Here, Here! To New Lives! - {68th Hatching Feast}

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Tag: V'ric, Alassiel

A'ric couldn't help himself. The bronze rider just had to let out a soft chuckle as he heard what his cousin said, along with the look on his face. It was nothing that A'ric hadn't seen before. The bronze rider was pretty sure that look still came across his face from time to time. Although, actually, now, it wasn't just for his dragon anymore. As a Wherling, he probably never let that look leave his face. As he and Behemoth grew as a pair, he had still looked like that from time to time when talking about the big bronze. Now, talking about Kit and Viktor also gave him that far away look. "I bet you do. Everyone always loves their dragons. I'm glad you found yours though." Taking a sip of his drink, it gave him a moment to think. After he swallowed his drink he said, "I don't want to get ahead of ourselves but I think it would be kind of neat if you were put in my Wing." Quiet honestly, the young man didn't know if they would let relatives be in the same Wing, he had never really paid much attention. If they did though, A'ric thought it would be fun to have V'ric in his Wing. He could watch over him better that way. Make sure nothing happened to him.

Before they could continue their conversation, he heard another voice. For a moment, he stopped and then he recognized the voice. It was Alassiel. A'ric felt kind of foolish for not really thinking about if she was going to be here, but how did she know V'ric? His cousin had not come here until rather recently, so apparently they had just somehow met up here in the Weyr. Smiling he said, "So, word has it I owe you a congratulations as well huh? I'm glad you finally found your dragon, or, that it finally found you, however you want to look at it."

Tag: Finn

Again, Finn knew exactly how to bring a smile to Isiana's face. Sure, the young woman knew that this Feast was all about her drains babies, but still, she wasn't EXPECTING anyone to be here, but she was glad that Finn was. Chuckling she said, "Well I'm glad to hear that, I'm glad you are here. I haven't really seen anyone I know yet. Well, besides Lor I mean. Obviously he is here to support me and Andro too, I just, don't count him anymore half the time."

For a moment, a frown came to Isiana's face. Honestly she wasn't sure if she was ready for this to happen again, even months from now. How did other Queen riders cope with the stress? Maybe it had just been more stressful because it had been her first time, and she had been so worried about Andromedath. Maybe the next one would be easier.

As quick as it had come, the frown was gone, and Isiana smiled, taking the glass of wine from her friend. "Well I sure hope they are. I love any babies, but obviously Im going to be a bit partial now that Andromedath has had her own babies. I don't know if Im ready for all this to happen again just quiet yet, but Im excited to see what this next clutch will hold."

A look go surprise came across the gold rider's face. "Both your brothers impressed? Wow, that's great! You'll have to introduce them to me at some point. I don't believe I've ever met them. Probably because we've just been so busy."

Raising her glass up to her lips, she took a sip and set it back down before letting her dark eyes wander around the Hall, looking for anymore familiar faces, and studying the faces of the people who were lucky enough to Impress to her Gold's babies.
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( Tag K’rios {Ember} ; Outfit ; Hairstyle )
She smiled warmly at the man when he acknowledged her presence, grateful that he returned her initial smile with one of his one. When he explained why she hadn’t seen much of him in the last few days, her smile faded slightly, turning into the briefest of frowns as she processed what he was saying. Granted, she was glad that he was catching up on his sleep, since she was certain that he needed it after taking care of so many candidates for such a long period of time. He gave her hand a squeeze then, and she reached out for a moment to rest her hand on his, returning his squeeze before pulling her other hand away out of respect.

He spoke again, asking about how she herself had been as of late. He also stated that he could guess, but he would prefer to hear it straight from her. She could appreciate that he wanted to hear it from her, no assumptions or anything of that sort, and it certainly endeared her to the assistant candidatemaster all the more in that moment. She offered another smile as he squeezed her hand again, holding up a finger to pause her before she responded. He told her that he was going to get them a drink-- juice for her as she was still a candidate, naturally. As he also mentioned that he was going to get them food, she started glancing around, looking for a free table for them to sit down at. At the mention that he had a feeling she had other things on her mind, she blinked a few times, surprised that he was so intuitive. But then again, he would have to be, having to work with the candidates for so long and get to know all of them while they waited to Impress.

She waited until the man left before heaving a sigh, shaking her head slightly as she wondered just what made him think she had more on her mind. Perhaps some expression of hers, or a simple look in her eyes, she thought briefly as she found a table, sitting down quickly before looking around for K’rios to return. When she saw him looking around for her, she raised a hand over her head, waving it to catch his attention and smiling when he started heading her way. She waited for him to get to the table before looking him in the eye. “So tell me, K’rios. What got you to thinking that I had more on my mind? Was it a look or something?” she asked him, genuinely curious before reaching out for the glass of juice that he had brought for her. Redfruit, naturally, and she sipped at it, revelling in the bitter taste for a moment before setting the glass back down. “But you were right. I do have something on my mind. Something that’s been weighing pretty heavily on it as of late. It’s my younger sister, Ayasena. I know she’s been wanting to be a candidate like me, hoping to Impress a dragon of her own so she wouldn’t be left alone again… but with everything she’s been through before coming here, I just… I’m afraid that she’ll relapse into a catatonic state when Hatching day comes and there’s a mauling. I don’t want to tell her ‘no, you cannot be a candidate’ because of that. But I’m worried, and I can’t shake that worry.” And there, her fears were voiced, and she couldn’t take the words back now. She leaned forward for a moment, resting her elbows on the table in front of her before laying her chin against the back of her hands. Her gaze instinctively sought her sister then, finding her talking with one of the older greenriders and a frown tugging at her lips as that worry started coming back to her.
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"Oh yes, that is right. I can imagine that it was a bit more difficult with an injury like that. Surprised the healers actually allowed you to go." So'cles stated as he took another sip of his wine. Despite being with Duke was helping him feel not as crowded, it was still pretty crowded in the dining hall and the wine helped. "I'm sorry your feast was not more enjoyable, but I suppose impressing to Wojoth made it all the more bearable. I don't think I've said before, but he is a fine beast." He stated kindly, though of course he did truly mean it.

Cles went to take another drink and was once again bumped into by someone passing by. This time the wine splashed onto his pants. Thank Faranth they were dark, but still it irritated him none the less. "Would you mind if we move some place a bit less crowded. I fear my outfit is not going to make it through this feast if we remain here." He requested of them. He knew he was really only here to spend time with Duke, so he didn't really care if they moved some place that was more out of the way. The music, food, and drink could be enjoyed anywhere.
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~Nali's Dress~
Tag- Rina (Linnea)
Nali's sheepishness completely disappeared when Rina responded, pointing out why it was Rina knew her name so easily. Nali couldn't help but laugh a little, nodding as she said, "That makes sense. I try to remember people's names when I meet them, so I thought maybe I'd forgotten you or something. I'm glad I didn't." Nali nodded again, smiling up at the archivist woman, though from her seated position it was easy to catch the hands bunched up in the skirt. Even Nali wasn't so clueless to not catch that bit of body language, but she just kept her easy smile as she looked up at Rina and nodded again.

"I hope so. I'm happy to gush about Impressing and about Vohamanath," she finished with a grin. "I'm ok if you want to sit and talk for a bit though. I love your dress by the way, it's not like anything I've seen before, it's amazing."

~Outfit Inspiration~
A'rosius (Shaihulud)
As M'ir stood and watched the people, he caught sight of the bluerider in their fine jacket coming over. He thought perhaps they were coming to him at first, but the "pardon me" and them looking through the wine made M'ir think otherwise. So instead he just gave a gentle smile and uttered a simple, "Of course,", stretching out a hand as if he were presenting the wines before taking a step aside to make sure he was out of the rider's way. He returned to watching the people, s paring a few glances at the rider nearby looking at the wines now. Honestly, M'ir couldn't quite tell where they stood in regards to gender and he couldn't help but try to curiously figure it out silently. He'd like to think he'd recognize someone like them though, and wondered if they were a visiting rider or not. His answer soon came though.

"Thank you, I appreciate your admiration," M'ir spoke, nodding his head humbly. When asked about where it came from, M'ir nodded in response. "Yes, it is in fact Walled attire. That is where I was born and lived until I moved here and Impressed. My rider title is M'ir of Brown Larixth. Of course, you can just call me M'ir, if you do not mind telling me your name in return."
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Banner to-be-made

Tag: Open, looking for Daela
Tyran's Shirt - ... 5fd3e4.jpg

It was only the post-Impression exhaustion that kept Tyran from essentially flying to Evanoria Weyrhold himself to tell his folks. His dearest dream had come true! They would only have to wait one more turn before he could transfer back...unless he could convince them otherwise? He had grown up in Atricis; it was his home. If only his family was with him life would be perfect-especially with the addition of Adnachielth.

The bronze dragonet was sound asleep in his bed, a fact Tyran was of two minds on. Adna needed the sleep, especially in these first months, but shards if T'ran didn't yearn for the bronze's company. He consoled himself with the fact that while Adna slept he would be going to a Hatching Feast; not just any Hatchinf Feast either but his Hatching Feast! He was going to this Feast not simply as a guest but as a weyrling, one of many guests of honor!

Of course that thought only spiked his excitement higher. He was a weyrling. He was a weyrling! He had Impressed, to a dragon! And of course in his opinion...he'd Impresssed to the best of the bunch, though he knew he was as biased as all riders when it came to that. Each of the other weyrlings would say the same about their dragons. Still...Adnachielth was the best.

He was also out cold and if Tyran didn't get his rear in gear he was going to be late for his Feast. What a start to weyrlinghood that would be! Even though...technically...the start was a couple days ago, during the night no less, on the Hatching Sands.

Thinking of the Hatching sobered Tyran somewhat. It hadn't all been happy beginnings. One dragonet had almost been lost and in her panic quite a few people were injured. Tyran again went over his mental list of those he wanted to check in with at the Feast, if he could. Daela for one, Sid'nis another, if he was there Tyran wanted to find V'ric and see how he was doing, and Nali too. Plus...if he was not of his classmates, one of the Stands Impressions, was a re-Impressed rider. Although Tyran wasn't sure if he had the social grace to deal with that situation. He was a charmer, a flirter, but how was he supposed to act around someone who had lost their other half and now sort of gained it back? He couldn't relate at all beyond the joys of that first Impression. He sure hoped the re-Impressed rider was feeling that joy and love again, instead of more painful feelings.

For now though...clothes. Clothes, clothes clothes...he needed just the right clothes for this occasion. While not overly vain or into fashion, he did want to look nice for the Feast. He always did and this being his Hatching was that much more special. This time he wanted something equally special, or at least as close as he could find in his wardrobe. Perhaps he should have taken more of an interest in fashion...nothing really stood out to him. Ahhhh why did it have to be so hard?!


It took some doing, but eventually T'ran managed to find a tunic that was at least "good enough" for the Feast. He was still positive it wasn't all that nice but what could he do? It was the best he had. It had to be good enough, for there was no other option. On top of that he had no more time to wiffle about. He needed to make a decision, get dressed, and get to the Feast.

With that in mind he was quick in doing exactly that, dressing and making his way to the feast swiftly-but not sloppily. Tyran kept his pace measured enough that he was not a mess when he arrived. From there...he set out to find Daela. There was no way he was missing celebrating her Impression with her! Besides-he wanted to see her super secret dance once more.
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Tag: Ari(Marve)
He winked and shrugged, ”I haven't been here that long, but I regret we haven't met. I'd definitely remember such a lovely face.” He bowed a little, grinning cheekily at her. ”Another unique color? I had heard there were other's, but Pavoth is so unique...” He was about to ask her about what her Rosasith looked like, but her statement about how they were similar...It caused his brow to furrow a little. Taking a quick drink of his (le sigh) juice, his head canted a bit towards her, ”I beg your pardon, but what do you mean our circumstances of Impression are similar?” The man was honestly curious, his focus on the woman.
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( Tag: Fyrnella {Jovia} ; Outfit )
The fact that Fyrnella seemed rather anxious wasn’t lost to the young man at all as he had walked up. There was a part of him that wondered if she truly just… did not want to be there, or if there was something more to it. After all, she hadn’t seemed at all anxious when he had met her in the infirmary, he thought with a slight flexing of his still injured hand to reassure himself that yes, it was still healing just fine. The young woman seemed like a fantastic healer, Fyrnella seeming to know just where it would hurt the most, as well as exactly how to make it feel better almost right away. But for her to seem so… out of sorts, it didn’t sound at all like the healer that he had met that day. But of course, she wasn’t that healer any longer, or at least not entirely. Fyrnella the healer she would always be, just as he would always be Doraen the smith to some extent. But there was another part to her now, in the form of the young dragon that she had Impressed just days ago. But that was not what his focus was on at present, instead settling on the fact that she seemed ready to go hide from public eye. He watched her closely as she took one of the juices from the hand he held out (thankfully his good one), a frown starting to tug at his lips as she opened her mouth to thank him, only for a squeak to come out instead.

Poor girl, he thought, shaking his head slightly as he watched her hold the drink with both hands, noticing the trembling and wondering just what was wrong. There really was nothing for her to be so anxious about, and he instantly found himself wondering if there was anything at all that he could say to her in order to make her feel better, the frown deepening for a moment when he realized that he couldn’t readily think of one right away. He sent a stern warning to his dragon when he felt a wave of amusement trickle through the bond, telling Rhovanioth to be quiet for a moment to let him think. Perhaps the anxiousness was simply another facet to her that he hadn’t seen before, and surprisingly to him, it was a side of her that he was quickly finding himself all the more endeared to.

Another frown tugged at his lips as he noticed her face turning red, especially the tips of her ears at his congratulations and the compliments that he had given her. Was she honestly not used to such things? He offered a warm smile to the young woman as she uttered a light noise of thanks, or at least that was what he perceived it as. And there, at last she spoke, mentioning that her friend had helped her by letting her borrow a dress. It wasn’t much, and the words came out in a squeak of nervousness and shyness, but at least she had finally spoken, and that was more than enough for him. “Is that so?” he asked, sparing a moment to glance at the other weyrling, though she seemed a bit preoccupied at the moment. “Well, she certainly couldn’t have chosen better for you. It suits you, and it perfectly complements that lovely little opal of yours. Rhovanioth had told me her name during the Hatching, but I worry so much about getting it wrong, I was wondering if perhaps you wouldn’t mind reminding me?” Another smile crossed his features as he reached out, resting his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to settle her nerves, to calm her even the slightest bit. “And Fyrn, do smile a little for me? You have such a kind smile, and you really needn’t be so nervous around me. We’re friends, after all… aren’t we?”

( Tag: V’ric {Ember}, A’ric {Kate} ; Outfit ; Hairstyle )
She was immensely grateful to V’ric for being the first to respond to her, offering a smile to her friend as he reached out with one hand to give her own a light squeeze of congratulations. She had, however, noticed the weakness of the effort, and a frown tugged at her lips as she realized that the hand he had reached out with was the one on his most injured side. Though the frown and a brief stern look in her friend’s direction were the only outward signs of the realization, and that expression quickly faded back into a pleasant smile. She would be sure to remind him not to do such things in the future, to further improve his healing, at a later time. Now was the time for food, drink, and laughter. Or, she thought with a faint smirk, she would allow his dragon or that lovely young woman that he had been standing with at the Hatching to scold him for her.

Before long, however, her thoughts drifted back to the here and now, a smile crossing her face as V’ric spoke of his dragon, his face lighting up instantly as he discussed her. Idly, Alassiel wondered when that goofy look that all new riders got when talking about their dragons would start to fade. Likely not anytime soon for either herself or for Vare, but obviously it would fade to some extent after a time. She smiled brightly when he asked her how Akath was doing, and she took just a moment to ruminate over the answer before replying. “I’m so glad to hear that Rumi is doing so well, though I didn’t have any doubts with her rider doting over her,” she commented with a wink to her friend before moving on. “And thank you for asking about Akath. She’s doing just fine, though she complained of a particularly bad itch earlier this morning. I wonder if all growing dragons have those… has Rumi been complaining of any?”

But before she could inquire any further on that matter, A’ric bespoke her, causing her to shift her gaze to the bronzerider, her eyes settling squarely on his own as he spoke. Really, the way that he had grinned, combined with the way that he spoke with such warmth and familiarity, was so inherently him that she couldn’t help but chuckle a little as she thought on how to respond. Yes, this was how it should be with friends, she thought with a glance between the cousins, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth before she looked towards A’ric once again. “I’ll be honest, I never expected her to just barge up into the stands like she had,” she admitted, chuckling for a moment at just how determined her young dragon was. They would move on to do great things, she could already see that. And they would help inspire others to do the same as they went, she decided with an emphatic nod before speaking once again. “Though I’m grateful that she did, considering the circumstances. The poor girl was exhausted, anxious, even panicking. I… I was so scared that she would simply hop between right there in front of me.” And the tears that came unbidden to her eyes, despite how quickly she moved to wipe them away and hide them, announced to both men close to her that those previous fears were very much real in the moment, and still she feared it, absurd as that might sound.
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Weyrwoman Second Rhianwen and Gold Lennoth
Tag: Dirce, Inez

Each brush of Inez's hands and lips against her began to wipe away another hour of near constant concern ever since Bretta's letter had appeared. Rhianwen barred an arm around Inez's waste as another wrapped up, fingers clinging to Inez's shoulder. She could feel each breath, hear each sob as if it were her own and it eventually calmed her enough to listen to what Inez said as she pulled away.

"Forgive?" Rhianwen studied the regret and hurt in Inez's eyes in confusion. One of her loosened hands reached up, but stopped just short of touching Inez's face. Enough of Rhianwen had returned to herself that she could conduct herself at least moderately as she should in public. "If that is what you need to hear, then I'll say it twenty times over," Rhianwen promised, "but our parting and anyone's blame in it has been the least of my concerns for you these past few days especially."

Rhianwen had never blamed Inez. She knew very well that, if their roles had been reversed, Rhianwen would have no less been able to refuse her parents' orders. They were both young and hurting and confused already. Their tight grip on each other had slipped and their own lives and needs had necessitated they let go completely to find their own balance.

Forgiveness or blame had long since been what Rhianwen had thought about when she looked back on their parting. And that parting had certainly not been where her mind had been the last few days, except to regret that she was no longer a part of Inez's life to know what was happening.

"I got a letter from Bretta," Rhianwen explained. "I heard about..." Her words fell off and her gaze dropped. Rhianwen pulled her hands in to clasp them in front of her. She took a breath to steady and strengthen herself before looking Inez back in the eyes. "I heard about Hesidor," she said low enough to keep any prying ears not directly next to her unaware, "but no one had any news about you. I was so worried."

Rhianwen was unsure if she would ever be able to impress upon Inez how her concern had eaten at her the last few days, of how hard it had been to not rush off to scour Benden and the rest of the North, of how deep the fear had settled in her chest that Rhianwen would never see nor hear from Inez again. And, while it had been one thing to think as much before, knowing Inez was married and happy, it was another to think of that being the case with Inez missing or dead.

"But you are here," Rhianwen pressed, reaching out to grab onto Inez's forearms with all of her concern and strength, "And safe. Thank Faranth. I--"

Out of the corner of her eye, Rhianwen caught sight of Dirce and remembered what she had been doing before Inez's arrival. It was enough to bring the rest of herself back under a more strict control. Rhianwen cleared her throat and turned fully to Dirce, both embarrassed and apologetic as she introduced the two women, using the moment to fully settle herself and regain her composure.

"Inez, this is Dirce, a friend of mine that Impressed most recently at the hatching we are currently celebrating."

"Dirce, this is Inez. I was fostered to Benden and we grew up together. Closer than sisters. We came down to New Atricis together, though she returned home to marry a few years ago."

It felt odd to introduce the two to each other and, even though every word she spoke was true, Rhianwen could not help but feel the discomfort of a lie in both statements.

"Dirce, I know I just promised to stay with you, but I must speak with Inez immediately. I..." Rhianwen paused, realizing an explanation was not truly hers to give. "I apologize," she said, instead, her eyes falling to where she still clung to Inez. She was gripping to hard. Rhianwen forced herself to let go. "I don't know if I'll be back by the feast's end or not," she finally said to Dirce. It was the best parting she could give at the moment.

Rhianwen turned completely back to Inez. "Shall we go to my apartment?" she asked. "I feel any further discussion should be kept for greater privacy."
Archivist Rina
Tag: Nali

"I hope so. I'm happy to gush about Impressing and about Vohamanath."

"Dragons are pretty amazing, and I hear and have read plenty about Impression to recognize it's a one-of-a-kind experience," Rina agred with Nali's comment. When it came to hatching feasts, it seemed like all of the hopefuls wanted to hear about the experiences while all the riders wanted to reminisce. Either way, it was a lot of talk about Impression and dragon bonds. Rina reached down her own mental bonds, to Tonner and Batri. They were flying about the bustle outside and would likely move in closer to join Rina and watch over her in the rafters once the sun set.

When Nali invited Rina to sit, she did just that, picking at the dress as Nali complimented it. "Most of the clothing offered by the Weyr for someone my size ends up looking too childish," she explained, "I saved up for a year to work with a crafter on designing and creating something that wouldn't make the vintners give me the stink-eye whenever I went for a glass of wine. I'm short, not young." She especially wasn't young compared to newly impressed candidates.

Rina smiled bittersweetly. "You said you were happy to gush about Vohamanath, however," she quickly changed the subject. Talking about her size or appearance was never her favorite topic. "I was never allowed to stand, though I was definitely interested. What is it like?" Everyone had their own stories to tell. Rina liked finding the similarities and differences in each.
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Tag: D'aen

Fyrn was wallowing within her mind, unable to calm down as she went around in circles to the point she almost made herself dizzy. However she felt something gentle and soothing flow over her with hints of concern, it seemed Diosidath had woken up. ~Are you alright? Do you need me to come to you?~ The concern and a tint of panic colored that voice within her mind. Fyrn almost choked a bit and coughed a few times, it felt something was caught in her throat. {No it's alright just not used to so many people looking at me, go ahead and sleep!} The opal didn't go back to sleep but didn't come running either, staying away while trying to comfort her new rider. ~Such a silly mine, you were fine helping people harmed but now you are squishy feeling.~

Thankfully with both of her hands having a firm hold on her juice it did not drop, nor did she spill any on the dress. To her that would be a sin she would never be able to stomach and knew she would probably faint... But was that a bad thing? If she fainted she could leave here but.. wait no Diosidath would come running over all panicked and might cause some problems so she quickly pushed that thought away... Only to hear a hmph from the little female.

D'aen though had spoken up about how her dress suited her dragon, coughing fit aside she gave a little nod and glanced down at it. "Sorry... She woke up and made a comment on how panicked I am right now... but yes I think so too... oh yeah her name is Diosidath and." She was about to say more when the one being spoken of spoke up with a sleepy voice to her. ~Good you are calming down now.~ Blinking a few times she realized that D'aen was speaking again, sending a sheepish smile towards her dragon in a way but then... Only to blink a few times as her entire face and ears reddened again almost instantly though this time in shame.

"Ah y.. yes.. friends uhm... we.. are? I mean uh.." Fyrn couldn't help but stumble all over her words, though she was trying to bring up a smile though it was more sheepish and shy than a brilliant unabashed one. "I'll be honest... until I came to the Weyr I don't think I had any friends so um... and you are a rider and I am... was a candidate so.. uh... sorry I may be too panicked... to think properly... sorry." ~Mine do I have to come over so you can hide behind me?~ {.... maybe... though you aren't big enough yet to hide me completely} ~Then just hide behind him, is he large enough?~ With that Fyrn was just kind of stunned into silence for a few moments, confused as to how to react or what to say, opening her mouth a few times only to close them up.
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Mentioned: Rhianwen & Inez, Open

Dirce opened her mouth to say something to Rhianwen, there was something there that she wanted to say, but she kept it to herself at the last moment, due in some small part to the fact that the woman was off before anything could be said. She frowned to herself, feel a little downtrodden but in no moment did she intend to leave it at that. She would speak to the goldrider later, if time during training allowed, but she knew it might be some time before a moment provided itself to her, to either of them, or if the words would even still be there - if the bravery she had felt in the moment before gold and brown had disappeared would still be there - when the time came.

She turned back to her plate and decided she would try her best to enjoy the rest of the feast while she could. She was still ravenously hungry, and she supposed it would be best to become familiar with some of the people around her, especially of the rider sort now that she would be one. If that failed her, she could always retreat back to the barracks and enjoy her plate of treats there, but she'd much rather linger in the dining hall for now, see who was around and maybe chat a little here, a little there. It wasn't like her, but as a weyrling, she supposed it would be for the best.

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He considered it for a moment as his cousin spoke to him, and truthfully... he liked the idea of being able to fly for his cousin. He thought Rumith might like it as well, though she was still too young to really understand what all of that would mean, and being asleep besides, he didn't want to rouse her just to see what her opinion would be on the matter. So instead of trying to do so, he decided he would just speak for the both of them for now, and assume that she would be okay with it because it was something that he would want in the future. "I like that idea, actually. It would be neat seeing how you work up close, and I think - well, know, I know I would be a fit choice." Grated, that still had to wait to be seen, but he had faith in his future abilities as a rider. It seemed as though over night, ihs confidence in the future had risen, and it was all because of a little brown creature named Rumith.

But the smiles ended when Lassi started to cry, and he reached over for his friend's hand to give it a squeeze. "Hey there, friend. Don't cry. She is with you all the way, completely and without question. She found you, only you, in the stands, right?" He glanced at A'ric, not sure if he was saying the right thing or not, and hoping his cousin would be able to share with him i he was. Even though he'd just gotten off being a candidate, he was still new to this whole dragon business, and he didn't know if that was completely true of Impression things or not. He liked to think it was - after all, didn't the dragons know?

Tag: Kyrielle

He glanced around, following her gaze, and when it landed on the girl she had mentioned, he seemed to understand. In a way at least. There was something about wanting to protect someone you were close with, and while he didn't understand everything about the woman before him, or her situation, he did get the fact that she was just trying to protect her sister. He didn't want to be harsh towards her, but there was something on his mind to say in response, and he prepared himself for something to say, only to stop. "Do you think you might be willing to bring your sister to speak to me? I might be able to get an understanding of how she feels, and then you and I can discuss her a little more, see where things stand at that point." Perhaps she was a protective guardian that just wanted what was best, and if that was the case... "What do you think? Is that something the two of you would be willing to do?"

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Finn could understand that. She knew she wasn't exactly ready for more babies herself, though she knew eventually she wanted to bring the subject up with Bast. Not for a while though, not after what they had been through. They were just starting to heal from it, and it wouldn't do to pull up something that they were still tender from even if the wounds were finally covered, however lightly. She sipped from her wine and looked around, noticing several familiar faces from her time eyeing the candidates. She was proud of them all, and so happy they had Impressed, and then her mind flipped for a moment to a point in the far, far away future when it would be her own babies' feast, and she had to stop herself before she burst into tears and ruined Isi's moment. "Yes, I know it's going to be tough doing this in a few months again, but then I'll be there to help you through once more. I'll bring your a meal just as soon as she allows me in, and I'll stay with you as long as I'm able to like I did that first time. And we'll make it tradition, that each time she clutches, I'm there right after. Sound like a deal to you?"

She liked the idea, and was all but certain that her friend would as well, and then the excitement increased and she nodded her head, pointing out first Var'n, then R'fael, grinning and waving at both of them when she was able to catch each of their attentions. "Var'n Impressed pewter Quiloth, a handsome thing if ever there was one, and R'fael was Impressed in the stands to a handsome sport dragon named Pavoth. He... he had been dragonless before, so I'm pleased he has a new purpose, you know?" She swallowed a sudden lump in her throat and rubbed at it a little. "It was a good hatching for everyone, but for my boys, I was especially pleased."

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He glanced over his shoulder to see Mar'lus there, but didn't see Isiana at all. He frowned a little and shook his head, a move that might see ma bit ungrateful but for the time being, he was being a little selfish. A smile returned and he looked at his daughter, turning her, spinning her, attempting to distract her away from the other bronzerider though not out of any sense of getting back at the other man. He simply wished to enjoy this moment with her, not share it with anyone else. And perhaps... it was a little bit out of pride. Maybe he had realized that he'd been a little wrong during their last encounter, and pitting him against the younger man wasn't a good idea. Though, he told himself, "pitting" perhaps wasn't the best choice of thought-words.

Zenjarth admonished him, accusing him of protectiveness, and perhaps he was. He wasn't ready to let her go, and maybe it was time to admit that to her. She was a grown young woman, and he couldn't control her anymore, but it was hard to let go. She was one of his favorites, aside from T'brek and Lerina, so it was difficult to pull himself back and away. He sighed and looked down at her, and the first thing out of his mouth was not another round of congratulations, or asking her how she was, but was something that might rather surprise her instead. "Sunny, my girl... I am sorry."

Tag: Niomi

Oh, this was what he'd always wanted, an embrace just like this. It wasn't for the reasons he'd dreamed of, but it was close enough, and he wasn't going to push it or her away. He was going to savor it, and pull her close. He was going to hold her so tight in the hopes that they could melt together for just a little bit and maybe he would be able to keep a little piece of her with him. Because even if he didn't think he could leave now - how could he after seeing her, her joy, how could he truly shatter that by disappearing with nary a sign to her of where he was going? - there was still that chance she might move on without him in some other manner, and he wasn't going to take the chance of not keeping some piece of her with him in some manner.

It was solidified, all of it, the moment he felt her whispered words at his ear, and his arms instinctively tightened around her. No, he couldn't let her go, he couldn't stop being selfish or pull away from the South because he knew she would always be tied to this place for good. Her dragon was born here, she would always be Atrician now. Cat, for better or worse, would always be Atrician himself because Niomi was here. He closed his eyes for a moment, his hand rising behind her as it came to close in at the back of her head, to cradle it, to hold her even closer than she already was, but it stopped short, and he froze, when he realized what he was doing. No, she wouldn't like that, there would be rejection, and he couldn't handle that on a day like this when he was already teetering towards leaving.

"I would do it again," he said, voice suddenly hoarse with emotion, something that was there due to the fact that he had nearly made a mistake that could have shoved him from her without the intention of doing so. "I will always take you wherever I go, Nimmy." He pulled back, a smile on his face, the fluid clinging to his eyes an easy thing to mistake as joy for her on this happiest of days. "I can't wait to meet her. She must be... spectacular. Do you think she'll like me?"

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