Here, Here! To New Lives! - {68th Hatching Feast}

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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~Ari's Dress~
Tag- R'fael (Slasher)
Like most members of the Weyr, Ari had watched the hatching as well, relaying what she saw to Rosasith who had practically burst with excitement at the hatching of the two unique colors. Ari had to admit she held some interest in those Weyrlings as well, feeling a bit of kinship with them given she too was bonded to a unique dragon, however, there was one of the two of those she was far more interested in meeting with, and perhaps it was a fair bit of her motivation for attending the feast this evening. So it was that Ari had donned her usual dress (the only one she still owned for special events), and stepped into the feast with her wavy, somewhat messy hair tied loosely into a low runner's tail to at least give the semblance of having tried to do it for the evening.

To keep from looking too eager, Ari went to get a drink first, looking through the available drinks and deciding just to select some water for the moment. As she held the chilled glass of water in her hand and turned to take a look around the room, she caught sight of the new Weyrling she wanted to at least say hello to. Usually, Ari was too shy and awkward to just approach someone, but this time, she only hesitated briefly. He didn't seem busy, no one talking to him just yet, and she realized, with Rosasith's reminder, that this would be her best chance. So, taking another sip of her water, she stepped over to R'fael.

"Hello," she greeted the man when she stepped over to him. "Congratulations on your Impression," she started with, knowing it was polite to start with such a sentiment when talking to a fresh Weyrling. "I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to say hello to you and introduce myself. I'm Ari of Starlight Rosasith."
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Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:24 am

Weyrwoman Second Rhianwen and Gold Lennoth

Tag: Dirce/Ember

The newly impressed weyrlings were not the only ones kept busy after a hatching. Records were updated, sands were cleaned and a feast was prepared for. Rhianwen reached out to allies to invite them to the celebration whether they had made the hatching or not. On the day of, however, her skills were volunteered to the headwoman as she supervised the decoration of the dining hall and assisted in putting together floral centerpieces using the flowers. As the focus turned to final preparation and food, Rhianwen returned to her apartment to dress and do her hair, decorating her braided and pinned locks with several orchids the same dark dusky rose as her dress.

"Stay here, you know a feast is too busy for you to stay with me," she warned Astarin before heading back to the dining hall. Lennoth was in a mood, finally showing signs of rising, though a bit later in the season than usual, so Rhianwen chose to hail one of the older weyrlings on elevator duty, instead of fighting with a fussy queen.

Turns ago, Rhianwen may have attempted to mollify her, but tonight she held her head high and walked into the dining hall, searching the taller bodies for a familiar face.

Being one of the taller women in the Weyr, Dirce was surprisingly easy to locate. She was over by the food. Rhianwen grabbed a glass of wine and moved to meet her there.

She was wearing a dress. A brilliant blue that stood out against her dark hair and winter bleached skin. The long bell sleeves might add a fair bit of fabric but Rhianwen could easily trace Dirce's figure through the clean seams. Rhianwen bit her lip and shook her head. There truly could be nothing there now, not with a weyrling. Rhianwen walked up alongside Dirce and brushed a hand against her arm. "I have nothing but the most sincere congratulations to offer you. Sandalphonth is a beautiful zultanite," she said with a gentle smile, realizing she might have surprised the woman with her sudden appearance. "I've been holding on to that for the last two days, I'll have you know. Wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to get settled. Impressing from the stands is quite a life changer, as I well know."

Archivist Rina

Tag: Nali/Marvealle

"You're going to get sick."

"I haven't gotten sick in years, Rhea, I'll be fine."

"But why risk it? Wear a cloak or something with proper sleeves! It's still early spring. I can give you my jacket."

Rina groaned at her brother's remonstrations. "I am an adult. I can decide what I want to wear and I want to wear this dress. Deal with it," she finally told him before stomping off and leaving him. The room was crowded. There was no way it would actually be cold enough to cause a problem in here. And she quite enjoyed the soft layers the dress was made of, swirling about her legs and catching each breeze caused by a person moving past her. She had done a lot of side work to save up enough to have a dress made and Rina was going to enjoy it. Everything the Weyr ever had in her side was clearly meant for children and Rina refused to dress so immature ever again.

Rina took a glass of wine and glared at the disapproving frown some holder gave her before taking a circuit of the room. She might feel more amenable to her brother's presence after she had a moment to calm down. Instead, as she walked past one of the tables, her eyes caught on the face of a woman sitting there. "You are Nali, recently impressed to Pyrite Vohamanath," she recognized, "Congratulations. I do hope your injuries do not keep you from enjoying your own celebration."
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Tag ~ Sunaia/L'van
Mar'lus couldn't have been more proud and happy. It had been wonderful when Shardamakath had caught Andromedath and they knew that there would be a clutch, but seeing all the eggs hatch and change the lives of so many well...he really didn't think he could be any prouder. His bronze was even more proud than he was and he had every right to be. All of his children hatched strong and healthy. Perhaps there had been a few scuffles and tense moments, but everything had worked out in the end. He had been a bit surprised by how many oddities there had been. Two sport colors and a chimera, plus two genderbent dragons, and a few other mutations had graced the clutch. Mars couldn't help but wonder if the fact Shardamakath had a mutation was the reason behind it. Not that it really mattered. Besides the injuries sustained, they were all in good health.

He'd have gone to the Feast regardless since he was the rider of the sire, but the fact that their favorite candidate, Sunaia, had impressed he absolutely wanted to be there to congratulate her. She'd gotten one of the sport colors. Shardamakath had been very happy that she had impressed to one of his children. While he didn't own an abundance of finer clothing, Mars dressed in one of his better tunics and gave himself a quick shave just so he was completely presentable. Once he was satisfied enough he headed to the feast.

As soon as he entered he was greeted by people telling him congratulations on a hatching well went. Mars was polite and stopped to thank each of them and speak with them for a couple of minutes each. Because of this it took him a moment to finally get to the drink and food table. His eyes searched the crowd for a certain young lady as he got himself a glass of wine to enjoy. He took a sip and finally that's when he saw her. Mars began to move over that way, but when he saw her go to greet her father he stood back. He didn't want to interrupt them, so he stood off to the side where he could be seen and waited.
Tag ~ Solai/Open
Ao'mek never missed a hatching or a feast if he could help it. All the excitement and the energy was right up his alley and this hatching had been a particularly interesting one. Some of the babies had certainly kept them on their toes and some had astonished them all. He'd watched the feast with Solai and had placed some bets, the first of which he had lost. Ao'mek was a man that paid his debts, so he had the marks he owed her set aside. Then, it was a simple matter of getting himself dressed. He'd gotten himself a new outfit months ago but hadn't gotten a chance to wear it yet, so that was the one he donned before making sure his hair wasn't in too messy of a state. Then, he headed out.

The feast was already hopping when he got there. A smile was already plastered on his face as he weaved through the crowd. He snapped some finger food from a tray that went by him and happily tossed it into his mouth. A flash of green and he turned his head to see his betting partner. He headed over that way, sneaking up behind her. "Having a good time are we?" He asked from over her left shoulder. A wide smile was plastered on his face when she turned around to face him. A small pouch of marks was pulled out of a pocket and held out to her. "I believe this is what I owe you."
tag ~ Rath/Mul'rec
Sid'nis was very grateful that Rath had thought to bring him a cup of klah. The itch to grab something even stronger waned as he took a couple sips of the hot klah. Rath and V'an had been pretty good about keeping him honest...even during the times that he didn't want to be honest and sneak a drink. He wasn't as worried now about maybe slipping tonight. With Rath there and he knew for sure that V'an was going to show up, he'd have enough accountability to not try and cheat. He was enjoying idle chit chat with his friend, talking about the hatching and the new patients they had in the infirmary for the time being. They were not nearly as much his responsibility as they were Rath's, but he liked to stay in the know.

"Sid'nis, you never cease to amaze me. Though truly, I must talk to the man who made you blonde. It's hardly suiting..."

The bluerider whirled at the sound of that voice. Bright blue eyes widened in disbelief at the person that now stood before him smiling in amusement. His brain was not immediately comprehending what his eyes was telling him. After a second, he quickly threw his arms around the brownrider for a tight embrace. "Son of a bitch..." He said in disbelief. "I can't believe it. Is it really fucking you, Mul'rec?" He asked as he leaned back and looked the man over from head to toe to try and accept that his old friend was really standing here in front of him. "It's been so many turns since I last saw you." Sid exclaimed and then gave him another tight hug before letting him go. He missed his friend. Perhaps things had been a bit...odd...when Mul'rec had left, but he was still one of Sid's oldest and dearest friends. To see him again after so many turns...well, Sid was only excited about this.

"Sorry, where are my manners." He said remembering himself. "Rath, this is one of my dearest and oldest friends, Brownrider Mul'rec. We flew together in Benden and then later here. Mul'rec, this is my very good friend and mentor, Masterhealer Rathiran." Sid introduced the two of them to each other.
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( Open ; Outfit )
Even though it had already been a couple of days since the Hatching that had changed his life forever, the young man still couldn't help but grin madly whenever he looked at his dragon. Or even if the brown was mentioned by anyone, for that matter, he mused with a smile as he stepped into the Dining Hall, under the careful watch of a nearby healer. Naturally the healers weren't about to let him or any of the other injured weyrlings and candidates attend a large event like a feast without keeping a close eye on them, and in a way, he was actually grateful for that. A few of them were fairly seriously hurt, and he was actually fairly certain one or two of them may have been kept safe in the infirmary. But he, at the very least, was being allowed to attend the feast, and that was more than enough for him to lift his spirits a bit. And thankfully, the outfit that he had picked for the feast was simple enough that it wouldn’t interfere with his healing wounds too much, and he could get dressed with little trouble.

Armaitath, on the other hand, was definitely stuck in the infirmary, due in no small part to the fact that even as a days-old hatchling, he was still far too big to fit through the doorway leading into the dining hall. So the brown was nestled in the makeshift couch he had been given, resting fitfully as his rider was not by his side. Already he had complained of pain in his injured wing, and Rh’van had been quick to tell him to inform the healers that were still in the infirmary about that particular situation. Don’t worry so much, lad. I’ll be out of here and back with you in no time, just wait and see. And then I’ll give you a good oiling to make up for it. And with that, the brown fell silent, though his skepticism was more than apparent through the bond the two of them shared. He smiled a bit at that thought, shaking his head as he made his way farther into the dining hall.

It wasn’t long before he reached one of the tables, carefully pulling one of the chairs out so that he could seat himself, which he did with a sigh of relief as the weight was taken off of his leg. He had twisted his right ankle a little when Armaitath had bowled into him on the sands, and while he had never complained about it in front of his dragon, he honestly felt quite a bit of discomfort when standing or walking for long periods of time. And while he admitted that he could be utilizing his time wisely by getting to know some of his fellow weyrlings better, he understood that it would be in his best interest to rest if he wasn’t feeling up to walking around and talking. If one of the others, or even one of the riders who were milling about and talking to the new weyrlings, happened to walk past, then he would flag them down and initiate a conversation. Until then, however, he was perfectly fine right where he was.
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Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:34 pm

Soleius wasn't quite certain why he was there. He was already making arrangements for his travel to the flotilla, mentally he was already gone. But...

He did consider some of these new weyrlings friends. He should congratulate them, let them know what he was doing, and make sure they saw that he was happy about it. And he was. After talking with Cecily, he was pretty sure that he was going to present himself as a candidate for pearl hatchings in the future, though he didn't know if they were doing anything formal about that yet. He would keep trying for that meaningful SOMETHING that dragons had told him he could have since he was a small boy. He just wouldn't be trying for it here, where the voices were RIGHT THERE but never quite clear enough, and he had been passed over every few months for a third of his life.

Caerus was disappointed, would miss him, kept trying to convince him that the whers were available for bonding at any age, but no. The buzzing almost voices of the dragons would still be there, and it would be intolerable without the hope that one of them would eventually be his.

So he went looking for weyrlings to congratulate, that young glassworker with a pyrite, his half-sister (maybe he should actually bring that up when they talked?) with the exotic looking harlequin. He wanted to find Cecily too, figure out if she was staying or going. Either way, if she stayed around the Weyr a few more seasons but eventually headed out to the flotilla too, he'd keep an eye out for her if and when she went, she seemed like a good kid.

The best thing about going to the flotilla, though, was that if they were essentially informal about candidacy because everything was so new, then they probably didn't have any of the ridiculous rules. He completely understood forbidding candidates from getting drunk off their asses. But forbidding alcohol altogether? He frowned at the juice in his hand. Of course, he officially couldn't have an opinion, since he had been a candidate since he had fourteen turns and had therefore never had any wine or spirits.

The absolute restriction made more sense for weyrlings, and a dragon would be worth sacrifices like that. But what harm was there in an occasional tipsy candidate after his chores were done? Or in said tipsy candidates doing each other some favors, as long as those favors couldn't have lasting consequences? Why had he stayed in the Weyr so long? He should have gone straight to the flotilla as soon as they heard the pearls were apparently mostly choosing to bond now.

But until he left, he was still officially a candidate, so juice, and minimal flirting.

Tag: Ah'lan/Blackbird
Var'n had listened when people warned him that Impressing was exhausting; that he would spend the first several days barely able to eat, and feed and clean his dragon; that the only saving grace was that the dragons were exhausted too. He had believed them. It still didn't prepare him for the first two days after the Hatching. They made it to their new and unfamiliar barracks in the wee hours of the morning, and some moving fairy had transported their belonging from the candidate barracks, though invariably people had mix ups with their former roommates. Var'n also had a lovely little glass dragon that he didn't remember, though he thought one of the other weyrlings was a glasssmith....maybe it was his? They hadn't been roommates, though, so that didn't make much sense.

He would track Ah'lan down and ask at the Feast. But first he needed to actually get clean. He thought there was still sand in a few places, because in the last two days he had slept so much that he had barely managed to rinse off a few times. A long bath might help him feel clean....

Or make him sleepy again.

But he was still awake, and Quiloth was groggily reminding him that he was supposed to go. He wanted to talk to Finn. And R'fael....he should probably be glad they weren't rooming together. He didn't need to worry about the older man hurting himself anymore, and he was sure that after they all had more energy, R'fael would put some energy into driving him crazy if they were roommates.

So Var'n was clean, presentable, dressed in gather clothes he hadn't grown out of yet, and walking to the Feast. He looked around, trying to figure out where everyone was...

There was R'fael, with a beautiful woman talking to him, and Var'n knew better than to interrupt that. R'fael wouldn't do anything to endanger Pavoth, and the woman was a wingrider, though Var'n couldn't understand his knots from here. Still, maybe that had preexisting business to resolve? He didn't see Finn, he knew she would be here, but getting ready for something like this was always complicated when dealing with small children...

He would look for Ah'lan first. He had left the little glass dragon in his room, but if it did belong to the other weyrling, he could return it after the Feast. And now that he was starting to wake up, he should ask if Ah'lan still needed help changing the bandages on his arm. The infirmary was busy enough with the serious injuries from the Hatching, if there were things they could take care of in the barracks, they should try to.

Strimian's dress

She had spent the first day trying to recreate her ruined notes, scrambling around to pull information from the records of other Weyr residents to update the weyrling records. Then she got curious about something, digging back through historical records to see if there was any correlation between Stands Impressions and other factors such as size of clutch, diversity of colors, time in the Pass/Interval cycle....

It would be worth knowing, but she wasn't going to get any answers in two days. Still, Strimian had an interesting subject to research, and had made it back to her room the first night fairly late. There was a large lump in her bed, and a larger brown lump curled up outside her quarters. They were going to have to talk about....this....but she was too tired right now.

He was off retrieving spectators for the Feast when Strimian started getting ready for it herself. She'd found a fairly pretty dress with a daring neckline that hugged her in all the right places, and she was quite excited to finally wear it, wearing her hair in loose curls pulled back from her face, and finding her place among the other musicians in the Weyr for the first set. She would talk to her overly clingy brownrider about the deviations from their little arrangement later.

After she decided whether she wanted them to continue.

For now, she was enjoying the music they were playing, not quite into the sets designed for high-energy dancing, as it was still the right time for mingling, and for eating. Their string section sounded a little weak, as a certain now-weyrling had been practicing with them, but who could complain about her reasons for not performing? She was too tired, most likely, and certainly too busy talking to everyone who wanted to congratulate her.
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Tag: So'cles
He turned, surprised, but once he saw the greenrider, Duke's face lit up with delight. He tried so hard not to look him over and was rather pleased with himself when managed not to, and he stepped forward to offer the other glass he'd been holding since his arrival. If Cles thought that Duke himself was a sight, then clearly he had not taken a look at himself before coming to the feast because the same could be applied to him in every way. He tried to find words, he really did, but it was damn near impossible when his tongue was so tied up and twisted in knots similar to the ones he found his stomach to be turned into. But he managed to find some way to pull it from the roof of his mouth, then proceeded to untwist it as best as he could, and when he spoke... he was far from impressed with himself.

"I got you a drink." He wanted so much to smack his own face, but he resisted, and instead stepped aside, a hand on Cles' arm to draw him with so someone could get past them, and a smile on his face as he tried again. Really, he wasn't some lovesick teenager, he was a grown man. He could do this without making a complete fool of himself. And anyway, they were just friends. Friends. Only friends. There was nothing more to it. "Don't worry about being my shadow for the event. You can stick with me, you know you're always a welcome person in my company." And that made him curious about something, though he didn't intend it to be rude, so he was careful about how he worded it when he spoke. "Did you attend your own hatching feast, by chance?"

Tag: Sid'nis, Mul'rec
"Was you able to get some rest after all that running we had to do?"

Rest had been fitful, but he'd managed some, though he supposed he should be saying that to Sid. "Yes, on some level. Though hopefully it will come a little more once we're able to do the first exams. That should be interesting, don't you agree? Such a large group of healthy ones, so many personalities, such an interesting pack of children to look after." He chuckled and sipped from his drink, glancing around at some of the weyrlings that were already wandering the room, wishing them well silently, thanking them all for their service in his head. "What about you? Have you managed to get your rest as well?" He did worry, even when he knew he didn't need to, but Sid knew that he was going to - they were friends after all.

"Rath, this is one of my dearest and oldest friends, Brownrider Mul'rec. We flew together in Benden and then later here. Mul'rec, this is my very good friend and mentor, Masterhealer Rathiran."

Rath smiled at that, and turned to Mul'rec with a nod. He'd herd about the man from Sid often enough, knew a thing or two about him but not enough. He... suspected Sid held certain feelings there from the way he'd spoken of him, and where once it had bothered him, it wasn't something that was an issue anymore. At least he didn't think it was. Regardless of the matter, the man was obviously important to the bluerider, and because of that, he deserved to be respected, and Rath could certainly do that regardless of how he might feel in the here and now. He took a step forward, offering his free hand towards Mul'rec. "It's good to finally meet you, Brownrider Mul'rec. Sid'nis has spoken very highly of you, so it's nice to finally see the man behind the name."

Tag: Kyrielle, Mentioned: Nizhoni
Feast Outfit
He'd been fine, truthfully, though he'd been sleeping mostly. Poor Nizhoni had gotten very little response out of him, considering he'd been more or less dead to the world since Bellatrix had given him a good day or two off to just sleep things off, and in between regular duties that's all he'd really done. He managed a smile for Kyrielle and more or less said the same thing to her, thinking she would understand - she had been one of the young women in the class that had more or less understood things the most. "I've been sleeping a lot, truthfully. That's why you haven't seen too much of me the last few days." He assured her, first and foremost, rubbing the back of his back and giving her hand a squeeze.

"What about you? How have you been? I mean, I can guess, but I would like to hear it from your mouth, Kyrielle." No pretending, no fake response, just honesty. He wanted someone to be honest with him and he knew he would get that from her. But first, before she responded, he gave the hand he squeezed a pat and held up a finger. "You hold up. I'll go get us a drink. Juice for you, candidate rules." He winked. "But I'll grab something to eat as well. Find us a table and we can sit and chat. I have a feeling you've got something else on your mind, we can go over it while we're here." It was never a bad time, nor a bad place, to speak to one of the candidates; now that his break time was over, he was more or less back on duty. She could talk to him, and he would more than listen.

Tag: Sunaia, Mentioned: Lerina
Feast Outfit
He had left her alone the last couple of days, to soak in the feelings of being newly Impressed, though he'd been there after to congratulate her. His Sunny, Impressed and bonded. L'van smiled as he thought about how proud he was of her. He was certain she would be at the feast, had promised her he would attend so that they could share a dance together. So when he heard that first shout of "Papa!" He knew she was there and turned around in time to see her running towards him. He grinned and stepped forward in time to catch her up in his arms, grinning as he spun her around, a happy laugh emanating from his lungs.

"Oh, my Sunny, Sunny girl. I'm so proud of you!" He'd already spoken those words, with Lerina by his side, but they deserved to be spoken again. "How is your little girl doing? Is she sleeping? Have you slept? Oh!" He had set her down on her feet and looked upon her, and he smiled like any father of pride would. "You look beautiful. A regular Atrician beauty, through and through." For that was what she was now - shed were the bounds of Telgar, wrapped around her were the arms of her new home. "How does it feel, my dear, to finally be Impressed?"

Tag: Niomi
He felt her presence before he heard her voice, but he was grasping his hands so tightly to keep from turning that he was starting to shake a little. He didn't know if he could bare to look at her, but he knew he was going to have to, that he was going to need to be able to say those two words that would resonate in his heart for the remainder of his life. But then she called for him, and he took a breath, mentally nodded, and started to turn. The color was what caught his attention first, for never had he seen that on her before. The cloud like fabric was what captured his attention next, for never had he seen that on her before. The fact that she was wearing the dress captured his attention last and the moment it slammed into him that she was wearing it, he was at a complete loss.

She was always beautiful to him, always, but right now, in this moment... he had never seen her look so exquisite before. All thoughts of leaving left him, and he felt like he was going to cry for even thinking like he could depart from her presence. How could he think that he could leave her when he loved her so much? He was selfish, a poor, lovesick fool who had nothing to give her, sure, but he couldn't leave her. He stepped forward, slowly, surely, until he stood directly in front of her. And like he would have if he were still Heir, he took her hand, kissed the back of it, and smiled. "Congratulations, Nimmy. She's perfect." And so are you...

Tag: Rhianwen
Dirce smiled as Rhianwen appeared, pleased to see her. She realized now that... this might change things, or make them different, or... That even with feelings, what was she to do with them as a weyrling? If she had said sonething, done something, prior... She felt Sandalphonth stir in the back of her mind and bit down on the inside of her cheek, knowing this added a new layer to the confusion of the changes she would have to work through in the coming months. There was no telling what might happen, or if she was getting ahead of herself, but she also could do nothing about things now. Keeping the pleased expression on her face, for there could be no other kind there whenever Rhianwen was about, she touched the fingers on her arm and nodded.

"I had thought about what you the other day, when I was feeding her, and what you'd said about Impressing from the stands. It's been..." She wasn't sure how to put it at first, and chuckled while shaking her head. "I know I wouldn't change it, or give her back for anything. I love her more than words can describe, but there have been moments where I'll be trying to sleep at night, and I'll realize how one thing will be changing in the coming months and it'll hit me." She looked down at her plate that she'd barely set anything on. She didn't mention the headaches, or the fact that she'd been sick more than once, but then again she didn't even know if that was normal or not. "But she's my everything. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. I'm sure you know what that feeling is like when it happens, though."

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*Halimila & Arduinnath*
Tagging: Fyrnella, Aranrod, Open
Halimila’s Dress

For the rider of Arduinnath the past few days had been an odd adventure. On one hand she had been exhausted, barely doing more than sleeping and taking care of her stunning partner but on the other hand she had never felt so alive. A wide smile stretched her cheeks even as she slept curled next to her Ardi. When she did venture out into the world it was to check on Laikanu, her father and her firelizards. Which honestly took a back seat to her Green but everyone seemed to understand that fact. Well… Everyone but Laikanu. At first he was sullen, bitter even when he noticed that Mila had come to visit him with Arduinnath. The brunette learned quickly to visit the injured man when her Green was napping.

It was during one of those visits that she came across the Opal rider, Fyrn. Somehow during their conversations Hali learned that the other girl didn’t have a dress fitting of an Opal rider. In her typical fashion, Hali pulled the other weyrling to her trunks and gave the order for Fyrn to find something that fit. Much to Mila’s delight the pair were of a similar build and after some convincing the Green rider had given the Opal rider free reign to her dress-stash if she ever needed another outfit for a party.

For her own dress, Mila had been surprised by her father when the Grey handler arrived shortly before the Feast with a stunning gown. The resulting screeches and squeals had woken Arduinnath who had just fallen asleep. It had taken Mila nearly a quarter-mark to convince the protective Green that her rider wasn’t in pain but was in fact quite happy. It took even longer to convince her that Mila would be quite safe on her father’s arm. It took a vow from Halian and Halimila for Ardi to relent and slowly fade back into a nap.

Arriving on her father’s arm, Halimila’s smile only grew as she took in all the festive frocks and outfits that everyone had donned for the party. “Oh Pa, look at them all!” She squealed squeezing his arm. “Should we eat first?” She asked as Halian steered them towards a table.

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Laikanu’s Outfit
While most were getting ready for the Feast, Laikanu was sulking in the frustratingly familiar candidate common room. He had been released from the infirmary just that morning and he really didn’t want to join the festivities. Sitting a corner, Laikanu was doing his best to ignore the others who had been left behind. Tui was curled carefully on his lap after he had snapped at the fancy flit for trying to land on his bad shoulder. While he felt bad for snapping at the tiny lady, a part of him was still angry at the reminder. He only had a few seasons left until they kicked him out of candidacy, only a handful of clutches, of chances until they deemed him too old to bond. Too many of the others were too young, too hopeful to understand his anguish.

Or at least that’s what Laikanurinato told himself. The part of him that remembered being that young and that naive was scolding the rest of him that remained bitter towards those who had been chosen… even Mila… His thoughts kept circling back to the girl and his recent treatment of her. It wasn’t her fault, really, that she had been found by her Green. It wasn’t Arduinnath’s, Dew’s fault either. With a heavy sigh that shifted his ribs painfully, Laikanu winced as he realized he had no choice but to attend the Feast.

He was under strict guidelines though to help heal his bruises and injured ribs so the poor guy wasn’t allowed to dress himself. At least not for another few days. Embarrassed at the thought of asking anyone for help, Laikanu made the decision to remain in the clothing that the healer had helped him into early that morning. Thankful that they had at least helped him into something a bit dressy than most, Laikanu shifted slowly into standing. Tui clung to the tails of his shirt until Lai managed to stand up straight. Chittering at him for not taking it easy, Tui gently moved to his good arm and twisted her way around his bicep. Chuckling Lai carefully lifted his right arm to pet the green-toned lady. “I know, Tui. I’m heading to see Mi now. Do you want to go with me?” He asked even as he moved carefully around the scattered furniture.

With his green lady on his left shoulder, a plate balanced over a mug of juice in his right hand and his left arm draped protectively over his ribs, Laikanu moved towards a table that seemed to be unclaimed. The short trip to the dining hall had winded the injured young man and at the moment Lai only wanted to claim a seat and eat. If someone chose to join him, the man who was left behind once more would try to be polite.

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Nizhoni’s Dress
Zhoniya’s Dress
A wide smile graced Nizhoni’s face as she moved around the hall with Zhoniya at her side. It had been a good hatching. Strong babies, no deaths and only a handful of injuries. The timing of the event had left a bit to be desired given how much it had worn out her K’rios but the little ones almost made it worth the troubles. With the Pewter rider dead to the world for the past few days, Nizi had taken the time to spend with her daughter-niece. It had been a blessing in disguise as the young girl was growing up faster than her Auntie Nizi wanted to admit. When the time for the party came around, the Pyrite rider had gotten the notion to ask Zhoniya to be her date to the event. After a discussion with the girl’s fathers, it was decided that it would be a nice mother-daughter outing and left the girls to their fripperies and fineries.

For Nizhoni it was bittersweet. Her daughter was almost old enough to become a candidate herself. She had a fresh reminder with this clutch of what could happen to candidates on the Sands but what power did she have to hold Zhoni back? Holding the girl’s hand just a bit tighter, Nizi hoped that the girl’s dreams wouldn’t be interrupted by injuries.

With that thought on her mind, Nizi stalled in their trek around the room. “Zhoniya, honey?” She asked her voice thick even to her ears. “Yes, Auntie?” The growing girl asked turning a smile towards the older woman. “Do you want to be rider too?” Niz asked with her voice starting to crack. Clearing her throat, the Pyrite rider tried again, “Would you want to be a rider like Papi and me? Do you want a dragon of your own?” The girl with a gap-tooth smile took a moment to ponder her auntie’s question. “Of course I want to be like you! Farrie is awesome!” Zhoniya said offering a wide happy smile to her date for the night. With her free hand Nizi ruffled the girl’s hair as she searched for a response. “You know it might not happen as quickly as it did for Farrie and I right?” “MMhmmm! But you did find him and so will I!” Zhoni said with all the confidence of a pre-teen. Nizhoni could only smile back at the confident preteen before she tugged her into a quick hug. “Well, we’ll have to talk to K’rios and see how we can get you started…. Next Turn,” Nizi finished quickly before clearing her throat again. “Of course, Auntie!” Zhoniya said with a squeeze of her own.
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The man had been keeping an eye out for his sister, as well as anyone else he might like to harass, but it was a quiet start to the evening. Not a bad thing, in fact in his experience, a party was better if it started quiet, then built it's energy up until it was quite the gathering. A small smile tugged his lips at the thought. A smile only slightly soured by the fact he couldn't drink, and couldn't find a nice bed warmer either. Oh well, Pavoth was more than worth going without a few indulgences.

”Hello.” The unfamiliar voice immediately caught R'fael's attention, and he turned to look at the woman who had approached him. A cute, petite little thing, and he offered her a friendly grin as she congratulated him on the Impression. There was sure to be a few of those this evening too, as was tradition, really. But it was her own introduction that raised his brow. Starlight? What? With a slightly perplexed expression blending with his regular smirking grin, he turned to face the woman more, ”Thank you very much. I'm R'fael, newly Impressed of Pavoth...I beg your pardon, but Starlight? I don't think I've ever heard of such a dragon before.”[/i] His tone was jovial, non-offensive.
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She wasn't sure what reaction she was expecting, but when he finally turned to face her, her breath caught a little. Oh, Cat...Her heart felt like it would beat itself out of her chest, betraying every feeling she had for him. The shirt he had on...she didn't remember it being in his things, and she realized he must have scrimped and saved for it. Something nice to wear for the Hatching. For the Feast. For her. Her cheeks warmed a little at the thought, even if in the next instant it was broken as she realized that was a silly thing for her to think, that he would go to so much trouble just to look nice for her. She wasn't that special, not like that.

But he was moving then, lifting her hand and kissing it, and she smiled at him. As he stopped his polite, lordly kissing, she shook her head a little, ”Quit being silly, Cat. And thank you!” She stepped over beside him to get them out of the doorway, and grinned, her eyes a little far away, ”I can't wait for you to meet her, Cat! She's so amazing! I never thought it would...feel like this.” She shook her head, then suddenly, and a bit uncharacteristically threw her arms up and around him to give him a surprisingly forceful hug. It was a little awkward with their height, but her mouth was near his ear, ”Thank you for taking me with you, when you left the Hold...” Her Impression wasn't the only thing she was thanking him about, but one might think it was.
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Sunaia's Attire
Sunaia laughed through the spin and, once set upon her feet again, made certain she gave him every bit as fierce a hug as L'van had given her. But then it was time to step back, to allow him to breathe while she gazed up at him. The adoration in her gaze was unfeigned. It was also balanced with a glow she'd lacked, previous, one which had nothing to do with her father-- but was still his fault. He'd opened the flood gates, after all. He'd asked about Samandirith.

"Sleeping beautifully, just as she does everything else. I swear she's already grown in two days and all she does is sleep and eat and itch. She's the Atrician beauty... but I think she knows it. She was strutting around flashing her wings at the others earlier. She figured out a way to fan them out behind her head, it was ridiculous but perfect. So perfectly her. I haven't laughed so long in forever." There, she had to stop her gushing in other to breathe. As she did so, Sunaia hooked her arm through L'van's and tilted her head to continue sharing her smile with him.

"It's what everyone told me it would be. But I couldn't really understand until I felt it. Now I understand why you still get that dopey smile around Zenjarth," she teased. 'Have you saved a dance for me, Papa? You promised."

It was fortunate that Samandirieth was sleeping, and that L'van was such a doting father. Sunaia spoke of stealing him away for a dance but as she glanced towards the floor, she spied a tall figured dressed in white and gleaming metallic. The topsy turvy feeling which resulted was probably not weyrling-appropriate-- but she welcomed it all the same. "Oh look! We should congratulate and thank the clutchparents first, shouldn't we? I don't see Isiana but there's Mar'lus."

Lest L'van demur-- and after the lake incident she rather suspected he would-- she raised the hand she didn't have tucked through the Weyrleader's arm and used it to flag down the other bronzerider, beckoning him closer. Her motives were possibly a tad more transparent than she preferred but everything else was going so perfectly.

Why not this too? They might get along!
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"I got you a drink."

"Oh, well thank you." So'cles stated as he took the offered glass of white wine. Before he could taste it, though, Duke was pulling him forward so he wasn't run over by a person trying to get through. Despite his help the person still managed to bump into him and caused his wine to splash in its glass. "Pardon you." He said with some annoyance and a huff. "This is why I don't care for things like this. People are never considerate of their surroundings." Not being the most social of people, being in a crowd of this size irked him.

"Don't worry about being my shadow for the event. You can stick with me, you know you're always a welcome person in my company."

So'cles turned a warm smile to him, his eyes just as warm for his friend. He might not be a people person, but he was happy to have such a good friend in Duke. "Thank you. That means a lot to me. It's not that a necessarily hate people, I just don't care for so many of them in one location." He knew he could count on Duke. He sniffed the wine before taking a sip of it. "That is absolutely delicious. Thank you."

"Did you attend your own hatching feast, by chance?"

"I did, yes. Ylpeysth didn't give me much of a choice, much like she hadn't this evening." So'cles had hated it. He didn't like being the center of attention, but having been an older stands impression it was like everyone and their cousin had come up to congratulate him. "You know me...I'm particularly fond of huge crowds, but I'm even less of fond of being the center of one. What about you? How was your Feast?"
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The last three turns Carver had lived at the woodsmith hall to work on obtaining his masteres. That meant he didn't get the chance to go see hatchings like he use to be able to do when he living in New Atricis. When Andromedath had rose and then clutched, the aspect of getting to watch another after so many turns honestly excited him. Thinking of hatchings made him a bit sorrowful as he remembered the day Carvesk had hatched. He didn't shrink away from his wher's memory. Instead he tried to celebrate and honor it any chance he could. Going to the hatching to cheer on the new lives seemed like a great way to honor him. He'd not been disappointed on the hatching either. It had been emotional and exciting.

Then, it was time for the feast. Carver really didn't have anything better to do and since he was still rather newly back, he figured it'd be a good idea to get out and mingle a little. He dressed in some of his finer clothing. Since becoming a master he had changed out some of his wardrobe for something a little newer and up to date. A comb he ran through his peppering hair and trimmed up his facial hair a little more to look presentable.

Once he was done he took a few sips of his fellis simply to make sure that his leg would not bother him too much. The dining hall was decorated beautifully and the smell of all the food was to die for. Carver immediately made his way to the food table and got himself a plate to fill up. He looked around the room and watched as people talk to each other. Carver was happy to stand on the side lines and just watch. It was rather fun just watching people.
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