

Isiana smiled softly at Finn, and just nodded as she spoke, not saying anything for the moment. The Garnet rider didn't talk about it much, but the gold rider knew that her and Bastian were still dealing with everything that had happened. Maybe she shouldn't have brought up anything about babies? Now might not be the best time ever to talk about it with someone who had experienced loss the way that Finn had.

As Finn spoke though, the young woman couldn't help but chuckle. "That food you brought was most certainly a life saver, and it was nice to be able to just talk. I wouldn't mind if you did that again. I don't want you to think you HAVE to, but if you do, I am certainly not going to object."

Looking where Finn pointed, Isiana could not help but chuckle softly to herself at the excitement her friend showed. Being dragon less was not something Isiana even wanted to think about, but she also knew that it was something that could happen at any point. It saddened her to think about it, and she honestly wished she never had to, but it was just part of being a dragon rider. Smiling the young woman eagerly nodded in agreement. "Im glad. Everyone seems pleased with the clutch. It makes me think it was funny to get all nervous about all the bad things that COULD happen, and then watch everything turn out ok."

Isiana grabbed two more glasses of wine as the servers came around again and handed one to Finn. "A toast, to the clutch, and the joy it brings to Atricis!"
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Tagging: Fyrnella, D’aen
Halimila’s Dress

Before Halian and his daughter could find a table though, they were waylaid by a familiar face. Well, at least one for the Green rider. Halimila was about to introduce her new friend to her father when a man in a bronze toned outfit came up beside the Opal rider. For a brief moment, Hali felt a bit of fear creep along her spine. With her current black eye and the scars from a previous hatching still prominent on her face, Mila didn’t feel quite as beautiful as her father and dragon had lead her to believe she was.

Her fear turned into a flush though at the man’s complements and Fyrn’s nervous response. Once again she was about to swoop in and come to her friend’s rescue when the bronze rider began to flirt once more. Gently taking the other glass the man offered, Halimila settled back to watch the events unfold around her. Her father on the other hand had already escaped after catching her eye and letting her know where he was going. It was a little bit cute to watch her shy friend react to the man’s actions. However Hali didn’t wait too much longer to step back into the conversation.

“Fyrn?” She said softly with a small smile on her scarred face, “Would you mind introducing your friend? I’m afraid I don’t know his name either,” Mila admitted with a flush. “Arduinnath would scold me if I didn’t at least try to be friendly.”

Tagging: Aranrod
Laikanu’s Outfit
Laikanu had been trying raise his flagging strength to risk the crowds for a plate when a newly familiar figure sat down nearby. Curiosity took over his hunger as he raised a brow at the new Zultanite weyrling. His question was answered rather quickly as the young woman spoke. His brow furrowed though as her words sunk in. “Worried? Over me? I didn’t think you liked me?” Lai said before his mental filter could kick in. It took a scolding sound from Tui to Laikanurinato to realize what he had said.

A small embarrassed flush came to his cheeks as he glance away briefly. Clearing his throat the injured young man began again. “I mean… Thanks I guess. I didn’t want you ladies to get hurt you see….” He trailed off as his self-preservation began to trickle in again. No need to put all his cards on the table after all. Choosing to change directions, Lai pulled on a smile that wasn’t quite as happy as it had been barely a week ago. “Congratulations by the way. I don’t think I had time to say so on the Sands,” He said with a small nod of his head towards the girl.

After a bare moment’s pause, his mental filter was destroyed again as he asked a loaded question, “What’s it like? Impressing…”
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Tag: A'ric, Alassiel; Mentioned: Daela

On to happier things... what could be happier than a hatching feast, right? Well, he would think of something, no matter how sore and achy he was. It was in his nature, right? He wanted to find his Dancer before he was shuffled back off to the infirmary, but for the time being, he was going to try to cheer his friend up before he tried to locate the new chimera rider. "How about the fact that Rumi makes the cutest sound when I rub her tiny little belly?" He chuckled, and even though it hurt, it started to turn into a full on belly laugh.

He grimaced and placed a hand over his stomach and smiled. "That was worth it, dammit." He slammed a hand on the table and grinned. "Now, I believe its your turn," he turned to Alassiel. "You say something happy that your girl has done tonight - and Impressing you doesn't count. Because that's an automatic happy thing." He looked to his cousin and winked; see, he could do this with ease, right?

Tag: Isiana

Finn smiled and lifted her glass. "To the clutch, and more importantly, to the mother's rider, who sat on those hot sands with her throughout the month and endured with her. She is just as wonderful, just as beautiful, as those babies." She smiled at her friend and reached over to squeeze her hand. "You deserve just as much recognition as she does, my friend, as those babies do. You queenriders don't get nearly as much for what you go through during those times on the sands - no offense to Andnro, of course - but you put up with so much and yet get so little of the credit. Well." She poured herself more, and decided to do another toast. She might have to be drug back to her and Bast's weyr a little later, but so be it. She was doing a toast to her friend, and only her friend, forget the babies, forget all else. "Here's to you, Isiana, for all you do, for everything you will ever do for Weyr and Pern."

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Lanni wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:36 pm
His brow furrowed though as her words sunk in. “Worried? Over me? I didn’t think you liked me?”
Aranrod's blush matched Laikanu's pretty quickly. She didn't realize it had been so obvious? But she wasn't going to insult his intelligence by denying, though she did feel the need to qualify. "It wasn't about liking...or," she said, awkwardly. "I just don't trust men easily, especially not good-looking ones," and she didn't really think about what that comment suggested, though if she had, she probably would have admitted that he deserved the compliment after she misjudged him, and he got injured.
Lanni wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:36 pm
“I mean… Thanks I guess. I didn’t want you ladies to get hurt you see….. Congratulations by the way. I don’t think I had time to say so on the Sands.... What’s it like? Impressing…”
Laikanu was clearly trying to be positive despite his injury and disappointment, but Aranrod could see that his smile was half-hearted. Still, she couldn't help her enormous smile at that question. "Zenith is perfect," she said, in an awed voice, and she thought about her dragon again, looking at nothing off in the distance. "Impressing is...overwhelming. And exhausting. I haven't been doing anything all that difficult, but I've slept almost as much as she has the past few days."

She knew that Laikanu was older than her, possibly old enough that he didn't have many chances left, but Aranrod didn't know for sure. So she wasn't going to make any comments about other chances. Though certainly, if he at least stayed at the Weyr, there was always a chance, just look how many of the weyrlings had not been candidates this time, after all.
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