Glowing Little Stars [Starlizard Handout - DONE]

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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He listened as Starling gave instructions on how to care for the egg till it hatches and what to offer the hatchling. It didn't sound all that different from when he was given a Wher egg to care for and what to do when the Wherlet hatched. Far less complicated in fact.

"Rest assured when this little egg cracks I'll have everything I need on hand," Inggharudube assured her. "In fact I will track you down after it does so you can see whatever comes out of the egg first hand."

In truth Inggharudube suspected he may have some questions for her about how best to train the Starlizard when the time came. There was also the fact he had no qualms befriending a few females who may be willing to give him a good time once in awhile. At least till he was too busy to indulge in such passtimes. With Inggharusk practically glued to Caesk's side since becoming her mate he tended to have more free time than he liked.

"Do you think this egg will hatch tonight or will it be a few days yet?" He asked once a young boy had received his own egg and pretty much the same instructions he had been given. Inggharudube realized he was probably keeping some people back from asking for eggs so he decided he won't ask any more questions after this one.
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Mila's smile only grew as the kind lady commented on her actions. Hali could only stifle a giggle though as she scowled and scolded the mother-starlizard. "I'll tell him!" Mila said as she cradled the small egg close to her chest. "I'm sure Pa can handle feeding the baby if I'm there to remind him!" She added before moving away for others to approach the handler. Careful not to jostle the fragile one in her care, Mila moved back to where her father waited. Gingerly the excited teen handed the older man the egg with a reminder to be gentle. Once the burden had been passed to the hunter, Mila remembered that they would need meat to serve the little one once it hatched. "Pa, I'm going to go see if I can bargain a bowl of scraps out of the kitchen for the little one! Don't let it hatch without me," Mila warned with a fierce look in her eyes as she waggled a finger at her father. "Well hurry then, daughter. I don't know how long this little guy will wait for you," Hal teased as he shifted the egg closer to his warm chest.

As the egg began to wiggle in his fingers, Hal was glad to see that Mila had been successful in her second mission of the evening. "It wasn't as hard as I had thought! I guess the kitchens knew to expect this sort of thing tonight," Mila explained as she sat down beside her father. Hal merely grunted a response as his attention remained on the wiggling egg in his large hands. "Mils, I think it's moving," Hal said softly hoping to bring his daughter's attention back to the egg so he could force the brunette to bond with the babe instead of him. "Oh!" Mila cried out scooting the bowl of food closer towards the hunter. "How long do you think it'll take Pa?" She asked as her eyes grew wide in wonder. "I know dragons can take all day!" She commented as the rocking and wiggling grew more frantic.

"I'm not sure, Mils," Hal said softly as he opened his rough hands a bit more to accommodate the moving egg. "Soon I'd guess," He offered as he felt something shift against his palm. Before Mila could reach a small finger out to trace the wiggling egg, a crack appeared along her finger's shadow. "Look Pa," Mila whispered leaning over her father's arm to get a better view. "I think you're right!" No sooner had Mila's words left her lips did the little egg send shards flying in all directions. With a squeal Mila leaned backwards once more to avoid the small bits of egg. Hal on the other hand was too distracted by the small red-toned creature now wiggling in his hands to realize that his daughter had been in the line of fire too. Holding his breath, the former hermit tried to figure out the color-range of their newest family member. As the little one began to squeak for food, Mila realized what a treasure Hal had in his hands. "Pa! You got a rare one! Or I think so anyway! Look at how cute the little red markings are! Can we call it Rune Pa? It fits right?" Halimila rambled on in her excitement, forgetting the first rule of any hatching.

Hal on the other hand wasn't interested in naming the little one right away. He could remember how hungry Hali had been in her first few hours and knew that his new little one had to be just as hungry. As his daughter kept rattling off names for the little one, Hal began to slowly feed the small red creature. "Mavi," Hal whispered pulling the name from a childhood friend. "We should call the little one Mavi," Hal said firmly "But Pa! Rune is much cuter!" Mila whined unused to her father not listening to her choices. "No, Mils. Mavi is her name." Firm in his choice, Hal refused to look at his daughter's now pouting face. "Pa," Mila whined still determined to get her way. "Halimila. If you keep this up I will send you back to your barracks early," Hal threatened knowing that the teen wanted to spend more time with the hatchling and her father. With a heavy dramatic sigh, Hali gave up and crossed her arms over her chest. "Fine!" She groused before pulling a bit of meat from the bowl. "Can I help feed Mavi then?" With a nod, Hal shifted the still goo-wet hatchling towards his little girl. "I hope you two will become friends," He whispered as they fed the Starlet together.
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She nodded when Inggharudube assured that he would have everything he needed on hand. When he added that he'd track her down to let her see what came from the egg, she couldn't help a little grin and nodded again.

"That would be nice. I can't say that I don't like seeing the results of Alrune's clutches." For a minute, she stood and watched for other interested parties in eggs, soon finding she only had one left. She waited though to see if there was anyone else, though she was tempted to take it for herself.

"Do you think this egg will hatch tonight or will it be a few days yet?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah. It could hatch any time really. Starlizard eggs can be a little harder to judge than say a wher egg, but I'm pretty sure it can be between any time today and tomorrow. A few days at the most. Helping to tend to both a clutching wher and an obsidian starlizard gives one a certain set of skills for judging eggs." She winked playfully, a hint of her usual self before, for a moment, her mood seemed to drop as she realized her words. Serisk was a clutching wher. She doubted Serisk had any future at eggs now. She shook it off soon though.

"I don't think anyone is going to take this last egg, so I'm going to keep it, I'm sure that'll make Alrune happy." She scooped the egg up for herself, earning a trill from the obsidian starlet when she realized what was going on. Sterling lifted the egg up to her ear and listened for a moment.

"Oh yeah, any time, definitely. This egg is making noises."
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