An Ancient Gift <Basilisk Handout - OPEN>

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Tue May 22, 2018 1:15 am

Of course Rath was going to be interested in one of the basilisks. He'd only seen them in brief before, a little here, a little there. He had his pets, but to own one of the dears would be something else completely. It wasn't just curiosity that had prompted the Weyr's Master Dragonkinhealer forward either. It was the desire to hold one of them, as a hatchling in his hands, to have one for himself. He knew he could take care of it, so why not see if he could get an egg?

He stepped forward, away from his meal, and looked at the eggs for a moment, studying the shells, before he glanced at I'ent with a smile. "I hope you don't mind me looking, lad. Mere curiosity." He wasn't going to do them harm, no poking or prodding, but he'd never seen the eggs for himself. This was a first, and his drive to reclaim his well known studies was pushing him to know. Finally though, he decided that one of the eggs called to him, and he wondered if it would contain the pet that would content his curiosity at last. He glanced again at the greenrider and nodded. "I don't know if you're taking requests or not, but if I might, that one over there?"

He pointed it out, and nodded. "Might you be willing to allow me the chance to take care of the creature inside?"

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Tue May 22, 2018 1:32 am

Having just arrived at the Weyr, Ahlanour hadn't had a chance to gather pets. Of course he'd heard about Firelizards, who hadn't? But wingless Firelizards, or Basilisks as they were known, were new to him. So, when he was getting some food, and he heard someone saying they had some basilisk eggs ready to hatch, it caught his attention.

The glassworker approached the man, seeing a pot full of eggs. Some seemed to have already been claimed, and he said, "Hullo," in his normal drawl. "May I have an egg, please?" He never was a very verbose man.

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Tue May 22, 2018 5:58 pm

When the old Master showed up and simply looked over the eggs I'ent let him take his time. Only when the Master Dragonkinhealer spoke did I'ent give him his full attention. "That's fine, take your time but don't wait too long else they may all hatch."

I'ent gave him a blank look when asked if he would be taking requests. He didn't know if the Master thought he could request a particular colour or if he had to make a request for an egg ahead of time. Giving a shrug he just pointed at the remaining eggs. "You can have any one you like and I am sure you'll take good care of it."

He picked up the requested egg and handed it over to Rath. "There you go Masterhealer, there's some raw meat if you need some to offer it."

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He had barely handed the egg off to the Master Dragonkin Healer when a rider he didn't recognize showed up and made a simple greeting and request for one of the remaining eggs.

"Of course," I'ent responded. He plucked an egg randomly from the four remaining and handed it to Ahlanour. "Should hatch any minute, take good care of it and you won't have to worry about bugs in your Apartment ever again."
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Wed May 23, 2018 9:48 pm

Carrole walked inyo the dinner hall after a long night, having to be on alert at all times made it hard for her to sleep. She had originally come for a bite to eat to fill her belly to sleep, but her eyes wondered, Arimy stirred on her shoulder and made a tweet sound, filling her mind with images as her eyes drew to the nest of eggs sat out for handouts. Her head shoot and she stifled a yawn, heading towards the food again Arimy stuck her nose in her ear, giving it a cold lick making her jump.

"Fine, one more then I'm done with babies" She hissed as Arimy started to purr. She found her way to the table and eyed the eggs, leaning in there was only a few there but she smiled sweetly. "If you could, I wouldn't mind taking one of your hands to handle."

She looked around to determine what eggs and realized they were the Basilisk, smiling she thought that was great, she wouldn't have to deal with vermin coming into her room. And possibly if it was that territorial, it could keep vermin out of the sands.

((Number 10, figured she better get one sense they're a a few left and your on round two and need them gone.))
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Thu May 24, 2018 7:52 pm

He was down to just three eggs and so far these weren't hatching yet so there was still time to find homes for the last of Ancient's clutch. I'ent decided if he could just give away two more he may keep the last one. Ancient may not mind having another in her territory. For all he knew they liked being in groups like firelizards seemed to enjoy.

Another woman approached with a starlizard hybrid who looked eager to have a new pet. I'ent gave her a cautious smile, not sure how she would be. In away having women approach and ask for an egg was easier than him trying to give one to random women or him asking for one himself. He remembered how awkward he felt when he asked for a Fancy Flit egg and Impressed Shimmer.

"I have one just for you," I'ent said and picked one of the remaining eggs and handed it to Carrole. "It should hatch any time so I have meat here on hand, help yourself."

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Thu May 24, 2018 11:53 pm

It had been an evening like most others - finish drills, wash off, oil Norieth, get dressed for dinner and head down into the Dining Hall. After dinner she had a little bit of paperwork to catch up on, a new Wing report for the Weyrleader, one she planned to deliver in person and then she would just see where the rest of the evening went. There was the slightest curl of a smirk on her lips when she thought about one way the evening could end, and she chewed thoughtfully on her food, allowing her mind to wander a little bit.

The flutter of commotion just a few tables away caught her attention though, pulling herself from those furtive thoughts and her gaze focused on a young man behind a table with big pot of sand. Ah, another clutch hand out, and for a moment she lost interest. She had her hands full enough with Surf, though he was aging out and mellowing down now and her feline Percival was getting up there in the Turns. The long haired cat had already taken to mostly lounging around in the apartment, soaking up Rukbat's rays through the window and enjoying his old age now. In the back of her mind, Ay'li knew she wouldn't have much longer with her furry companion, and she cherished those times he chose to curl up in her lap.

However, as she watched the handout and heard a bit more, she realized it wasn't just another flitter handout, it was for one of those Basilisk's. Elysia had one of those, and obsidian she'd named Shady. The creature had been rather fascinating at first, new and exotic and it had taken some adjusting to the antics of the critter, but he and Shiny were rather endearing after a while. Perhaps, maybe just maybe, it would liven up her life a little to have a one of those Basilisk's fluttering around her apartment, building a few more perches around for the critter and Surf to share.

It took a little while, until she'd nearly finished her dinner as she talked to herself, convincing herself that getting a new pet would be a good thing, a fun thing, something that would bring a little unpredictably to her life again. It was Elysia's voice in her head that seemed to tip the scale for her, and she could hear the bluerider coaxing her to take a leap, take a chance, and live a little. Percival may not be too excited to share his space either, but perhaps she'll get a basilisk with a bit of sense to leave the aging feline alone... maybe.

With the hint of a resigned sigh, knowing that Elysia would never let her live it down if she found out her mother passed up the opportunity for a basilisk, the brownrider rose from her seat, took care of her dishes and then moved to approach the young man with the eggs. "Looks like I decided just in time." Ay'li said she she approached with a smile and saw there were only two eggs left. "If you don't already have homes for them, I'd be happy to take one of 'em." She added, looking between the two and then making a motion toward one of them as she spoke.

Eggie #8, if it's still up for grabs. Please and THANKYOU. <3
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Fri May 25, 2018 3:17 am

I'ent was starting to worry he may be stuck with the last two eggs when another woman, this one a brownrider if he was reading her knots correctly, approached his table. He didn't know much about the woman at all, in fact all he really knew was female brownriders were pretty rare, even more rare than goldriders. Why this was so he didn't know, as he was used to a land where females made up a good portion of all dragonriders, even if for the longest time there were only blue and green dragons in the South.

"Not for these last two," I'ent responded respectfully. He picked one of the last two eggs, a nice green one and handed it to her. "I am happy you wanted to claim one, these wingless firelizards are quite remarkable and interesting to have around."

He indicated the meat bowl which was now almost empty. "There's still enough raw meat in the bowl, it doesn't take much to fill them up for their first meal."

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Sat May 26, 2018 11:10 pm

Caerus barely had time to sit down in front of the meat he'd grabbed before he felt the press of claws through the shell, right against the palm of his hand. Then a blue head with green feathers pushed out, and the creature's sharp teeth were easily visible. He was clearly hungry, and Caerus did have experience with baby whers, surely a baby basilisk couldn't be any worse. He shoved a piece of meat into the waiting mouth before the little monster was even entirely out of the shell, and barely avoided feeding it some of his own blood. He'd done that before, too, but he was pretty sure it wasn't a required part of the process for these lizards.

With meat in his mouth, the blue lizard pushed his way a little less violently out of the shell, and continued to look at Caerus expectantly. Caerus waited until his new pet had swallowed the first bite before providing more, no matter how irate the creature seemed, vibrating and glaring at the empty hand. "You're going to be a little Tyrant, aren't you?" he asked, viciously amused. He probably shouldn't encourage that kind of behavior. Certainly, the blue needed to learn that Caerus was the true master of their shared space. But he liked the idea that anyone intruding on Caerus' boundaries would have to deal with a fierce little defender like this one.

Tyrant probably couldn't really defend their shared room from any threat that was a danger to Caerus, but he could certainly act as an effective alarm.

Once Caerus had him asleep, he put some effort into rearranging things, glad that his lizard had finished all the meat he had originally taken. He tucked Tyrant, asleep, into his elbow, standing again. He frowned at the cane - just a few more days - before nodding to I'ent. "Thank you, greenrider," he said. "I think he and I will get along just fine."
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Thu May 31, 2018 2:38 am

When Cecily was done with sweeping the candidate barracks she was pretty irritated because the floors were filthy , with mud from people's shoes or pets, fur from their pets and people not cleaning up after themselves. So after she washed up, she went to the dining hall craving something sweet.

So she went to get a berry muffin from the kitchen , and once she finished eating her muffin she was about to leave. She then caught something in the corner of her eye and saw a odd looking hatchling without wings. She had never seen creatures like that before and thought it might be her last chance to get one.

She went towards the green rider and said "May I please have that last egg, please," and then pointed at egg number four.
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Thu May 31, 2018 2:53 am

With just one last egg in the next I'ent had pretty much resigned himself to taking on one more pet. He couldn't just let it go wild in the Dinning Cavern but the egg was already starting to shake so he had a choice to make. Just as he was about to reach for some raw meat to be ready to feed the hatchling a young woman with red hair showed up at the table. I'ent looked up at her, surprised for a moment but relieved. He had enough pets as it was so he was glad she came when she did.

"You certainly can, I really didn't want to have another pet," I'ent responded. He pushed the bowl of raw meat over and handed her the last egg. "It's already shaking so it'll hatch any moment."

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OOC: and that ends the handout, thanks all who claimed an egg or two. If anybody wants to know their pet's inspiration send me a pm
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