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Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:24 pm

Ed'wyn had a pretty tiring day, he was on duty for the entirity of the morning and had only just managed to get a break to come catch some food. It was around midday and Ed'wyn was sitting in the dining hall, his usual spot of course - on his own on the furthest table. He didn't have a 'clique', nor did he have friends he spoke to regularly so he spent most his meals eating alone. It was okay though, he was quite happy with his only friends being Aikerath and his territorial basilisk, Fyre. Sometimes he got lonely, but that didn't matter. Occasional talks with Niomi and Fox were always nice too...

He took a glance around, putting a forkfull of food into his mouth. It wasn't too crowded in the dining hall due to the fact most people were out and about but there were still a few groups of people eating. After another mouthful, Ed'wyn screwed up his nose a little and placed his fork down. He'd eaten most of his food but he didn't completely like the taste so decided he'd had enough. A sigh soon followed and he leant his jaw on his fist, people watching from a distance.
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Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:42 pm


She'd spent the morning like many others before, rising and readying for a day of working with the wings, even if she spent that morning getting ready with their own Wingleader. The two of them knew very well how to keep their personal lives separate from their duty though and once they walked out the door, they were Wingleader and 'Second, partners that ran a tight Wing and worked their mates as hard as they needed. A'ric was a competent 'Leader, even if he didn't always think so, and Behemoth was always picking up the slack. The bronze pair worked well together despite their differences, though Kit would always be biased of her team with Susanoth. The striped zultanite and her seemed to work in tandem, feeding off each other and instinctively knowing without having to be told, they were of nearly the same mind, even if her dragon was a bit more of a prude than the rider was.

After their morning drills, the Wing was dismissed for lunch and a bit of a breather, but A'ric wanted them see them back together in the afternoon for another go around, make sure the new formation was ingrained in their brains. The wing dispersed and some went to their apartments, some went to lunch, some went to the craft halls, however they wanted to spend their spare time was their prerogative and she had her own agenda. Sidling up beside their Wingleader, Kit made a few poignant remarks, an invitation to join her in a bit of repose so they could talk shop, but as tempting as the offer was, A'ric had to take a rain check as he'd already made plans to have lunch with the Weyrleader, for both a business and social call. Kit couldn't fault the bronzerider his visit with an old friend, especially the Weyrleader and she wished him a farewell, with a promise to cash in that rain check tonight.

That left Kit with a bit of time on her hands and as Susanoth went up to the cliffs to soak up what warmth she could from the growing summers' sun, the rider thought she'd grab a quick bite to eat while lunch was still being served. The zultaniterider swayed into the Hall, a smile on her lips for a few familiar faces and she chatted up a small group of people for a while. Excusing herself though when her stomach rumbled, she moved toward the buffet tables and began to serve herself up a generous helping of the cold sliced wherry, a chunk of cheese, with a few rolls and a handful of dried fruits. With plate in hand, she turned back to the Hall and her mossy grey gaze drifted over the room, wondering where she should sit.

Aha, there's a good spot. Next to one of her wingriders, who was sitting off on his own in a little part of the room that no one seemed to notice. Not that's a shame, Ed'wyn was a nice looking young man, what was he doing sitting all by himself? She would just have to remedy that, now wouldn't she? Her hips swayed as she weaved through the tables to get to that little corner of the room and without even announcing herself, the zultaniterider slid into place across the table from the greenrider and a bright smile light up her face as he startled. "Easy there Ed, no need for a heart attack, just me." Kitiara teased the young man, her tone friendly and genuine though. She hadn't truly meant to startle him, but she also seemed to realize her sudden appearance might have that effect as well. "Just saw you sitting here all on your lonesome, and thought you could use a little company, correct me if I'm wrong though." She added, settling into her seat and smiling softly at the greenrider.
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Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:02 pm

Aikerath normally spent her time sunbathing somewhere or relaxing on the edge of the yard whilst Ed'wyn did the necessary things to survive, like you know...Eat, sleep... Those things. Ed'wyn knew she wouldn't be in any harm so he didn't mind being seperated from her for a little while, Aikerath was more than capable to look after herself. She may be small but she was strong.

Whilst he was people watching, Ed'wyn was ironnically oblivious to the fact someone was walking up to join him on the same table until said person set herself down on the bench in front of him. Ed'wyn jumped slightly as the person brought him back into the real world, how embarrassing. The woman who had took a seat in front of him was Kit, she was in the same wing as him. She was good looking, had made Ed jump and caught him off guard. His cheeks reddened ever so slightly, "Oh sorry. I-I was in my own world." He replied back with a bit of a stutter, his bright blue eyes looking down at his plate to avoid eye contact with the attractive girl. He wasn't exactly the smoothest of boys so wasn't entirely sure on how to handle this.

"Oh...My lonesome? No no...This is how I normally am when I'm eating. It's not really lone-..Okay yeah lonesome." Ed'wyn said, looking at the rest of the table with a small frown before looking back to the woman in front of him and offering a small smile. "Thanks for the company, although you could probably spend your time better elsewhere." He continued on with a small shrug, running a hand through his hair to push it back before leaning his elbow on the table, propping his chin on his palm.
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