Here, Here! To New Lives! - {68th Hatching Feast}

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Wingrider Solai and Green Dragon Tyreth
Tag - Ao'mek
Solai felt the warmth of Ao'mek poking over her shoulder first. A smile curved along her sultry lips in response to his remark.

"Having a good time are we?"

Those lips kissed his cheek in a tease, "of course." The music sounded wonderful, giving her feet the urge to dance, the food smelled wonderful, the wine was divine... how could she hate it? Of course, it also helped her work of the evening had finished some time ago, so now she had the entire feast to spare for her friend. She turned to face him, with a smile played upon those lips. Already she knew what he planned to say. The fingers at his pocket said enough.

"I believe this is what I owe you."

Solai accepted the marks, and weighted them in her hand, though she would not insult him by inspecting the content of the pouch. Really, it was silly to do so, for she could always hunt him down after if needed. Instead, she pocketed it quickly and looked to him with a smirk. Feeling jovial on such a promising night, and in the company of a sweet and cute friend, she dared a step closer and gave him a coy look. "Want to get me a drink," she teased him. And yet, at the same time, she meant it. How could she not?
Wingrider Ambrosius and Blue Dragon Bowith
Open - Sid'nis and Rath mentioned
As Sid'nis and his companion spoke, A'rosius came to realise perhaps he was not being the most... impartial. Yet part of him was driven mad by the sight of them and the obvious impulse behind the interactions. Turn by turn, the more A'rosius saw Sid'nis act, falling in love, out of love, cheating, flirting... the more A'rosius had come to realise he was just another impulsive notch on the proverbial post. It sickened the bluerider, and he could not help, but feel the hurt splinter deeper within him.

Yet A'rosius could not run, not again. It was too easy to tell Sid'nis off and leave. It was braver to stand up to him, his behaviour, and watch over their daughter, to protect her from his poor choices. Whether she was pained from Sid'nis drinking or his poor choice in lovers, A'rosius could finally step up as the father he needed to be, and show... Alyss... that life was different from the one Sid'nis had painted for her. Life needed morals, boundaries, and discipline, but the rewards were fruitful. I could give her a world Sid'nis fails to give her.

That is the best thought that's coursed through your mind in a long time, Bowith encouraged him.

Yes, Bowith was right. It was time A'rosius stop being so... brooding... Though part of it felt so hard when A'rosius stared at a product of his sex. Alyss, even her very name represented the struggle A'rosius faced with his identity. When Sid'nis gave her that name, A'rosius felt himself torn in two, but he lacked the will to refuse him. Looking back on that moment, the birth of his child, the very sound of her name, A'rosius wondered if that was what contributed to his own depression. The healers said it was postpartum depression, but A'rosius knew it was worse than that, and far more personal.

But that's over now, Bowith interjected. You know who you are now, and you can show her that.

But it's the little things too, like what will she call me? Papa? She calls Sid that already, and telling her to call me that would only confuse her.

Then give her another name to call you.

Like what?

He felt the smirk of his dragon before he spoke. Daddy.

The faintest smile found its way to his thin lips. Maybe. It was not a solution, though it certainly was a start. He would have dwelt on the positive, but then he spotted Mul'rec, and watched the man approach Sid'nis... watched him readily be received by Sid'nis with such enthusiasm to make a heart burst... except for A'rosius' own. It was enough to make his more dower mood return as he narrowed his eyes on the brownrider. Could A'rosius not make it passed one day in New Atricis without being reminded of all the hurt of the past? In the future, A'rosius knew it would get easier, but for the meantime, he swallowed the ache to survive the long night.
Envoy Mul'rec and Brown Dragon Galuth
Tag - Sid'nis and Rath
Mul'rec found himself amused by the look of astonishment that Sid'nis bestowed to him. It felt good to still have that sort of effect on the bluerider even after turns of absence. Watching Sid'nis, even despite all the changes, Mul'rec realised he still missed the man, and after all these turns of separation, it felt like not a day had passed between them as he accepted Sid'nis' hug with long and willing arms.

"Son of a bitch... I can't believe it. Is it really fucking you, Mul'rec?"

"Yes, my old friend-" he ran a hand through those pallid locks and gripped the back of the man's neck in a sign of affection. Whether he meant it as a show of brotherhood or other remained difficult to discern "-It's me."

"It's been so many turns since I last saw you."

Mul'rec accepted the second hug with a resounding warmth. "I know, but I'm here now." He gave a kiss to the man's brow before he released him entirely to regard Sid'nis' new friend. Mul'rec always knew his manners... he just did not always care for them. For the now, however, he would mind them, if only for Sid'nis' sake.

"Sorry, where are my manners. Rath, this is one of my dearest and oldest friends, Brownrider Mul'rec. We flew together in Benden and then later here. Mul'rec, this is my very good friend and mentor, Masterhealer Rathiran."

Rathiran took the initiative and stepped forward. "It's good to finally meet you, Brownrider Mul'rec. Sid'nis has spoken very highly of you, so it's nice to finally see the man behind the name."

Mul'rec took the man's offered hand. "It's good to meet you too, Master Rathiran. I've actually heard a bit about you. My brother, Ma'lek, speaks highly of you." As he interacted with Rathiran, he made a passing glance over his shoulder, and spotted A'rosius in the distance. For the meantime, Mul'rec paid the bluerider little heed as he reconnected with his old friend.
Wingrider Inez and Brown Dragon Iorveth
Tag - Rhianwen and Dirce
When Rhianwen fell into view from across the room, Inez's steps froze in an instance. All she could do was stare upon the face that defined her past, a woman whose very existence wove so intimately with Inez's own for nearly as long as Inez could remember. She recalled those nights with their fingers twined together, even when they were young, and reminisced on those nights when they chastely kissed one another until sleep finally claimed them. The two held one another even then before they ever traded innocence for love. Now, Inez held herself alone in a bed she hardly knew.

I don't know if I can do this, Iorveth.

But you must. Be brave, my lady.

Yes, be brave. She had to be after turns of cowardice under the name of Nezi. The brownrider began to slip through the festive bodies, closing the distance between her and her lost love, a love lost because of Inez's own stubbornness. Rhianwen disserved more than she had ever given to her.

It was when another figure was framed by Inez's view, one that interacted with Rhianwen, that Inez found herself frozen once more. She recognised all the little tells that warned the brownrider that things might be harder than she initially perceived.

Iorveth, however, refused to let her give up. You'll deal with that soon enough. For now, you owe Rhianwen at least a hello, and you owe it to yourself too.

The brown was right, and with a deep breath, Inez stepped forward, ready to confront the woman she had not spoken to since the day she left New Atricis. On her shoulder, Gwen churred in assurance, and in her mind, Iorveth comforted her, until she finally found herself intruding upon the private conversation with her very presence. No words managed to escape Inez as she neared Rhianwen and the newly Impressed. Instead, her tempestuous blue eyes regarded her alone, only to rain with sorrow. The threatening tears were dashed away from either eye before they could fall. Inez loathed the vulnerability she found herself in. After the last week, it was the very sight of Rhianwen standing before her that broke her. Despite turns of hopeful preparation, for the first time, Inez found herself at a loss for words.

Gwen, with her shrill of delight from Inez's shoulder, could always be counted upon to lighten the mood.

With a tearful chuckle, Inez looked to Rhianwen and wet her lips, but instead, she waited for the goldrider to utter the first words.
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Tag: V'ric, Mentions L'van
A'ric took one last look in the mirror, trying to get his hair just right once again. Now usually the young bronze rose was not one to really worry about his looks, but today was the feast, his first feast as a Wingleader and. He wanted to make sure he looked the part. Plus, it didn't hurt that he wanted to look good for Kit. While they weren't "together" , but he still always looked his best. Having someone like Kit around you, an amazing looking person, with you. He was nothing compared to her, but he always wanted to compliment her and make her look even better than she already did.

A'ric, don't fret so much, you look fine, you always do.

A'ric smiled a little and looked at himself once more before heading out to the Feast. When he arrived, he smiled. Once again, everyone had outdone themselves with the decorations and such. If he was being honest, it looked even better than the Feast for his Weyrling class. Someone walked by his with some wine, so he grabbed a glass, even thougb he wasn't really much of a wine drinker himself. Dark eyes scanned the crowd. He caught sight of L'van, but he was busy with his children. The bronze rider made a note to visit the older rider after. Another familiar face caught his attention

Quickly the bronze rider moved over to where he had saw his cousin Varric, or V'ric now. Grabbing a drink for himself on the way he walked over, clasping him on the shoulder. "Congratulations! I knew you would Impress!"

Tag: Finn
For a moment, Isiana continued to stare at herself in the mirror. Being the rider of the Queen who had just had the clutch that had just hatched, the young woman knew she should at least make an appearance, and she should look her best doing it. Andromedath would not want it any other way. If she was being honest with herself, all Isiana wanted to do was curl up and go back to sleep. With everything that that had happened, both she and the Gold were exhausted. Andromedath would normally be talking to her, but she could sense the Gold was still sleeping, so she let her be as she got ready. Glancing over at the mirror once more, a small, satisfied smile came to her face, and she gave herself a little nod. She was most certainly ready to go out, and looking about as good as she thought she ever had.

As she made her way down to the dining hall, she couldn't help but smile. The first experience of a Flight and her dragon's first clutch, everything had been perfect. Or well, as perfect as everything could go. There was always some mauling or something at the Hatchings, but everything had turned out ok anyway. She was just happy that nothing tooo awful had happened, and she was glad that Lor had been there by her side for the whole thing. Honestly, she wouldn't have expected him to be anywhere else, but it was nice to know that he was there to support her anyway.

Dark eyes took in everything as she walked into the dining hall, and it brought a smile to her face. Everyone in the Weyr always had a good sense of how to decorate. Grabbing something to drink, she roamed around, looking for some familiar faces. The first one she found was Finn and she walked up to her. "I''m glad you're here! I don't know if Lor or Bast are coming, so at least you are here so I know someone,"
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( Tag: V’ric {Ember}, A’ric {Kate} ; Outfit ; Hairstyle )
It felt completely different, having to adjust to a new life where there was another bonded so absolutely to oneself. She almost couldn’t believe that, after so long being a candidate both at Atricis and Telgar, a dragon had finally found her a suitable rider. And all after she had already been aged out for so long. But she quickly found that she wouldn’t have traded Akath for anything in the world, and that was more than enough for the both of them. Of course, she would have to scramble to find someone to take care of Persephone and Rasui for her, since weyrlings weren’t supposed to have any pets around a young dragon. The two gemlizards already knew to avoid the garnet’s gaze whenever possible, but it was just a matter of time before either the gold or the copper were found out, and that was the last thing she needed at the moment. And of course, the one friend who had been a candidate that she really would have wanted to care for them had Impressed as well, she thought with a broad grin as she entered the dining hall, taking a deep breath to steady a sudden bout of nerves as she stepped to one side of the doorway. Well, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find another to care for the gemlizards, right?

If one were to ask her why she was nervous, she would have admitted to not being used to dressing in so formal a manner; or at least, not used to it anymore. In the forges, there was no need for such things, as they only got in the way of what one was doing. And once she had aged out of candidacy, she felt less and less of a need to attend Hatching feasts, seeing it as little more than a hard-hitting reminder of her own failures. Hence why she had rarely attended Hatchings, but with her friend standing, she knew she just had to be there for him this time. And she was glad that she had, since the decision had brought her to Akath, just as this Hatching had brought her friend his own dragon. Another grin tugged at the corners of her mouth as she scanned the crowd, hoping to find her friend without much in the way of delays, and a sigh of relief as she found him. He had been injured during the Hatching, just the same as many others, and Alassiel once again felt a pang of guilt that it had been her dragon to cause that harm to him. Of course, the garnet hadn’t meant it, panicked as she had been over not being able to find the young woman right away. But that still didn’t change the fact that it had happened, and she felt ultimately responsible for it. And there, standing beside her friend, was another that she could call a friend, perhaps more if things hadn’t gone the way they had. A’ric. Her thoughts were filled with uncertainty at the realization that the man was there, but she quickly pushed it aside with an emphatic nod of her head. She was here for V’ric and their fellow weyrlings, not for the bronzerider.

And so, with a light flourish of the lacy sleeves of the dress Akath had chosen for her, she started moving towards the two men. While she hadn’t thought to wear such a thing, the garnet had emphasized that as a newly bonded rider, Alassiel had to look her best, a sentiment that the young woman found herself agreeing to almost straight away. The fact that the dress so perfectly matched Akath in color and aesthetic, naturally, made it all the better as far as the young woman was concerned, though she had to admit that she could have done without the amount of lace that hung from the shoulders and waistline of the gown. Still, her dragon had chosen it, and that was more than reason enough to wear it with pride. It didn’t take her long to approach the newly Impressed brownrider and his cousin, offering a rather awkward sort of smile towards the bronzerider before her gaze fell upon V’ric. “I’m so glad you could make it, V’ric,” she told her friend, smiling warmly at him as she moved to stand in a spot where both weyrling and rider could see her with ease. “Congratulations on your Impression! I told you that you’d make a fine rider,” she added, her smile growing as she recalled the first conversation the two of them had had, given right here in this very hall. “How is Rumith fairing? There certainly had been no lack of excitement in the hours after the Hatching, after all.”

( Tag: Fyrnella {Jovia}, Halimila {Lanni} ; Outfit )
While he hadn’t originally intended on attending the Hatching feast, he had to admit that his own dragon had been rather persistent on the matter. Especially after that kind young woman from the infirmary had Impressed, enforcing the bronze’s insistence all the more to him. Well, there would be no backing out of it now, not with fifty-four feet of irritable dragon to look forward to if he had. No, best to mingle a bit with his fellow riders, and best to get to know some of the new weyrlings, since there was a likely chance that some of them would end up being members of the same Wing as himself. Idly he wondered if perhaps the young healer lass would be among those, a light smile tugging at his lips at the thought as he entered the cavern. He tugged a bit at one sleeve of his formal jacket, taking just a moment to admire the bronze-colored filigree on the brocade before sighing with the relief that he had been able to get the jacket touched up in time for the feast. It had been somewhat damaged in the transfer between Ista and Atricis, likely due to his rush in getting all of his things gathered so Rhovanioth could transport them. Thankfully it had been mended in time, and he hadn’t had to struggle to find something else that complimented his dragon as well as this one did.

It didn’t take him long to spot the healer in the crowd, especially with the brightly colored gown that she was wearing. He had to admit that it matched rather well with her newly Impressed dragon, pretty little thing that the opal had been upon her hatching. That one would be the pride of the Weyr for certain, he thought with a smile as he realized that the healer was standing with another of the young weyrlings, one that had Impressed one of the young greens. The lass was wearing a lovely gown of her own, one that reflected her own dragon’s colors impeccably in his opinion. A wry smile tugged at his lips as he remembered the way he himself had struggled for hours to find an outfit that suited both himself and the hatchling Rhovanioth at the time, and wondering for only a moment if it had taken either of the young women the same length of time to find the dresses that they had. No matter, he told himself with a light shrug as he moved away from the wall, pausing only long enough to grab a goblet of wine for himself from a nearby table as he moved, as well as two of redfruit juice for the young ladies. This was a night for celebrations, after all, and he would happily drink to new lives being successfully bonded as they had been just a couple of days prior.

Without much delay, he made his way to the small group, smiling warmly at both young women before offering them the goblets of juice. “For you lovely young ladies,” he commented with a wink as he held out the goblets, urging the two girls to take them before he somehow managed to drop them. Which wouldn’t have been a problem in any other circumstance, but he would have rather hated to ruin their gowns in such a manner. “Congratulations are in order for the both of you, I think. Your dragons are simply stunning, perfect matches for their riders in my opinion.” And with that, his gaze drifted between the new greenrider and opalrider for a moment, taking in their expressions and grinning as he remembered how he felt in the months after his own Impression, going on six Turns ago at the current point in time. “Fyrnella, why don’t you introduce me to your friend here? I feel simply awful about the fact that I can’t seem to put a name to her. Most likely because I’m still learning names around here, but still,” he asked the opalrider, offering a wink to the girl and a warm and apologetic smile to Halimila.
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Weyrling Fyrnella of Opal Diosidath

Tag: Halimila, D'aen, mentions all the injured...

Fyrnella was a little bit off kilter to say the least, both mentally and physically. While she was used to fatigue both mental and physical from being a healer impression was a whole other beast to say. Having already passed out between hatching and the feast so Diosidath had fussed over her a bit, slightly unhappy when Gemmer and Mossay showed up to check on her. Able to convince them to go back to their temporary caretaker she spent the rest of the night with her opal for resting and comfort. So while her mental fatigue was still somewhat there, her physical oddness was due to the dress she wore that Halimila convinced her into.

Honestly she never wore dresses before, and while she didn't want to wear one now she was kind of grateful to her fellow weyrling. Seeing everyone dressed in their finery while she would have had a somewhat stained simple everyday outfit..... She wasn't very assertive and vocal in her refusal either so things worked out? Quickly she shook her head before turning to look around the feast as more and more people showed up.... Did she end up coming too early? Were Weyrlings supposed to come later? Going through her head she couldn't recall anything but.... Her eyes landed on Rh'van, Lai, and even all the others she knew were injured. When possible she went to help the other healers, and as a weyrling and a fellow for those who impressed she would be good to help out if complications arose. Though Lai who was still a candidate she made sure to glance over and check his complexion at least.

Though she noticed Mila had arrived on some older man's arm, giving a little wave as she started to walk closer but didn't really speak up. Just kind of standing there awkwardly wondering if she should strike up a conversation or go check up again on the others... Or just crawl into a corner and try to stop herself from hyperventilating again. That was when D'aen walked up to her in the middle of nearing a panic attack and trying to say hi to Mila but apparently unable to do so yet. Giving a little nod of her head before taking one of the juices as it seemed he would drop them otherwise but only a squeak seemed to come out of her mouth. Holding the drink with both hands even as they trembled, making sure she wouldn't drop it and ruin the pretty dress that wasn't hers.

She had only noticed his clothes for a few moments when it made her realize he was probably a rider too, and if the colors matched his clothes too bronze? Oh shards and shells, did he mention that before? Her brain wasn't working as she looked down at the ground and her face turning red including the tops of her ears especially at the congratulations and comments about looks. Unable to speak out a word she tried to give a light noise of thanks or something she hoped would come across that way. Everyone was looking at her it felt like, all those eyes and those stares and there wasn't something to heal at the moment. "o..o.ooh Halimila... She helped me borrow a dress." Fyrn managed to squeak out, trying to give a smile to both of them in front of her before hiding her face behind the glass. While she knew just because she couldn't see them didn't mean they couldn't see her it helped her feel slightly better at least for the moment.
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Tag: Laikanu/Lanni
Given that she was still fairly tired, Aranrod was glad that the Feast was a few days after the Hatching. Any earlier, and she would have had that weird mental exhaustion that set in after Zenith's first meal, on top of the physical fatigue. She saw Mila talking energetically to her father - how was she finding any energy at all? Aranrod would not be dancing at this Feast, that was certain. She looked around the dining hall - all the injured weyrlings and candidates seemed to be there, so at least that meant no one had a truly dangerous injury. She thought she'd have been told if anyone died (and she'd been a bit worried for Laikanu) but she hadn't known that most of them were back on their feet.

And there he was, with a green fancy flitt, and Aranrod winced as she thought about her own two bronze boys. They were getting plenty of attention, though, and when she got them back, they would probably be too fat and lazy to fly. He was eating alone, and she hesitated, but finally approached him. "Laikanu," she said, sitting down with her food, "I'm so glad to see that you're able to get around. I was worried when they pulled out the back board." Of course, even if Aranrod hadn't Impressed Zenith, she wouldn't have been much help in that situation, she would have been completely in the healers' way, so it had been an easy decision to feed her newly hatched dragon. But she had thought about Mila's friend several times in the last two days, when she was awake and Zenith was not. Which hadn't been all that often.
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Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:48 am

~Nali's Dress~
Tag- Rina (Linnea)
Nali had been just watching everyone else when someone approached her. She looked up at the woman, amazed by the dress she wore to this event. It was certainly one of a kind that Nali hadn't ever seen before, and it did make her silently wish she had asked if her parents would have been able to help her get a new dress made in case she had Impressed soon. The woman addressed her, even knowing her dragon's name without an ounce of hesitation, impressing Nali with such recall. However, she didn't actually know the woman's name off hand. Of course, Nali recognized the woman's face, likely having seen her around the Weyr before. Nali smiled though, beaming at the congratulations offered her for her Impression.

"Thank you," Nali said happily with a nod of her head. "I'm honestly just happy to be here as a Weyrling finally. I don't mind not being able to dance or anything. Oh, umm, I don't think I remember your name though, and after you knew mine and my dragon's name. Sorry about that." Nali definitely needed to work on her manners, but at least she had the self awareness to smile sheepishly at not remembering the woman's name.
~Ari's Dress~
Tag- R'fael (Slasher)
Through both his words and what Ari sensed from him, she realized immediately that he was being completely honest. He really didn't know, and for a moment, Ari was a bit embarrassed. She chuckled nervously, smiling at him as she responded to him.

"I'm sorry, I'm used to people just knowing who I am here in the Weyr, I assumed you knew too." She chuckled again, rubbing the back of her neck. "Let me start over, please. I am Dragonrider Ari, and my dragon is Rosasith, a unique color of dragon. Similar to your young Pavoth. I wanted to introduce myself because of the circumstances of your Impression being similar to my own when I Impressed Rosasith." She had so much more she could and wanted to say, but she didn't want to start babbling and say too much before he really had a chance to take it all in.
K'rin wasn't one who had been able to have very nice clothes, but he honestly didn't mind. He wore the outfit he had worn to the last Gather at Evanoria he had attended and entered the feast with confidence and pride. Sure, he wasn't the best dressed, but this was still an event for him and the others who had Impressed. He felt proud to be one of the ones being congratulated with this feast, and he wasn't afraid to go and get some food first thing. The tiredness he felt from Impressing still lingered despite it being a couple of days, and it made him hungry more than anything, so he unabashedly filled a plate with food and found somewhere to sit to eat first.
~Outfit Inspiration~
(Note: I am not claiming the art or design as my own, I'm using it as a visual idea since I couldn't find anything in the real world that suited his dress style.)
Though New Atricis Weyr had a slowly increasing population of Southernborn people living in the Weyr, many adopted more Northern styles of dress, or styles of dress that took ideas and cues from the North in order to help blend in further. In everyday situations, M'ir did the same, however, for special occasions, M'ir pulled out his more Southern traditional clothing that he still had from his time working the Moonlight's Garden. Because of this, M'ir wasn't easy to miss when he entered the dining hall for the hatching feast. He donned lightweight fabric dyed in shades of deep red and embroidered in golden thread and tassels. His red loose sleeves were somewhat sheer, as was the fabric that wrapped around his abdomen and back, revealing some of the skin beneath. The heaviest fabric on his was the sort of dark red jacket on his chest that trailed into an adorned train that nearly dragged on the floor and the matching sash belt that was tied artfully around his hips. He wore multiple pairs of earrings in his ears, and wore three necklaces of varying length. His wrists and one of his ankles jingles with gold bangles as well, making him look almost like a Southern Holder than a Brown Dragonrider of New Atricis Weyr. However, those that had seen M'ir in this outfit before would likely not be terribly surprised by it, and he didn't mind any of the stares that those less used to gave.

He walked through the dining hall with a light jingling following him, and found himself a glass of red wine to drink, purposely picking it because it matched his outfit in color. With his wineglass in hand, he looked around the dining hall, seeing the variety of clothes, but mostly, the variety of people. M'ir was interested in finding someone to perhaps dance with and enjoy the evening with.
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Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:22 pm

Weyrwoman Second Rhianwen and Gold Lennoth
Tag: Dirce, Inez

Rhianwen was not sure, at first, what Dirce was talking about until the memory of their initial meeting flashed through her memory. Rhianwen standing on the hatching sands and talking about the difference of impressing as a candidate and impressing from the stands. That had been a long time ago now. Rhianwen was both surprised and pleased it had remained so close in Dirce's mind.

"Everything changes with a dragon," she finally replied. It was never just one thing, or maybe that was simply Rhianwen's experience. She could not imagine having her old life and a dragon at this point. "Not a single part of my life is the same now as it was before Lennoth found me," she admitted. The two were as immiscible as bad firestone and water. "There are parts I am glad to be rid of and a select few I miss terribly," Rhianwen admitted with a sad longing as she thought of that which she'd lost and the concern caused by her sister-in-law's letter rushed back to the forefront, "But, you're right. Lennoth makes it worth every moment, in the end." It was only the warm curl of gold in the back of her mind that brought Rhianwen any level of comfort and she closed her eyes and allowed herself a moment of the gold's attention.

...soon enough. For now...Rhianwen at yourself too.

Rhianwen blinked at the sound of her name, though with all the noise of the feastgoers and dragons, and her attention having been on Lennoth, she could not hear the sentence in its entirety or completely place it. Instead, she looked around in confusion for anyone trying to gain her attention, keeping her physical and mental ears piqued for her name again. Nothing came, however, and Rhianwen frowned her curiosity before turning back to Dirce.

"I thought I heard someone call my name," she apologized, "Though that appears to not be the case." Having lost the train of their earlier conversation, Rhianwen picked up a new one as she tapped Dirce's plate back toward the food. "Finish grabbing your meal and eat while you can," she warned with a teasing grin. Maybe she would not be able to completely give up flirting with the woman, especially since their trip to flotilla where Rhianwen had realized her interest may not be as one-sided as she had initially thought, but she could keep it innocent. "Not only are you celebrated tonight as a new rider, but as a new zultaniterider. Which means you have a decision to make. I can imagine the bronze and brownriders in particular will want to congratulate you," she continued to explain. Rhianwen's own hatching had been an odd one since she had accidentally impressed a gold meant for a resident of Walled. Her feast had been held much later, in another territory, and only after much discussion about how to make up for the stolen dragon. Even then, a number of especially bronzeriders had felt the need to make themselves known to her. It had been an annoyance more than anything, truly. It was not as if she would be the one rising or choosing amongst them. But it was something she'd had to deal with as a queenrider all the same. "I can likely stave them off for you to eat at least half a full plate," Rhianwen said, though did not trust even her abilities or position to hold them off through the night.

Someone stepped in close and Rhianwen wondered if her promise would be tested so early. When she turned to the person, however, polite smile in place, it was to find someone else she never would have expected. Gwen trilled happily. Rhianwen's face fell in shock. If she were not so trained against it, she would have lost the cup in her hands. Never make a scene, she had been trained as a child, never show a weakness.

Rhianwen reached behind to set her wine on the banquet table as her eyes flickered from familiar hide to dress to...shoulder knots? brown against the embroidered gold of her dress a contrast to the way Rhianwen used a solid green vest and solid pink drest as a background to display her own gold. Rhianwen's eyes slipped back up to Inez's face and caught the glint of tears. The sight of them made everything suddenly real and imminent and terrible and a relief. Rhianwen felt her breath catch as her own eyes began to heat in return.

"...Inez?" she asked, her voice shaking. She reached out to touch, to confirm this was all real. The knots were still a confusion, but the rope a familiar feel against her fingers. She shuddered as her fingertips ran through the tears sliding down Inez's cheek. "You'" It seemed impossible, and yet here Rhianwen was: seeing her, touching her.

Rhianwen's mind screamed at her. It told her this was enough. She had taken too many liberties, opened herself up too wide in too public a place. Instead, when her vision clouded over completely and the first tears began to fall, Rhianwen threw her arms around Inez, clinging to her with the ferocity of turns without.

Inez was safe! Inez was here! Inez was back in Rhianwen's arms!

"I was so worried," she choked under her breath before burying her face in Inez's hair, seeking some form of her usual composure but finding it slipping further from her grasp every second that passed.
Archivist Rina
Tag: Nali

At Nali's embarrassment, Rina frowned. "It's not as if I've impressed," she said. It made sense someone she did not speak with did not know of her. Her accomplishments were still small and focused on her craft, after all. "My name is Rina," she answered all the same, "And I only know your and your dragon's name as I am an archivist with the Weyr. I apologize if I should have waited for an introduction." Rina shifted from one foot to another, her fists clenching into the fabric of her skirt. She'd messed up the social aspect again. Solange's instructions from turns ago brought themselves to the forefront of her mind once more, as they always did when she fumbled like this. Socializing isn't about showing what I know, she reminded herself, It's about showing interest in other people.

"I am sure plenty of people will be happy to come to you," Rina said, eyes closed and trying to think through what she was saying before the words left her lips. Deciding to pause there before she messed the sentiment up.
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Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:23 pm

Tag ~ Solai
Ao'mek returned the kiss to her cheek and then chuckled as he watched her count the marks in the pouch he had given her. Really, as if he would ever cheat on a bet lost. She had won fair and square. Besides, even if he didn't have the marks he would have made it up to her in other ways. Doing her chores, bathing her dragon, anything to make up for it. Luckily he wasn't the materialistic type, so he had plenty of marks to pay her back with. "It's all there. I can promise you." He assured her.

"Want to get me a drink,"

The bluerider have a dramatic sigh. "I just gave you a small pouch full of marks and now you want a drink? Unbelievable." He was obviously teasing her. A short kiss was given to her forehead. "I'll be happy to get you a drink. Be right back." Ao'mek headed off for the drink table. He grabbed both of them a glass of wine and then managed to get a small plate of finger food before heading back. "Here we are food and drink. Don't know about you, but I'm rather hungry."
Tag ~ Rath/Mul'rec
Sid'nis practically melted into Mul'rec's arms as he ran a hand through his hair and then grasped the back of his neck. The intimate gesture gave him a sense of comfort. As if staying there could turn back the hands of time and erase all the bad that had happened that turn. The second hug was even tighter as he cling to his old friend. It felt as if his heart would burst from happiness.

Sid had always wondered how he would feel to see Mul'rec again. Apparently over come with joy was how. The man was his oldest friend though. In spite of what had transpired between them before, he would always hold a special place in his heart.

He looked between his two friends as they spoke for a moment. "What are you doing here? How have you been? Shards... I just...I still can't believe you're really here." He had so many questions.
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Tag: A'ric and Alassiel; Mentioned: Daela
Feast Outfit
The fact that he was being allowed to go was amazing, and something V'ric wasn't going to let go to waste. It wasn't going to be for long, and he'd have to sit through most, if not all of it with a healer not far behind, but he wasn't going to argue at all. It would be a chance to see his cousin, and Lassi, and most importantly, his Dancer. Rumi, as he was calling her, was particularly excited for him to go, and while she was sad that she couldn't join him, she was fond of the idea of sharing the images with him later. He promised he would, and when she received the feelings of that promise, she knew she would indeed.

He dressed with the help of the healer in something loose fitting, his previous outfit being too close and constricting for their liking. After he was properly attired, he stepped back for their inspection, and then his minder helped him there, seating him almost immediately. And just as quickly, there was A'ric, and as much as he wanted to hug his cousin, he had to suffice with a pat on the shoulder and an equally hearty pat in return. "Aye, cousin, it was finally time, wasn't it? And she is glorious, everything I could have wanted in a dragon. I can't wait for you to properly meet her. She's just..." A dreamy, far away loo, one A'ric would surely recognize as one of his own from time to time, appeared on his face as he thought about his dragon. "I love her very much."

A moment later, Alassiel appeared, and he reached out a hand to give her fingers a squeeze in congratulations, though the effort was a bit weak as it came from his most injured side. "Rumi is beautiful and perfect as always, my friend. How is your darling doing today? I hope she's just as well?"

Tag: Isiana; Mentioned: Lorcan, Bastian, Var'n, R'fael
Feast Outfit
She'd gone off ahead of Bastian, wanting, who had no idea what she was wearing. It was a surprise, meant to please him. She going to dance with both her brothers, maybe even with Isi too. But first, she had to find her friend, because she deserved to be congratulated, and so did Andro as well. After ensuring her dress and hair and makeup were all spot on, the Wingsecond slipped out and made her way to the dining hall, where things were already kicking off and she was just in time to get some of the first glasses of wine. She fetched one for herself and one for Isis, who she caught up with early.

"Of course I would be here, how could I not? This is a huge day for you and your beauty, I wouldn't dream of being anywhere else!" She offered the glass of wine to her friend and grinned. "What a hatching that was. Thrills, spills, gorgeous babies all around. And you'll get to do it again in handful or two of months from now. I look forward to seeing the next set of children she gives the Weyr, Isi. They're sure to be just as beautiful as the first." She looked around though, made sure none of the weyrlings were around to hear, and leaned forward. "None will be as special as the first, though I might be partial to them because both of my brothers Impressed from the clutch."

Tag: Inez, Rhianwen
She did not understand, at first, what Rhianwen meant about the bronze and brownriders paying her special attention until it started to dawn on her as to why. A faint blush crept along her cheeks and she honestly wasn't sure how she felt about the implications. On the one hand she should have expected it soon after Sandalphonth came to her, on the other, Impressing from the stands didn't exactly give you much room to consider all the ramifications for bonding to a dragon, let alone something that had the potential to lay eggs. She appreciated the offer though and nodded, deciding she would take the other woman up on her offer, because if she were honest, she hadn't had much chance to eat since bonding, especially with how much time she'd been spending in her barrack's room with her head pounding and stomach in knots. "Thank you, I appreciate it."

She started to load up on her plate, keenly aware of how hungry she felt all of a sudden, and also of how much her heart was fluttering in her chest, and how warm her skin felt with Rhianwen so close. She knew they wouldn't be able to spend time together after this, not for several months at least, but she also didn't expect the goldrider to wait for her, not that she would. There was a chance that she felt something, some little prickle of a shared sensation, but that had only been a realization reached during their shared trip to the flotilla and even then, Dirce often wondered if she'd been mistaken or not.

It did't really matter though, not anymore, she would soon discover, or come to think, or maybe a little bit of both. She felt her heart drop to her feet when the woman approached, the tears on her face, the sadness emanating from her like fire from a dragon's breath. There was no mistaken that there was, or had been, something between the two standing next to her. Dirce was many things, but she wasn't a fool, she could see with eyes that were sharp and clear that this much was true; she was an observer by nature.

Were they just friends? She doubted it. She'd been with enough lovers in the past to know that was not the embrace of friends reunited. She could stand there and allow it to continue to unfold before her vision, or she could quietly remove herself from the situation and allow them to conduct themselves in a slightly more private scenario. She wanted to move, she begged herself to, her heart begged her. But she was frozen in place, fake smile in place, fake pleasantry waiting on her lips. She would act happy, then dismiss herself. But the food was no longer in her hands... she wasn't feeling very hungry anymore.

Tag: So'cles
Knowing that, Duke kind of wanted to thank the green. It mean having the greenrider here to celebrate with, to be able to see him with even if all they ended up doing was stand around and drink wine with one another. It was still something, and it was something they could do at a duo rather than apart. Thinking about that sent a private thrill through him that he didn't think he could ever share with anyone, not even his dragon, but he heard Wojoth give soft warble in his head, and knew it was too late. He was weak around Cles, and there was no able to hide his feelings for the man around his dragon.

"My feast wasn't too bad, though it was..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "There was attention I didn't much care for, being out of age myself, and injured to boot. It didn't help that I was still in quite a bit of pain because of my hand, but I was at least able to dance with my mother, have some food, celebrate with some of the others. Not much though, before I tuckered out and had to go back to the infirmary for a check up, which was good - one of my sutures had broken open during the feast, so..." He chuckled and shook his head. "That was exciting."

Tag: Sid'nis, Mul'rec
Rath smiled at Mul'rec and nodded. He was fond of Ma'lek and respected the man a great deal. That in turn would translate into respect for Mul'rec of course, not that it wasn't there already thanks to Sid. After a few moments of standing there, watching the two of them embrace, and then hearing Sid speak, he made up his mind about something and decided it was for the best. He had to do it, no matter how he might feel in the moment.

"As much as it has been a pleasure to meet you, Mul'rec, I do believe I should step away for a moment. I'm sure we'll have plenty of chances to chat again in the future. Sid'nis, I'll speak with you soon." He touched his friend's arm and smiled, tipping his head in both their directions before stepping away to allow them both the chance to spend time with one another, in as private a moment as the feast would allow.

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Wingrider Solai and Green Dragon Tyreth
Tag - Ao’mek | Parker

Thread continued here.

Wingrider Ambrosius and Blue Dragon Bowith
Tag – M’ir | Marvealle (Marvelous ^.~) ; Mentioned: Rhianwen and Rath
As the bluerider forced himself to forget Sid’nis, and made himself look to the future, A’rosius slowly began to feel his demeanour grow positive. Given some time to recover from the shock of his recent transfer and Sid’nis’ stark metamorphosis, A’rosius knew he would recover. After turns as a trader, an assistant, a friend, a lover, and a mother, A’rosius knew he had the strength to face the world again, and build a new life for himself.

Does that mean you’re going to get that glass of Benden red that you spotted earlier? Bowith asked with a smirk.

A’rosius spared one more glance to the past and witnessed how Mul’rec hug Sid’nis before he shook the hand of Sid’nis’ companion. Yet as the brownrider did so, A’rosius saw a curious thing. Mul’rec did not look to the man he introduced himself to, but instead looked passed the man to watch him, A’rosius. The bluerider knew not how to feel about the way Mul’rec regarded him, but he held himself tall and proud as always, and with a gentle nod of his head, he acknowledged the man in turn.

Yes, Bowith, I do think it is time for that wine. He needed to banish old memories away, and move on with his life. Inez seemed to lead the example with how Rhianwen embraced her. The interactions between the two women whom A’rosius would always love brought the faintest smile to the man’s narrow features, for they inspired hope within him. The sight of Rhianwen wiping away Inez’s tears assured A’rosius that all would be right in the end. Later, once the women regained their composure and settled the matter that had walled between them, A’rosius would make sure to pay Rhianwen a visit and offer her his support and loyalty. So long as the bluerider drew breath, he would never leave her again, for in Inez and Rhianwen, A’rosius knew he had found his family.

Settled on his course of the night, A’rosius made his way to the wine table. There, he caught sight of a striking man in notable Walledian fashion. The sight of the translucent attire was enough to make A’rosius blush briefly, but he regained himself quickly. It was not that the bluerider admired the man so much as he simply was not accustomed to such revealing attire. Propriety and prudence governed most of the holdbred man’s life, even as a dragonrider, thus the glimpses of a bared torso hidden by the sheerest of materials was enough to catch A’rosius off guard. Yet the attire certainly was attractive, catching his green gaze with the merest flash of gold and red. Privately, the bluerider even wondered if the design might even suite his own lithe frame, and whether or not such a fashion was acceptable for his modest tastes.

With a swallow, the bluerider approached the man. He would have introduced himself then when he excused himself for accidentally brushing against him… “Pardon me,” he answered with the slightest dip of his head… but he did not feel confident enough in speaking beyond those two words, at least not immediately. Instead, A’rosius took the time to pick out his precious wine. Only after a sip to cool his nerves did he feel comfortable enough to address the stranger. “I’m sorry for intruding, but… I could not help but admire your attire,” he managed to speak to the man. “I’ve just returned from Benden, and I am not accustomed to the design or the material. Is it from Walled?” He knew the answer, but he thought it best to confirm his assumption.

Envoy Mul'rec and Brown Dragon Galuth
Tag – Sid’nis | Parker
Thread continued here.

Wingrider Inez and Brown Dragon Iorveth
Tag – Rhianwen | Linnea; mentioned Dirce

The brownrider did not withdraw from Rhianwen as she reached out to touch her, to set fingers against her brown cords at her shoulder. Instead, eyes followed her that hand, and anticipated the moment when Rhianwen wiped the tear from her cheek. Eyes closed against the feather soft contact, and for a moment Inez thought she might lose all composure. Instead, the faintest smile of relief graced her countenance as she leaned ever so slightly into the contact between them.


“Yes,” quivered the word in turn for all it seemed impossible to Inez that she stood before Rhianwen, a woman who was full of just as much life and love as the first day they met.

The caresses, the sorrow… they should have stopped before the rest of the feast caught sight of the love that still held them to one another, but Inez could not tear herself away from Rhianwen, not even in front of Rhianwen's newly Impressed companion. Even for the weyrling, Inez would not hide. To conceal those feelings Inez had harboured and cherished in the turns of separation, Inez had neither the will nor the desire to do so, especially as Rhianwen’s own tears began to fall. Inez reached to touch those tears, the same as Rhianwen had done to her, but instead the goldrider threw herself at Inez, wrapping arms around her in a tight embrace. Arms now filled with Rhianwen, Inez could not stop herself from holding her close in turn, slipping one hand to Rhianwen’s back, and the other to cradle her damp cheek.

"I was so worried.”

Inez choked back in turn. “I’m so sorry.” The brownrider was sorry for everything, how she had treated Rhianwen, how she had abandoned her, how she had scared her… Before Inez could stop herself, she tilted her head towards the goldrider, daring to kiss her cheek, her brow, only to fold arms about the goldrider’s shoulders, and bury her face against her neck. it was along Rhianwen's neck that Inez caught the faintest hint of flowers. The perfume brought back memories of comfort and solitude curled in one another’s arms, and times of passion when the cloying flowers intoxicated Inez with every kiss along the sinews of Rhianwen's throat. The scent was warmer now, sweeter, and yet it blended with her skin all the same, for beneath the knots, behind the tears, and under the scent was the same woman Inez would never stopped loving. “I’m so so sorry. I never should have left you like that. Please, forgive me?” Inez pulled back from the woman to regard her with her tempest gaze that rained with regret. Her only hope was that despite all the ways she had wronged her love, Rhianwen would still find it in her heart to forgive her.
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