Glowing Little Stars [Starlizard Handout - DONE]

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:27 pm

Despite the way that Sterling's and Serisk's lives were shaken and changed for good, another little dragonkin still had instincts and needs. The Obsidian Starlet had taken to a Flight some time before Sterling and Serisk's recoveries were complete. It was after her release from the infirmary that she'd noticed how fat Alrune looked, and figured easily what it was, after being bonded to a clutching wher for so long. So it was that she had prepared for it. When Serisk was released and was being uncooperative with just about everything, Alrune was a welcome distraction, especially when the day came that she needed to hand out the eggs.

"Sorry, we can't keep them all," she told the complaining Starlizard as she put her eggs in a basket to take to the dining hall. "They'll hatch any time. Maybe we'll keep one if there isn't too much interest." That didn't sound like too bad of an idea. Sterling could use something to take care of that wasn't all doom and gloom like Serisk was. She would deal with that later though, as Serisk grumbled and shifted in her wallow. It wasn't time for the whers to be up yet, and Sterling and Alrune were being noisy. So Sterling ducked out of the room quickly, taking Alrune and the eggs with her.

She went to the dining hall and set up the basket with the eggs after mentally ordering Alrune to perch on her shoulders and stay there before she would uncover the basket. When the starlizard eventually complied, she set the basket on the table and opened it, then leaned against the table and waited. She had posted messages about having a clutch of starlizards she would be handing out, so hopefully there would be some interested parties showing up soon. It was evening, but still light out, not too late for the brunt of the Weyr denizens, and only a little early for the wherhandlers.
Obsidian Queen Alrune's Clutch
Sired by Bronze Starlizard Buck (NPC)

The Clutch:
Egg 1 - Mickell (Shiftergirl)
Egg 2 - Aesidhe (Nymphali)
Egg 3 - Inggharudube (LdyPayne)
Egg 4 - P'list (Ainokesshou)
Egg 5 - Sterling (Marvealle)
Egg 6 - Halimila/Halian (Lanni)
Egg 7 - V'an (Fawkes)
Egg 8 - Shiravani (Ember)
The handout is complete. Hope everyone enjoys their pets!
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:20 pm

He had seen enough of the Star Lizards flying about the Weyr and from the few Wherhandlers who had them or hybrids Inggharudube thought maybe the more nocturnal firelizard would be far more suitable to him. He wasn't normally one to even consider getting a pet but a working animal to aid him in the future would be worth while. An aerial lookout and message sender would be beneficial especially out on patrol.

Thus when he spotted a note announcing Sterling had a clutch of Starlizards avaialble to give away he decided he might as well take advantage. It wouldn't cost him anything from the sounds of it other than the time he would need to care and train it down the road. In the end he felt it would be worth it.

Once in the Dinning Hall he scanned the area and spotted Sterling quickly enough. Hard to miss the basket with eggs within and the ebony colored starflit perched on her shoulder. The fact Starlizards were bioluminescent also made it easier to spot Sterling. He had little trouble making his way to the table, his experience as a swordsman had him move with the grace of a wild feline and his muscular build certainly helped find spaces to move between people others may not slip through.

"You're looking in better spirits today Sterling," Inggharudube greeted her. He was not a man of flowery phrases and tended to quite direct when talking to people. "I've seen messages all around the Weyr you are giving Starlizard eggs away, I will like one. That one there would be fine." He pointed to an egg he thought looked promising, not that he was any expert on deciding what a Starlizard egg would contain. To be honest he wouldn't be able to tell a firelizard egg from a tunnelsnake egg so trusted Sterling wasn't pulling a fast one. If she was well he'll talk with her after the fact.

ooc: wasn't sure if we were to role play it out or just claim an egg. Feel free to ignore the post if this is more just pick an egg sort of post. Inggharudube is pointing at Egg #3 to claim.
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:21 pm

P’list had been seeing the signs about starlizard eggs, and had spent several candlemarks feeling out Elahraith about the subject. The brown had accepted Mouse as soon as P’list had been allowed to reclaim his pet, and the three of them had been in a private room for a short time already. You want one of the ones that lights up like glows? Elah clarified, thinking about it. That might be nice. You wouldn’t need glows if you wake up when its dark.

P’list snorted. He was pretty sure there was more to starlizards than just using them like lanterns. They seemed pretty similar to flitts, though, and he had managed pretty well with Mouse. If Elah didn’t mind. . . I don’t, the brown confirmed. Sometimes Mouse is useful. I’m sure a glowing Mouse would be useful too.
Mouse was mostly useful when P’list wanted to avoid extra trips for little things that had been forgotten, or when they needed more oil than P’list had expected. A second flitt probably wouldn’t help as much, but rather liked taking care of the small creatures. Elahraith certainly didn’t qualify as small and helpless, and probably never had.

When he approached the basket in the dining hall, he bowed slightly to the wherhandler. “I’d like an egg, if they aren’t all claimed,” he said.

Egg # 4 please
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Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:27 am

The messages had been difficult to miss and impossible to ignore. Shiravani had seen them throughout the Weyr and it was no surprise that they had captured her attention as soon as she'd seen the first. She'd asked her grandfather about them and he'd explained they were the lizards she'd seen that glowed at night, and as soon as she'd discovered that, she knew she wanted to have one. "But," L'van had told her. "They tend to be more nocturnal than not."

That wasn't going to deter her. Nope. Not at all. She might be on a daytime only schedule now, but she still had the night in her blood. She still sang dreams of evening encounters and there were times when sleep would hardly come. She could easily take care of a creature that preferred the dark to the day.

So when the day arrived that the eggs were ready, she was certain she would be ready, and she was. Bold as ever, she pushed aside her meal, made sure she looked presentable and respectable, because after all, she was going to approach a mother and ask for one of her kin. She had best make sure she was under her best of behavior when she stood before her, tiny and winged or not.

She gave Alrune a little bow and smiled politely at Sterling. "If it would be okay, ma'am, I would like one of your lady's eggs, please." She eyed them carefully and wondered which one would be hers. "I'm a daywher candidate, but my mother is a Wherlingmaster of Benden, and I was to be a nighthandler myself until I moved South and..." She stopped, because she was starting to fall out of her presentable facade and about to foot the edge of self-doubt. "Thank you."

(OOC: Egg #8 please!)
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Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:28 am

For the better part of the dinner hours, Halimila had poured out the charm as she tried to convince her father that he needed another soul in his life. She had seen the messages about the Starlet clutch being handed out later in the evening and Mila just knew that one of the shy creatures would be perfect for her Pa. Halian, on the other side of the coin, was being stubborn. What could he offer a small creature like that? In fact, the hunter was convinced that such a small thing wouldn’t survive living with him. His main point of argument? He had never raised a small creature. Even Stone had been trained by another for the most part!

So as the small crowd approached the wherhandler, Mila was tugging on her father’s hand at their shared table. “C’mon Pa! You’ll do just fine! I’ll help as much as I can!” She promised with a large grin painted across her face. Her expressive brown eyes held a familiar pleading look as she tried once more to tug her larger father into standing. “No, Mila. I don’t want to be responsible for such a tiny thing again. Look at what happened,” Halian’s words halted suddenly as a small finger stopped his lips from moving. “Don’t,” Halimila hissed as a stern look came to her face. “It’s not the same!” She scolded before shaking her finger in her father’s face. “You won’t do the same here… Think of it as practice!” She added as a sudden thought came to her, “A baby wher would be just like a baby flit!” Mila realized as a new determined look entered her brown eyes. “Mila,” Halian warned as he too realized her logic.

With a heavy sigh the day-wher candidate felt his resolve crumbling. His stubborn child had a valid point. He could use the practice. He hadn’t been around much when Mila had been growing up, even when Namila had been with them. “Fine,” He said gruffly as memories flooded his mind. “You can pick out an egg for me, if they let you.” With a happy squeal and a smacking kiss to her father’s cheek, Mila felt as if she had won a major battle. “I’ll get a good one Pa!” She promised quickly.

As she waited for her turn to address the handler-lady, Hali brushed a bit of something off her skirt. Her mind buzzed with cute images of her loner father being forced to take care of a more social creature. Even if she had to wait until the day a day-wher bonded to him, Mila was determined to see her quiet father become the man her Papa had told stories of all those turns ago!

After another day-wher candidate had finished with the handler-lady, Halimila skipped her way to the front and smiled her best smile, “Hi! I’d like an egg for my Pa. He’s so lonely and could use a good friend!”

OOC: Egg Number Six please?
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Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:44 am


When he'd first seen the posting of yet another 'lizard handout, he thought nothing of it, except to remind the newest weyrlings that pets were prohibited and they already had enough on their plates with a hungry dragonet already. Yet, something about it seemed to linger in the back of his mind, and came to light once again at dinner with Ryarin. It wasn't as if they didn't already have a menagerie of their own already, with two dragons, four 'lizards, three canines and a toddler on their hands, but something was telling him that another addition wouldn't be too bad. The two of them talked and joked about their rag tag little family, but it seemed they both rather liked the idea of bringing in another pet, something that Aryan would grow up with.

A starlizards more nocturnal habits might actually come in handy for the Weyrlingmasters' Assistant as well. Those late nights spent roaming for a stray weyrling or hunkered over a desk to finish writing up his reports, while Cooper and the other 'lizards would be sleeping, might be nice to have one who's a little more active in the darker hours. Besides, V'an never really admitted it to anyone, barely even Ryarin, but since his time spent in the darkness of those tortuous cells, he'd rather not linger too long in the dark and the starlizards' faint glow would be just enough to give him a peace of mind. The other benefit would be Arigoth would be able to follow the blurry glow much better than the sound of his riders' voice in those twilight hours when his scarred vision was the worst. All in all, having a starlizard around may not be such a bad thing.

So, when the time came, V'an had decided that he would show up to the handout and if there was still an egg left, he would happily take it off the wherhandlers hands. He'd been spending the evening with Rya and their son and had hoped to slip out after the boy had gone to bed, but once Aryan overheard the whispers between them, he was quite persistent in seeing the 'lizards. If Papa was going, he was going, and there was no arguing with the boy unless they wanted to cause a whole ruckus and scene and missing the whole thing because of a tantrum. So, scooping the child up into his arms, V'an avoided the whole mess and gave into Aryan's desires, toting the lad along with him. Excited as he was, it was hard for the boy not to talk the whole way to the Hall, wondering what sort of colors there would be, and if he'd get to have one too, and if Papa was going to name it after him, or after Mommy, and if Ari and Cy are going to be friends with the baby, and and and.....V'an couldn't help but chuckle softly to himself.

It was hard not to miss the table with the basket and the blonde woman with a clearly agitated mother starlizard on her shoulder, but V'an knew he would not be the only one with the same plans, so he waited patiently until it was their turn. As they stepped up, V'an kept Aryan's hands firmly in his own, lest the little boy get any silly ideas. "Evening, or should I say Morning to ya." He started with a broad smile and glanced down to the boy beside him, a soft clearing of his throat the prompting for manners. "Hi miss." Aryan said, his gaze barely flickering from the basket to look at the woman. A curl of the riders' lips and a soft shake of the head was given before looking back to Sterling once more. "We'll take one of these eggs off your hands, if there's any left." The man said politely, waiting for the acceptance from the wherhandler and gave her a smile and nod of thanks.

Lowering down to the lad, V'an pointed into the basket and glanced between the two of them. "Which one do we want?" He asked the boy, who took a step closer to the table and tried to stand on his tip toes, but could barely see over the lip of the basket. In response to the unspoken prompt, the brownrider wrapped big hands around the young boys' sides and hefted him up a little higher so he could get a good view of the eggs. For a moment, the little boy pondered, hemming and hawing before he finally thrust his arm out, pointing to one of the eggs. "That one! I think I saw it wiggle!" Aryan exclaimed proudly and gave a little wriggle of his own in excitement. "I guess we'll take that one then." The man said with a soft chuckle as he set the boy back down onto his feet again, freeing up his hands to gently take the egg from the wherhandler.

"What do we say Aryan?" V'an stopped a moment before they left the table.

"Thank you!" The little boy practically screeched, too excited to care for ceremony as he was practically bouncing beside his father, tugging at his arms for a better look at the egg. The brownrider gave the wherhandler another smile, and thanked her properly before they took their leave.

{Eggie #7 please, and thank you! *giggles*}
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Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:31 am

((I will try to get typed replies to everyone from Sterling, but to make sure people aren't left hanging for long in case my weekend gets busy, here are the contents of everyone's eggs so far.))
Egg 3 for Inggharudube (LdyPayne)
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Egg 4 for P'list (Ainokesshou)
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Egg 8 for Shiravani (Ember)
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Egg 6 for Halimila (Lanni)
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Egg 7 for V'an (Fawkes)
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Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:15 am

Mickell had a wonderful morning. With the wher tasks being done and having a good run before the sun had come up, his day was worth the soreness of the work. He wondered to the dinner for some Klah and food. Almost instantly he saw a post for lizards. His eyes scanned around and saw the basket, wondering what he should do he grinned. Maybe he could get a head start and have a lizard to give him company or companion for work and maybe someone to give him company when he had no one else.

Walking through with a cup of Klah he walked to the table with the handout. Looking them over and seeing the woman handing them out he smiled at her. She was the wher handler he had heard was in a bad state with her wher. "I see you have a handful here. I wouldn't mind taking one off your hands." He looked over the eggs and decided to pick at . picking up the egg he gave the Indian on her should a quick little bow and oh so gently rolled the egg in his hand. His love for babies went even towards young creatures.

((*Number 1 for Mickell, see what he does with a baby lizard.))
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Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:13 am

There is something that might interest you in the dining hall, came the soothingly warm voice deep within Aesidhe's mind. The girl looked up from where she had been working on weyrling studies as if expecting to somehow see what was going on, but ultimately she was greeted by the familiar views of the barracks. Still, there was something particularly intriguing in the Weyr and that knowledge pricked at the back of her mind. 'What is it?' Was it something truly worth her interest? The dark haired weyrling shifted aside a few wayward strands until they were safely tucked behind her ears. That her garnet had chosen silence rather than a direct answer did not help the situation.

'Fine. I'll go look.' The exasperated sigh was as verbal as it was mental, and she didn't dare to hold back the infuriated roll of her eyes which quickly followed Rontuaruth's additional, you should bring the small one with you too. Laughter bubbled up in the garnet's mind and through the tethered bond to where her rider walked through the corridors. Should she look back, Aesi knew that she would find Oleander following her closely behind like a scarlet shadow until he could finally land on her outstretched arm and crawl to his favored spot at her shoulder and neck. She didn't feel like giving him the satisfaction of that right now, though, and instead, she turned the next corner into the dining hall and abruptly stopped.

'Lizard eggs? Ollie chirped curiously from beside the girl, red wings mantled against his back and the feathered tail brushing this way and that against the table he had perched on. 'You wanted me to come for another 'lizard? Really Tua?!' How had the dragon even learned about all of this? An amused croon reached the girl's ears through their mental bond as Rontuaruth shifted on her chosen ledge. There's much to learn if you only listen my dear one. You know that better than I do. Besides, is it really so bad to want another member of our family? They are useful and sweet. She shuffled her forefeet sheepishly at the thought as Aesidhe sighed and shook her head, turned to look at Oleander who had the same pleading expression that came through from the garnet's bond, and then rounded back toward the group of hopeful faces.

By the time she reached the group and was able to press toward the front and see the woman handing them out, Aesidhe had already grown interested enough to at least watch. She had hardly been standing there a moment before she realized there were few eggs left, however,
and with another hopeful nudge from both minds along her own, she sighed wistfully for the days when her thoughts and person had been hers alone. "Would you mind if I took one too? They'd be welcome in our little family." Despite any of her complaints, the words were true. Of course they are my dearheart. We protect what is ours, and family more than anything else. Hurry back once it hatches. I want to see it too! Only one problem with that - she had to actually get an egg first.

(Egg #2 please!)
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Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:27 am

To Inggharudube
Just as Inggharudube found it easy to spot Sterling, Sterling found it easy to spot him. After all, he was a tall man with dark ebony skin and well toned muscles. He was hard to miss when he started weaving through people on his way to her. Alrune rumbled unhappily at his approach, but she silenced the creature mentally and patting her head with a hand. The dark starlizard's blunt wings folded back down for the moment as Inggharudube greeted Sterling.

"All things considering," she answered him with a nod, though her tone didn't sound as frustrated with everything as when they'd met and talked in the Lower Caverns. She patted Alrune's head again when she tried to chatter at Inggharudube as he pointed at the egg he wanted. "Ignore her," she said though she didn't need to.

"That one? Sure, it's yours. They should be hatching soon, so just keep it warm and have some food ready for when it hatches." As she gave him those basic instructions, she scooped the egg he'd pointed to out of the basket, and made sure he was ready to take it before depositing it into his hand.
To P'list
Shortly, someone else approached, this one was just a kid by comparison to Inggharudube and herself. In fact, he had Weyrling's knots. Wow, he was young. However, he seemed very respectful, and she wasn't going to assume he wasn't capable, especially since it was hard to neglect a flitt. They could take care of themselves if they needed to. So when the boy bowed and made his request, Sterling couldn't help but chuckle a little.

"No need to bow, I'm not Lady or anything. Here," she told him, handing him an egg from the basket before Alrune could try to object or stop them. "Keep the egg warm until it hatches, and provide food when it does. They should hatch soon."
To Shiravani
She couldn’t help but chuckle when the next person approached and asked for her “lady’s” egg. That was a sweet way to put it, and while Alrune didn’t seem to care, Sterling just smiled back and nodded, even after the candidate nearly rambled on.

“I got’cha,” she said with a wink, then fished out an egg for her and handed it over. “And relax a little, I’m not here to scrutinize you. Just take care of the starlet when it hatches. Oh, and I’m sure you know, but keep the egg warm and have food ready for it when it hatches. It should hatch any time today or tomorrow, maybe a few days later, but no more than that I think.”
To Halimila
The next to arrive was another candidate, younger this one, possibly around the same age as the Weyrling earlier. When she explained it was for her father though, Sterling nodded. Though she found the gesture sweet, she had an issue with fathers, thanks to her experiences with her own before she ran away from him. She’d of course keep that to herself, as she normally did.

“That’s nice of you,” she said with a nod, then scooped up another egg, quieting Alrune when she complained that the number of her eggs were dwindling and she wanted to snatch them all back.

“Hush you,” she told the starlizard before handing the egg over to the candidate.

“Tell your father to keep it warm, and feed it as soon as it hatches and it’ll become his lifelong companion as long as he does that. It should hatch anytime today or in a few days at the most. So take care of it.”
To V’an
Finally, the brownrider who had been waiting with the little boy stepped up, and she recognized him as V’an, the Weyrlingmaster Assistant with the partly blind dragon. Even as a wherhandler one heard about these kind of things. At his greeting though, adding on the little “morning” bit, she couldn’t help her slight chuckle at the statement. She chuckled again when the little boy had to be prompted to say hello, and he seemed far more interested in the prospect of ‘lizard eggs than anything else. He seemed young, so it was no wonder, not that Sterling had any real experience with children.

“Yeah, I still have a few,” she said with a nod. “Much to Alrune’s unhappiness here. She’ll forget and get over it quickly though.” They always did, after all, which was their saving grace, otherwise no one would want to have female ‘lizards because they’d be drowning in pets and it would be a nightmare.

“Just be careful,” she reminded them when they looked at the eggs to pick out which one they’d want. She humored them, since the boy was young and obviously excited, and V’an seemed responsible enough to keep the boy from causing any problems. She couldn’t help her grin and stifled laugh at the boy’s reasoning for picking an egg and his little wiggle as well, but she scooped up the egg he’d pointed at, making sure she picked the right one, and handed it to the brownrider.

“You’re welcome,” she responded to the boy for his good manners, even if he had been a little loud about it. Alrune complained some more, but Sterling hushed her just like before.
To Mickell
The next to arrive seemed like he only had just now realized there were 'lizards being handed out, judging by the cup of klah in his hand as he approached. She wasn't all that familiar with him as a person, but she nodded as he asked if he could have an egg, or rather, made it sound like he was doing her a favor by taking an egg, rather than the other way around. Then again, Sterling didn't mind, and really people taking the eggs were doing her a favor. Imagining being surrounded in starlizards wasn't something she wanted to live.

"Just be careful with it, and don't drop it," she couldn't help but remind since he seemed to be rolling it in his hand. "It should hatch sometime soon so make sure you keep food on hand and keep it warm until then."
Egg 1 for Mickell (Shiftergirl)
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To Aesidhe
Another person approached, this person one of the small handful of Garnetriders in the Weyr, who had been standing off to the side for a little while, almost as if she hadn't been sure. She seemed more sure now, pressing forward and asking politely for an egg. Well, there were two eggs left still, Sterling saw no reason to deny the young Garnetrider one. So she nodded to her question, and scooped out an egg for the rider.

"Here you go," she said, handing the egg over carefully. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but keep it warm, have food ready for it, it should hatch before long."
Egg 2 for Aesidhe (Nymphali)
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