Here, Here! To New Lives! - {68th Hatching Feast}

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:12 am

{Please note, Feasts usually occur about two days after the Hatching to give the new Weyrlings
a chance to recuperate and properly enjoy the celebration in their honor.}

~ Some Background Music To Enjoy ~

The workers had outdone themselves this time, banners and streamers hanging from every rafter in the Dining Hall and the proud purple and golds of Atricis hung for all to marvel at. Behind the leadership dias was the Weyrs' Shield proudly on display and all around the Hall along the walls were tapestries that depicted the epic journey of Hatching to Weyrlinghood and the struggle against Thread and the glories of being a Dragonrider. This was an occasion to celebrate the newest addition to those regarded ranks and give the newly Impressed their last chance to unwind before the grueling months of training ahead of them.

Upon the rows of tables were floral centerpieces that captured the eye and not one looked the same as the others, using the abundant amount of wildflowers found throughout the Weyr and the grounds beyond. There were several tables set aside for other activities and games which would call to some, or plenty of sitting room for congratulating and conversing, while the centerpiece of the room was the large square dance floor. The wooden planks had been polished to a shine and along one edge sat a platform for the Harpers to play their melodies for the dancers and the Hall and there was bound to someone playing through the night. Hearths were stacked and ready to be lit as the night worn on, but for now the chairs and tables were arranged invitingly around them for pleasant conversations.

Of course, no one could forget the food and drink, for isn't that what a Feast is truly about? Along the wall of the kitchens were tables that were laden with such succulent and savory smells that instantly made the mouth water upon entering. Just about anything the heart could desire, the cooks had work tirelessly to make, everything from a whole roasted pig to the ever popular bubbly pies. They had platters of roasted wherry and grilled herdbeast, or pots of fish stew. There were bowls of tubers and greens of every variety, steamed, roasted, grilled, mashed, sauteed and everything in between. Breads of every type abounded scattered all about the table, dark loaves, wheat loaves, sweet breads and savory herb ones, little rolls and whole loaves meant to share at a table. Sliced fruits and bunches of berries could be found almost as if accessorizing the table with their plump colors and there were even more surprises the cooks were hiding until most had had their fill of dinner and then dessert would be served. Cakes and pies of every flavor had been arranged and waiting ever so temptingly just beyond the doors to the kitchens, but woe onto any who tried to sneak a bite before dessert was served properly.

Drinks would be flowing a plenty tonight, from the heavy spirits to fruit juice and all the ale and wine they could want. To all, it was meant to be a night of merry making and celebrations, a chance to let loose and relax a little and let go of the cares of the day and just enjoy. For the Weyrlings, this was their moment to shine, to mingle with family and friends, with each other and be the guests of honor at the Feast. Everyone was here to celebrate with them as they embark on this whole new life.
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:59 am

Tag: Open; Mentioned: Sunaia
Feast Outfit
She felt ridiculous. Sandalphonth insisted she looked fine, but a dragon didn't know the difference between dragon hide and human cloth. Sunaia had insisted the dress would look good on her, and had even helped her find someone for a fitting. But even so, Dirce wasn't used to wearing dresses or flowy things, she wasn't used to having her hair down; she kept wanting to scuttle back to her barracks room to change, kept wanting to find something to tie her hair back for ease of comfort. She was reluctant to continue across the yard but she kept moving, because very little was supposed to get to her, and if she returned, Sandalphont would be disappointed, she was sure of it, and the last thing she wanted to do was disappoint her dragon when they were still becoming familiar with one another.

When she stepped into the dining hall, the first thing she did was force her shoulders back and remind her spine that it would not lose its starch. She would stand tall at her full height, and she wouldn't slouch. She was going to enjoy herself tonight, despite the discomfort of being in a dress, or having her hair flowing free. Hopefully she wouldn't trip herself over the skirt, though it wasn't all that terrible to walk in, and at least she was wearing the kind of shoes she would normally get to underneath, since they were hidden well enough underneath. It was the only concession she had made to herself for wearing the gown in the first place. Grabbing a drink, juice - she was going to miss whiskey for the next Turn and a half - she headed to the nearest table of food and started to pick at it carefully.

Tag: So'cles
Feast Outfit
Another hatching, a big hatching, not his first at Atricis but certainly the most exciting. Duke was all smiles as he prepared, ignoring Wojoth's subtle little nudges about how he was preparing all "special" like for a very specific reason. Perhaps there was a reason he was getting himself set up the way that he was, and he knew it; the bronze sure knew it as well. There was no way to hide it from his dragon, even if he attempted to do so a million times over. Their minds were too tightly twined for it to be anything but. The only secrets that existed between them were the ones that existed when the dragon forgot, and those only came three days after their making.

After he finished, he glanced in the mirror, made sure his clothes were in order, his long hair was straight, then figuring he looked presentable enough, left the apartment for the feast, knowing who he was going to look for as soon as he arrived. No surprise really, to him or Wojoth, but upon arriving at the hall, he went for a drink, then looked around. He didn't see So'cles there, but he asked his dragon to let him know when and if Ylpeysth told him that her rider would be arriving. Of course, what Wojoth didn't tell him was that he wasn't going to say a thing - he liked seeing his rider on his toes every so often, and he knew how much of a pleasant surprise the greenrider's presence would be to him.

Tag: Niomi; Mentioned: Alassiel, Strimian
Feast Outfit
There were still so many things that he was disappointed about when it came to the hatching. But Cataren was putting on a brave face all things considering. People - Alassiel, Strimian for example - had told him that there were shared feelings between the two of them, him and Nimmy, but he didn't see it. He couldn't believe it. But he knew how he felt at least, and he knew that after the two days of leaving her alone, of giving her space, he couldn't tolerate not being around her anymore. He needed to see her, if only to say goodbye. He'd made the decision to leave the Weyr, if only for a little while, to give her time and space away from him. Some little part of him told him that if he did that, she would be better off, and he didn't know why that seemed like a good idea, but it did.

He dressed in the finery he'd managed to purchase, because he figured he'd at least celebrate one last night with her, then went to the barracks and asked one of the ladies there if they could ask her to meet him outside. There he waited, back turned to the door, watching something else entirely as he waited for her to arrive. This wasn't going to be easy but for her, he would do anything.

Tag: Sid'nis
Feast Outfit
Things, for the most part, had returned to a relative level of normalcy as soon as the hatching had ended. Rath and the rest of the team had only one dragon injury from the hatching to tend to, which was in itself a bit of a blessing, not that any injury was a good thing, but considering the busyness of the event, it was amazing that no others had been damaged in the process. The first check ups would come soon enough, but they wouldn't end up happening until the dragonets were a little bigger, unless something happened to go wrong, but from a step back look at them the last couple of days, they seemed to be doing just fine. Today though was a day for everyone to enjoy themselves, to celebrate the new little ones and their riders, and he intended to be among those that did so, and in gather finery he so rarely wore, even during other hatchings. This garb was brand new, ordered and purchased just in time for this particular event, and to impress a certain bluerider that he hoped to spend time with after things had wound down and come to an end.

It took him a bit to dress in it, but once he was finished, he gave himself a look in the mirror and hummed to himself. He didn't look bad if he did say so himself. Perhaps thinking so was a little full of himself, but he didn't mind, he was just a little flattered by his own image reflected back at him. After another look, and a check on the lizards he called his "babies", he departed for the dining hall where the feast would take place. It was filling up fast with weyrlings, guests, riders and folk alike, and he found himself a place with the drinks immediately. Then he looked up and around, and spotted the familiar head of a familiar rider in unfamiliar - though very handsome - clothes and he grabbed a glass of klah for him, having just learned of his new preferences and wanting to support them. Making his way forward, Rath held the drink out and leaned forward to whisper in Sid's ear. "Waiting for someone, are we?"

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Nali didn't care that she might not have had a very fancy dress for the feast, her usual black dress was perfect in her opinion as it matched her Vohamanath in part. The hem was a bit short, since she'd had the dress for a while and so would probably be the last time she would wear it, but it was at the right length to look almost like the length was intentional at least. Nali also didn't care that she had to walk carefully into the feast, almost limping with her right leg bandaged still. She didn't mind the injury she had sustained from garnet Akath, even if it was a reminder of a moment of foolishness, because to her it had helped to bring her Vohamanath to her, so she wore her bandages more like something to be proud of.

While some people circulated or made it to the food, Nali took some juice offered to her by a serving kitchenworker, and then found a place to sit to take a break from her leg. The healer had told her to be careful and take it easy as much as she could, so she didn't know how much dancing she would be able to do, but at least she could be here as one of the Weyrlings this time. This feast was for her and the other new Weyrlings after all, so just being able to be here as more than just a candidate who was left standing again was a dream come true for Nali.

(Other characters to come, at least K'rin, maybe Raevin. If any of my characters are tagged I'll put them in as well, so feel free!)
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:42 am

Tag ~ D'kellen
So'cles did not go to view the hatching. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy them or he wasn't happy for those that impressed, he merely preferred taking that free time and doing something else with it. At the moment he was back from the Flotilla, but there was a chance that he'd have to return for more work. Since he was at his home forge he was able to finally work on personal stuff again. Since he's only been home a few days, he had had no trouble picking his forge over the hatching. However, when it came time for the Feast following all the excitement, So'cles really didn't have much say in whether or not he was going. Ylpeysth insisted on it, said it would be good for him, and that Duke would be there so he'd have a good time regardless. He had tried to argue, but this was one argument he wasn't winning

Being so fastidious, it took him awhile to get dressed. He kept it a bit more simple this time. A white shirt with flowy sleeves was adorned by a high neck vest that was very close in color to Ylpeysth's hide. Once he was satisfied with his appearance he headed to the dining hall. He informed Ylpeysth to tell Duke he was on his way, but the green decided to play along with his bronzes plan.

Once inside, So'cles kept his colorful eyes open for a certain bronzerider until finally he laid eyes on him over by the drink table. He did his best to ignore others that might stop him until he was right next to his friend. "What a breath of fresh air you are. I fear I am rather dreadful at these sorts of situations, Ylpeysth seemed more determined than usual to get me to come. I hope you don't mind if I become your shadow for the night." He spoke almost practically into the man's ear. "You look nice this evening."
Tag ~ Rath/Ambr: Ember/Shai
The hatching had been one of the more exciting ones that they have had for a while. Sid was happy he won some delicious baked items from it, but neither he, Rath, or any of the other healers present had been happy with the amount of injuries. Some of the injured new riders would be spending their feast at the infirmary, but there was one good thing... None of the babies had been killed or went between because they couldn't find theirs.

Sid had, at first, debated if he wanted to go to the Feast, but then decided it was a good idea. He donnedr a nice, but simpler outfit. One that was elegant but shapes his frame perfectly. His hair he left the normal mess. Upon entering the dining hall he looked for a few faces in particular, but didn't see any of them off the bat. He was a bit uncomfortable in big crowds like this, so the itch to grab a glass of something harder knocked at his brain. He resisted, though, with the help of someone coming up to ask he questions about all the injuries it was a tiny bit easier.

"Waiting for someone, are we?"

Sid was just getting done making idle chit chat when that voice tickled his ears. He turned and gave his master a wide small as he accepted the glass of klah. "I was , but I'm not anymore." He said cheekily before giving him a closer look. " You look amazing, by the way." He openly started at the man's attire. "Was you able to get some rest after all that running we had to do?"
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:34 am

( Tag K’rios {Ember} ; Outfit ; Hairstyle )
If she had to be utterly honest with herself, she still wasn’t even sure if going to the feast was a good idea. She hadn’t Impressed, and the feast was meant as a way to honor those who had. She was still a candidate, and therefore didn’t have much of a place there, but she thought that perhaps she should be there for the friends she had that managed to Impress. Besides that, she knew that Ayasena would find her way into the feast at some point, enthralled with the prospect of some rider trying to talk her into becoming a candidate herself. And after what happened during this recent Hatching, Kyrielle certainly did not want some rider putting more ideas into her sister’s head. It had been bad enough that the girl had been forced to watch as their father had been attacked and the girl’s mother killed… to make her go through an experience like a hatchling mauling a candidate up close was something that the young woman couldn’t stand for. She shook her head as she entered the Dining Hall, her eyes darting around the room in search of any familiar face.

A frown crossed her features as she noticed Ayasena, already deep in conversation with a dragonrider. No, this wouldn’t do at all, she told herself firmly as she walked up to the pair, smiling at the rider and apologizing for interrupting. She then pulled the girl away from the rider, ignoring the girl’s protests as they walked over to the nearest table. “Aya, by the Shell!” she whispered, her voice rough from emotions that she was holding back as her firelizard fluttered from her shoulder to wrap protectively around Ayasena’s neck. “I wish you would have told me that you wanted to come to the feast. I would have been more than happy to bring you.” Her frown deepened when she got no immediate answer from her sister, heaving a sigh and releasing her hold on the girl’s shoulder. “I suppose I can’t stop you from doing as you wish, no matter how I want to. Go on, make some more friends, but don’t make any rash decisions! Talk to me beforehand, alright?” She smile when Ayasena grinned, pausing only long enough to give her a hug before bounding off, back to the rider she had previously been talking to. “What am I to do with that girl?” she asked herself with a smile, shaking her head slightly before glancing over the room again.

Ah, there was another familiar face, and one that she wouldn’t feel so guilty speaking to. She offered herself a moment to run her fingers through her long curls, trying to get them in some form of order before moving on, the long skirt of her dress only barely dragging behind her as she moved to stand in front of the man in question. “I didn’t expect to see you here, K’rios,” she stated, smiling warmly at the assistant candidatemaster in an attempt to ease her nerves. In truth, she hadn’t expected to see him, but she was infinitely glad that he was. It made things easier, having another person to speak to that wasn’t beaming with pride over a newly bonded dragon or reminiscing over their own Impression, no matter the time frame between the two events. The pewterrider she felt she could talk to about anything and not feel like it was an awkward subject for the occasion.

“How have you been?” she asked him, concern bleeding back into her expression as she regarded the man with a faint frown. She reached out instinctively, resting her hand lightly on his forearm as she went through the topics lingering in her mind, wondering which of them could possibly be appropriate to discuss in such a public setting. “We haven’t gotten many chances to speak outside of lessons as of late. I was starting to worry about you, you know. But at least things will be calm for a time, right?” This latest query was accompanied with another smile, her eyes slowly lighting back up with good humor as she glanced towards the tables that held all manner of food and drink. “Are you hungry at all? Thirsty? I have to admit I suddenly feel rather parched, myself.”
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:44 am

Tag: L’van/Looking for Mar'lus/Open
The past days had been a whirlwind of hunger, itching and oiling, and sleep. At times, Sunaia had had difficulty telling where she stopped and Samandirieth began. There had been very little thinking done and a great deal of feeling, all of it happy.

But she welcomed the opportunity to return to the real world, away from the sheltered den created for the new weyrlings. Her ties there were almost as strong as the bond she’d discovered with the sport hatchling— and she did enjoy a good party. She’d taken special pains with her appearance too, since she knew this was probably going to be the last chance she’d have to wear something other than a uniform for a long time. Pearl studded nets secured the hair she intended to cut short soon, and her gown was a shimmering lilac velvet that Samandirieth greatly approved of, body-hugging and elegant— the very latest in Telgari fashion. A little heavy for the South but it didn’t matter. She looked beautiful, not at all the wan invalid or bedraggled candidate. She looked like a Lady, rich and noble.

Her dragon assured her so, so it must be true.

Samandirieth slept and Sunaia could feel the sport’s sweet dreams burbling in the back of her mind as she stepped into the transformed dining caverns. Everything was exquisite and she was glad she’d dressed so finely. Broad smiles and finger wiggling waves were sent to those fellow weyrlings she spied in the crowd, but her focus was mostly bound to finding two men: her father and the bronze rider who made her heart turn over in her chest. Spying the tall of figure of the Weyrleader first, she picked up her heavy skirts and ran for him like a little girl again, weaving through the crowds.

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Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:08 pm

Aranrod's dress

Aranrod knew that two days was supposed to be a long enough time that she would not be exhausted for the Feast, and to be fair, it wasn't exhaustion that was making her reluctant to leave the barracks. Zenith was asleep, and Aranrod couldn't stop staring at her. She had gotten dressed - a new dress that she had picked out because she could sit and play an instrument in it without having to be careful about how she sat to preserve her modesty. It was also long enough that if she grew several more inches, it would still be decent.

She knew that plenty of the other women at the Weyr would be wearing much more dramatic clothing, and she didn't particularly care. She didn't even really want to go to the Feast. Usually, she would be expected to take a turn with the musicians, as a harper apprentice as much as a candidate, but that wouldn't be true while she was a weyrling. And maybe after - it seemed unlikely now that she would ever even earn a journeyman's knots, and she didn't really care. She loved music, but not the other work of a harper, and now, she didn't need the rank of a harper to make certain she always had a place to stay.

She just...didn't want to stop looking at Zenith. There wouldn't be anyone at the Feast specifically for her, anyway. There was no reason she couldn't just plead continuing exhaustion and stay here staring at the most perfect dragon ever hatched.

Except that she'd heard Laikanu might be let out of the infirmary to attend the Feast, and she did want to talk to him. He wouldn't be in any condition for a dance, but he would probably be safe to hug, and he deserved several of those. She needed to get to know him, though it would be hard now that he was a candidate and she was a weyrling, because she had been avoiding him for most of their candidacy based solely on his looks. But he was good to Mila, and protected her at his own expense, so now he was going to be Aranrod's friend too, whether he knew it or not.

She stood up with a firm nod. She would at least make an appearance at the Feast. If it turned out that Laikanu couldn't make it after all, she could plead exhaustion to leave early, and no one would question her. Zenith would still be here when the Feast was over.
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:49 pm

Tag: Open
Well, his life had taken quite the turn of events. The man had been at a loss at what to do with himself, really. And even down here in the South, things had been a bit better, but it was still a charade every day to plaster a grin on his face, and pretend, for his sibling's sake, that he didn't think about ending himself nigh daily. But there was too much to live for still, even if that oblivion had sounded good. His girls, his siblings, his family. And now his Pavoth. He looked over to where his dragonet was lying, the unique colored dragonling's eyes gently whirling as he in turn watch R'fael, I live for you as well. The man smiled, ”You know to call if you need anything. With a final quick headrub, he stepped out of his room, and headed for the Feast.

It had been turns since he'd attended a Hatching Feast, and the man found he was looking forward to it. It would be his first chance to apologize to his sister about knocking into her at the Hatching, not that he thought she would be upset. If anything, she was probably move than happy for this development. He already knew her and Varren, oh, no, he was Var'n now, had been worried about his mental health. Well, it wasn't perfect, but it was a hell of a lot better than it was.

Stepping into the Hall, he glanced around. Well, Atricis had outdone itself, it seemed. With a grin though, he headed straight for the drinks. His first impulse was to grab a glass of something strong, and rich, something that if you down a whole bottle of it, you probably won't remember doing it. But then he remembered the weyrling rules. With a slight scowl as the realization hit him, he took some juice instead. At least it was in a proper glass, and he could look like a grown ass adult, not a child with a juice cuppy(a bit of an exaggeration, but the man just realized all the things he can't do for the next turn or two). Taking a glowering sip of the drink, he glanced around the room.
Tag: Cataren(Ember)
The Feast was what the majority of Weyrlings were talking about. An exciting event to celebrate their Impressions, and the changes in their lives. It was something Niomi was looking forward to, if only because she would be able to talk to Cataren. She hadn't said anything to him, nor seen him, or anything since the Hatching, and her subsequent Impression. So the Feast was a good place for that, right? That is, she was looking forward to it up until she realized she had nothing to wear. The girl stood staring at her literal 3-4 sets of clothes. They were all for work. They were clean, yes, but they were all for chores, working, lessons, utilitarian clothing, not fancy or pretty in the slightest. She had heard the other girls chattering about their dresses, and what to do with their hair, and realized...She had nothing. As she stared at her clothes, a lump slowly started forming in her throat.

What's wrong, Mine? Niomi shook her head and smiled at her dragon, who was lounging on her couch, tail flicking like a feline's. The comparison made Niomi smile, and miss her furred friends for a moment, ”Nothing, just silly human things...I'm supposed to go to the Feast, and you're supposed to dress up a little...But I've got nothing fancy...” As she explained it, the entire notion felt silly suddenly, and she resolved herself to just wear the best she could. It would be worth the embarrassment of everyone's eyes on her to speak with and see Cataren. So the girl hurriedly dressed in her least stained pair of clothes, ran the brush through her hair and tied it up in a simple band, and stepped out of her room.

As she started walking out, one of the other Weyrlings saw her, “Niomi, aren't you going to the Feast?” With a wince, the ex-drudge nodded, ”Yes...” A few awkward moments, then girl suddenly realized the implications, and shook her head, “Not like that you're not!” The next thing she knew, the girl had dragged her into her room, and Niomi was standing before the mirror wearing a vibrantly green dress, and her hair had been...something. The girl had put some oils in it, and done a bunch of twists and spins in it, and now it was half on her head, half trailing down. And then some color dabbed on her lips, her cheeks, and Niomi didn't recognize herself. Would Cataren even? With a nod of self satisfaction, the other weyrling winked and headed for the Feast with a final, “Hurry up!”

Feeling suddenly more confident about it, she did as the girl suggested, If you need anything, love, just say. She felt Hadranielth's affirmation as the Green settled anew on her couch, adjusting her limbs before dozing off surprisingly fast. Niomi smiled. How the dragonet could fall asleep so fast, it was beyond her. Regardless, she had a man to visit.

Stepping into the Hall, she glanced around, eyes immediately scanning those already there for that one familiar face. But she didn't see his face. She did, however, recognize that set of shoulders, the certain assured stance, and that...Her cheeks reddened the tiniest bit as she noticed the cut of his pants, and the coat seemed to accentuate his...assets. Shaking her head to rid it of such silly thoughts, she walked up behind him, then gently cleared her throat, ”Cat...”
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Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:21 am

Wingrider Solai of Green Dragon Tyreth
Tag - Looking for Ao'mek | Open?
Feast Attire
She walked into the room with a small rectangular sack at hand. The cord of her purse fit neatly around her wrist, while the bundle itself slipped between the folds of her dress, easily concealed from any casual eye. When she neared an empty table, she took care to inconspicuously deposit several pamphlets at the centre for guests to stumble upon. The content of them was nothing short of controversial, though Solai believed it should not have been. After all, why did they live in a world where slavery was still permitted? How could someone condone the practice of devaluing another human's life?

It was for this reason that Solai carefully emptied her pursue of pamphlets across the feast, scattering the abolitionist readings for the guests of Atricis to see. She would not be the only one, for Mul'rec easily convinced several riders from New Atricis and Evanoria to take on this act of protest. Once her purse was emptied, she slipped the empty sack into a dress pocket, and made her way to the banquet table to retrieve a goblet of wine. With her red wine at hand, she finally decided to survey the crowd to pick out the familiar faces... with a particular one in mind.

Do you fancy him? Tyreth asked of the bluerider in mind.

I think I prefer amused, Solai answered with a smirk. She would even go as far as to say curious, but she kept that word sealed in her mind for the meantime. Besides, she had guessed right when she said a bronze would hatch first during the hatching, therefore, Ao'mek owed her a few marks.

With Scarletto settled upon her shoulder, she began to weave her way through the crowd in search of the friendly face.
Revolutionist Mul'rec of Brown Dragon Galuth
(Guest Appearance)
Tag - Sid'nis | Rath
Feast Garbs
Mul'rec arrived in time to see Solai pluck a glass of wine from the table and sip at it. Judging by her posture as she manoeuvred through crowd, Solai had finished placing his work about the feast hall. Eyes scanned the crowding, noting his other pupils seeding words of descent against Walled. Perhaps the pamphlets might raise an important discussion to do away with slavery once and for all... and remove the mother in the process.

"Something on your mind?" a voice at his side asked.

Mul'rec glanced to the source to see Inez looking back up at him. "No, my daughter. Merely... recalling previous times here."

She gave a shake of her head. "Please don't call me that."

He would not test her. "Of course." Even after all this time, after everything that happened, Inez remained resolute on the nature of their relationship. Mul'rec would never be a father to her, only Mul'rec. After the rescue of Enide, the brownrider had hopes Inez would accept him as the father he was, but Inez remained distant to the idea. Perhaps given some time she might come around, but for now, she remained too preoccupied to reconsider. "And you?" he asked of her as he walked alongside of her with A'rosius two steps behind them. "You seem anxiously distracted."
Wingrider Inez of Brown Dragon Iorveth
Tag - Rhianwen
Evening Gown
If Mul'rec suspected she was anxious, it was because Inez was anxious. Since their arrival a handful of days ago, Inez wondered when she might finally see Rhianwen, though she had yet to gather the gumption to approach the woman. Instead, Inez busied herself with her family, and kept A'rosius company in her own home the last few nights rather than visit the dining hall. Afterall, what did one say to a past lover after over five turns of absence? After marriage? After children? Though eager to see Rhianwen, Inez feared she would not be well received, which was no less than she deserved.

You know she still loves you, just as much as you still love her.

Part of Inez knew this to be true, but the small voice within her feared what might happen if she was wrong. Finally, she found the words she needed to answer Mul'rec. "I'm worried about mother," she lied. Any matters of affection and love were none of his concern. "It would have been good for her to be here."

"I actually agree with her choice to remain behind. The time she spends with Rhianez and Hesiden is good for her, and she never did enjoy formal functions such as this one." Perhaps Mul'rec was right, about her mother. "Though I don't think your mother is the one on your mind."

"If you are a clever man, you'll know to keep your suspicions to yourself and give me peace," Inez warned him. With that warning, Inez set off into the crowd to put as much space between herself and Mul'rec as possible. She needed time to think, to process her words for when she finally found Rhianwen, and did not need to hear every one of Mul'rec's speculations about her well being in the process.
Wingrider Ambrosius of Blue Dragon Bowith
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In silence, A'rosius found his step behind Inez and Mul'rec. Though he did not add to the conversation between the two of them, he heard enough of it to know Inez had become irritated by the older man's presence, thus when she departed from Mul'rec's company, he was not surprised in the slightest.

The brownrider had half a mind to follow after his daughter, thus A'rosius placed a cautionary hand on his shoulder. "Mul'rec, don't," A'rosius warned him.

Mul'rec sent a glare to the lean man dressed in his foppish attire, though A'rosius did not flinch at the gesture. Let Mul'rec be angry. It was not like brownrider could hurt him now. He had tried turns ago and failed, and now he lacked the ammunition to try again. Rather than speak out in irritation, Mul'rec fell into stride with A'rosius, the two men walking several handspans apart from one another.

A'rosius kept his arms folded behind his back. It was a protective gesture.

"Have you seen Sid'nis since your arrival?" Mul'rec asked after a period of silence.

Unfortunately, A'rosius thought. How could he not have noticed Sid'nis as he accepted the open advances of a man when A'rosius so easily recalled the way he mourned over Kinali's death? It was not so long ago that Sid'nis broke down about his infidelity and the loss of his lover. Now he dallied openly with another. When A'rosius saw that, he came to realise he never knew Sid'nis. Everything in the past had become a lie to A'rosius, and for the first time, he regretted the fact that he ever letting Sid'nis come so close. A'rosius felt nothing but disgust for him, for how could a man be good, and yet flippantly accept the open advances of another man after committing an act of adultery? Good men reflected on their actions to learn from them, but bastards continued with them because they simply did not care. How could he have been so wrong about him?

His delay did not go unnoticed by Mul'rec. "I will take by your silence that you have not."

"If you wish to speak with him, he is right over there flirting with that man." The vitriol was audible enough for Mul'rec to raise a brow at him.

"You have not been mated to him in turns, after you left him. What does it matter that he is with another?" Mul'rec asked of him, genuinely curious.

The very sight of Sid'nis with another man after all that he had done... it was far too much for A'rosius to bear. The bluerider should not have allowed Sid'nis's actions to affect him, but it was difficult to withstand when the true nature of his first and only love was being thrown unabashedly in his face. "I think if you truly wish to know, you should ask him for yourself, Mul'rec. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to step away."


Mul'rec watched as the bluerider left him to slip out of sight. It was certainly an odd thing to see, though the brownrider now found himself curious about the very sight of Sid'nis. The man had changed visibly, and he wondered just what had happened to the man to inspire the alterations. A small part of him felt the edge of concern, though he kept it at bay for the meantime. Until Sid'nis provided him with a reason to be worried, he would refrain from succumbing to it.

Through the crowds he wove, until the bodies gave way, and the brownrider found the bluerider several arm lengths away. He closed the gap, a curious look in his eye as he reached his old friend. He did note the company, an older man to be sure. It seemed Sid'nis certainly had his tastes. "Sid'nis, you never cease to amaze me. Though truly, I must talk to the man who made you blonde. It's hardly suiting..." Before Sid'nis might take the brownrider seriously, Mul'rec's broad mouth curled in amusement as an indication he merely meant to tease an old friend.
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Wingrider Lyndah of Pewter Dragon Kinarth
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A good hatching with a few days between it and the feast for the little ones, it gave the healers time to work more on the wounded too. But now it was the feast and Lyndah wasn't about to miss out on it. When younger she hated humans for the most part and wasn't big in socializing, after going north she had to change at least outwardly to be an ally for the new colors. She couldn't do anything bad or it might bring harm to reputation and all that so she was forced to endure and learn. But now she was back and could relax and didn't have to be all prim and proper, but she was now more used to being around crowds.

So why not take the time to relax and celebrate? Nevermind several candidates had gotten injured so it always helped to have a healer around to keep an eye on things. Over the turns she had gotten used to and liked wine, but today she merely grabbed some fruit juice once she emerged. Let the others drink, she needed a clear head incase something happened. Picking a spot to sit down and letting her eyes rove the area, on her shoulders were a green firelizard and a bronze starlizard. "So what do you two think? Happy to be home?" The two trilled out happily, before the green took off from her shoulder and went towards where others were to chitter and socialize. Zen though stayed on her shoulder with his head held high up in the air to let everyone bask in his glory.

Weyrling Fyrnella of Opal Diosidath
Tag: Open, Mila/Lai

It had been a rollercoaster since the hatching, Fyrn never thought she would impress so she never made any plans for it. But now she had her opal hatchling so her two fancy flitts she had to hurry and find someone to take care of. Nevermind moving out of the candidate barracks to the weyrlings area, catering to her hatchlings needs and everything... Sure she paid attention in her lessons and everything but it was one thing to know the knowledge but another to think it would always be out of reach and thus not prepare.... Like this feast, she had maybe 2 or 3 outfits max and they all looked the same.. Her average outfit that was more function than form so she could work more easily in the infirmary.

As a healer, when she had free time when Diosidath was sleeping she went to visit the candidates and weyrlings that had gotten injured to see how they were. There were only two that were really concerning and they were Weyrling Varric... no V'ric or.. how was it put? Everything was so much that Fyrn couldn't really trust her thoughts anymore. But when she went to visit the Candidate Lai who had been walked on she had somehow been convinced to go and watch over him and probably V'ric too as a healer... Not that she minded, but somehow Halimila had convinced her into a dress, one that Mila had herself and they apparently had similar body structure..... So now she was here at the feast in a dress and unable to look up from the ground. So many people were here she was kind of, no a lot nervous but at least it wasn't to the panic attack. Diosidath had told her to go as well and now asleep, so she tried to keep her nervousness down in order not to wake her.
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