Change isn't Always Bad - PLOT

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:19 pm

A hand rested gently over the soft linen of her new dress. It was the color of her queen's hide with black lacing and looked quite stunning with her long, golden curls. Normally Eavan did not dress so fancy for what was just another evening meal in the dining hall of her weyr, but tonight was different. Tonight was a night of changes. While the thought made her heart rattle against its cage with nervousness she reminded herself that change wasn't always bad.

Things will work out, my heart. Be strong as you have always been and will always be. Paiseantath broke into her thoughts with comforting words. The senior gold had not argued with Eavan's decision.

After meals had been consumed and now glasses of wine and ale flowed freely as her people talked jovially among themselves did the Weyrwoman called to their attention by loudly clinking on her glass. Her heart lept to her throat and tightened it as she recalled all the times before she had done this and was respectfully given the attention of her dear people. Once the crowd was silent did she find a way to speak past the lump in her throat. "My dear fellow Atricians, I have an announcement for you this evening. It is a bittersweet one, but not one that has been lightly come to." Indeed, Eavan had been mulling over this thought for quite some time now. It was the life growing within her that finally settled her heart and mind on what the right decision was and thus proceeded to set in motion what was to come next.

"For turns I have led this magnificent weyr, through grand moments and despairing ones. We've accomplished so much and pushed the boundaries of what a weyr can really do. I know we have not all have always agreed upon the same decisions or changes that have been made, but through it all I feel that we all have had the same goal in make Atricis the best weyr on Pern. We're not done yet, either. I believe that there is so much more that can be accomplished and will be accomplished and that thought makes my heart swell with pride for all of you." Watery eyes had to advert for a moment before she could continue.

"That is why it is with a heavy heart that I am informing you that I will no longer be your Senior Weyrwoman." A wave of concerned and shocked murmurs reverberated through out the room. Eavan allowed them a moment before she held up and hand for silence and continued. "Our numbers in the South grow every turn. Atricis now sports four amazing golden queens and a fine zultanite queen. Their clutches are never small and are always healthy. I have faith and the most respect for all of my Junior Queenriders. I know that I will be leaving Atricis in only the best and most capable hands." A significant look was given to Safryn, her most senior junior rider. She had timed this so that she was certain Soquilith would be the next to rise, securing Safryn's place as Senior in her stead. "But I feel that it is time to give Evanoria Weyrhold their own Gold, so their numbers can begin to grow as well." She couldn't help but smile a bit impishly and confess to the truth before rumors could begin to spread. "It is for personal reasons, that you all are aware of, that I have decided to step down as Senior Weyrwoman here and take up the mantle there."

"My dear people, I love each and everyone of you. Leading you all has been the best moments of my life and the respect and kindness you all have given to me has been one of the greatest blessings." She had taken this weyr down paths that had never been tread before by a Weyrwoman. From her disability of being paralyzed, to being the first to have a woman Weyrleader, and then allowing a blue to chase and catch a gold; there was a lot of traditions that had been bent and broken because of her and it was a legacy she was proud to leave behind. "This isn't goodbye though. This is an opportunity for Atricis and Evanoria to become stronger...together. She please, raise a toast with me." She held her glass aloft and waited as others did as well. A single tear did manage to slip down her cheek then, but she was not embarrassed by it. "To our future, whatever it may hold, I know that we will be victorious in all our endeavors." She took a drink then as outside Paiseantath let out a loud, long, and proud bugle.

A symphony of bugles and trumpets echoed through the weyr and vibrated the walls. The sound made Eavan smile and laugh, but most importantly, it made her feel even better about this decision. "Now, of course, I could not leave you all without doing something grandiose. In honor of Evanoria and Atricis soon to be strengthened relationship, there will be a huge Gather held there. I promise it will be the biggest Gather that has been held in the last several turns and everyone will be allowed to attend. Plans are still in the works, but a set date will be announced as soon as possible. If any of you wish to talk to me this evening or tomorrow or even after that, please don't hesitate. I will not be officially moved for another two weeks." Eavan paused and scanned the sea of faces slowly. "Again, thank you all. Now...I declare this evening a night of celebration. Call in the harpers and clear room for a dance floor." She ordered as she wanted this night to end on a happy note.
After six years of some of the most enjoyable character development and roleplay I have decided it is time to NPC Eavan. That was why this deicision was come to. Feel free to post your characters in this if you wish. It is open to everyone. If a character wishes to speak with Eavan then yes I will respond with her.
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Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:45 pm

While it may have come as a surprise to many that evening, there was one who had known this decision was a long time in the making. Safryn had worked side by side with her Weyrwoman, her friend, for the last several Turns and she knew that something was different, something changing within the woman. It was more apparent after a visit with the bronzerider though, a longing left in the goldrider that spoke of the toll this distance was taking on her. Eavan was a strongwilled woman though and wouldn't let it show, but it was the subtle things that told Safryn how much it was beginning to effect her. They had talked among themselves about their relationships, and she knew how much Ar'vis meant to the woman, how much she cherished their time together, as few and far between as it was. Safryn even encouraged her friend to take more trips to Evanoria, or bring the bronzerider to Atricis more often, but they both knew it wasn't a permanent solution.

However, it seemed that Eavan had found the answer for herself, and over the last turn or so, Safryn had begun to notice the subtle changes in their own working relationship. It had started small enough that she'd barely taken note as she sat in on a few more meetings with the Headwoman or weyrfolk crafters instead of Eavan, or finalized a few more reports about inventories and needed goods for their stores the Jr. queenriders had submitted, or even met with a diplomat or two while Eavan was away at Evanoria. They had worked so closely with each other that a lot of their work overlapped, and her opinions on matters had always been taken to heart by the Weyrwoman, so that Safryn couldn't really say when that shifting had been more in her favor. It was only in the past few months that the goldrider had truly realized what Eavan had in mind, or at least had a strong suspicion what the Weyrwoman was up to, and Safryn knew she could not let her friend be disappointed or regret this decision.

That evening meal had begun like any other, though when Eavan arrived in the Dining Hall with that spectacular dress on, Safryn seemed to feel that is was going to be anything but ordinary. She sat beside her friend throughout the meal, enjoying their light talk about their children, about the food, not to mention some of the juicy tidbits they'd heard about one of the dignitaries who'd left that morning. However, there was something beneath the surface of each of their thoughts it seemed, and when the dinner subsided and the evening drinks were savored, Eavan was ready to voice her thoughts aloud and Safryn kept a reassuring smile on her face as she sat quietly beside the woman until she was done speaking.

When watery eyes had to be averted and the tears blinked away, the goldrider couldn't help but lay a gentle hand over that of her friends, lending her the strength to carry on, a soft smile given to the other woman. When Eavan continued, her words came a shock to the Hall and the murmurs began to spread well beyond the cavern to the rest of the Weyr. They were all given a moment or two to process before the goldrider held up her other hand for quiet to resume before she carried on to address who her successor would be, and the poignant look that Safryn received was enough to confirm her suspicions. Knowing Soquilith was always due to rise this time of season, the mantle would fall unto her shoulders to be the next Senior Queenrider, the next Weyrwoman. The redheaded woman returned the look given her and gave Eavan a resolute nod, she would do the woman proud in leading Atricis in her stead.

That same determined sort of look moved out over the crowd of the Dining Hall, the people that would soon become her own to Lead, and with her head held high she silently spoke to them, as if promising them all she would do right by Atricis, and would not disappoint them. This was the only Home she'd ever known, the Weyr that led the charge into the future, into changes that led to greater things and she would continue to uphold that tradition of setting new limits. Safryn smiled softly over the Hall as Eavan continued on, her own lips curling slightly at the woman's confession of her personal reasons. A glance was given to the brownrider at her side, her smile softening as her other hand reached for his own, giving H'tai a reassuring squeeze as well, as she made him a silent promise she planned to uphold as well. While their life together was about to change as well, he would not be forgotten, would not be cast aside by her work and that their relationship mattered to her as well. If Eavan could make time for Love in her life, so could Safryn.

As they lifted their glasses with their Weyrwoman, the redheaded woman turned back to regard the goldrider who'd always sat by her side. "To your future and mine." She spoke softly between the two of them just before they each took a drink from their win glasses, a soft smile spreading over her lips at the cacophony of bugles and trumpets that echoed from the Yard outside. Soquilith's own voice rang clear in her mind though it faded into a deep rumble of fervor as the meaning crept into her mind. No more Paiseantath, she would be the next to Rise...the Weyr would be hers. Safryn could nearly feel the gold purr in absolute delight at the thought, but she would reserve that sentiment for later would it would be put to good use. For now, the queen would bask in her own silent revelry and allow Paiseantath her last few moments in the spotlight.

The mention of a Gather seemed to perk up a few spirits though and all in all, Eavan was able to turn sad news into joyous news and strengthen a new bond with the Weyrhold already. They may not have Eavan as their Weyrwoman anymore, but she would be forever their ally and friend and Evanoria and Atricis would be stronger for it. Once the talk began anew and Eavan seemed to sit back in her seat finally, a relieved and yet saddened look on her face, Safryn quietly reached toward her, embracing the woman in a tender hug. "I'm gonna miss you." She whispered softly in the woman's ear, a woman who'd been more than a Weyrwoman, but a friend, a confidant, a shoulder to lean on and someone who always believed in her. "I am so happy for you though, and I promise I won't disappoint you. Atricis is my everything, and I wont let her fail." Safryn added with a earnest look for the goldrider, with a smile that spoke of just how honored and happy she was for the both of them.
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Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:36 pm

R'mia remembered Eavan from his first Candidacy days at the old Atricis Weyr. They both Impressed together as well and thus grew thruogh Weyrlinghood together. They hadn't been close friends but she was a woman he remembered from his past like he did most of his classmates.

In the short time since he returned to New Atricis and learned Eavan was the Senior Weyrwoman and seen some of the challenges she faced, R'mia knew she was far stronger than she ever was. Even the incident which left her paralyzed didn't stop her from continuing as a solid leader. He wasn't so close to her nor privy to her day to day decisions but everything he seen of the direction New Atricis was going spoke of how well respected by the majority of riders Eavan was.

Learning she was transferring to the small Weyr established not too far away to take the lead there. He didn't know of the personal reasons she wanted to go there but in the end it didn't matter. R'mia suspected he could find out easily enough given Eavan implied the reason was well known, so well known that it apparently wasn't talked about anymore because he had no clue.

He stood and held up his glass along with everybody else to toast to the future and gave a cheer upon hearing a Gather will be held at Evanoria. R'mia certainly enjoyed a good Gather and this one sounded like it'll be truly spectacular.

When Paiseantath added her own version of a call to toast the future, R'mia could hear Siorbheth's own voice to the gold's bugle. It was a moment that lifted his heart and bolstered him with cheer and belief New Atricis and Evanoria Weyr will grow ever stronger together.

"Hear, hear," R'mia called out when Eavan called for Harpers and space to be made for dancing. This may be an unexpected celebration but R'mia was more than willing to take full advantage of it.

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