When Mountains Fall Part 5 [Atricis, Open]

The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:30 pm

Over the span of a few days, each Weyr brought their aid to Igen in the form of sending Dragonriders to help move some of them out of their crumbling, infected Weyr. Anyone with any symptoms of any sort were directed to the Atrician riders that were sent by Atricis’ Leadership over the few days. Since Atricis was taking in so much of Igen, many of them ill, they had a lot more to work on, and so riders from the Southern Weyr were coming and going as they got everything together.

Before the first large group of Igenite refugees arrived at the Weyr, the whole of Atricis had been made aware of what was happening. They would be aiding Igen riders and weyrfolk, taking in the ill with hopes that they will improve in Atricis’ climate. Then the groups of riders and weyrfolk from Igen began to arrive, groups coming in escorted and aided by Atricis dragonriders. People were deposited into the Yard, things that had been able to be gathered and packed following them. The ill and ill dragons were led over toward the infirmary building, with the sick dragons resting behind the building in a few makeshift tent pavilions that had been erected. Many people of the Weyr were called to aid, helping to find places to reside and sleep and rest for those that didn’t need to be in the infirmary, while others erected tents and temporary pavilions in the Yard.

For days the Weyr was abuzz with arriving dragons and people and finding places to put them for the time being. The Igen Weyrlings were placed in the barracks unless they needed to be in the infirmary due to illness, though of course it was impossible not to notice that Weyrling group from Igen. The dragons were young, only sevendays old, but they were also very different than would be expected from an Igen hatching. Such as the bronze that was mostly white, the brown with equally white patches, and namely, the wingless blue. It became easily clear to the Leaders who had been privy to the meeting why the Igen had so willingly allowed their young Weyrlings including the young Queen to be transferred to New Atricis. It seemed the Leaders were the same as ever about non-traditional dragons. Still, New Atricis’ Leaders would do their best for the Igenite people that had come here.

{OOC Note: This thread is open to any and all characters who wish to participate in the arrival of the Igenese Refugees. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any member of Staff.}

Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:24 am

Daywher Candidate Toross
Tag: Tralexi/ @Lanni, Open
As the weyr combined efforts in an organized chaos to prepare for and welcome Igen's refugees, Toross was among them. If he was not heating up his forge to craft the metal building materials that were needed, from hinges of all sizes, to nails and other like things, he was used in other ways. In this very moment, he was assigned, along with his fellow daywher candidate Tralexi, to escort some that were coming into the homes prepared for them.

Seeing as how Tralexi's arm was still on the mend, Toross did the heavy lifting of the luggage that needed to be moved. He could sympathize with their plight for he'd known the destruction of his own home when he was a boy. He'd never forget and it hurt his heart to think it was happening all over again for these people. He had no prejudices against Igen. Why should he? They were a world away and what might have been in the past, was not here now. At least he hoped not.

Stumbling over a trunk of belongings, he barely caught himself in time before face planting himself into the dirt on the other side. Shaking off that near-miss, for he was used to such things all the time, he regained his smile easily and bent to his task to pick it up. Muscles used in wielding a heavy blacksmith hammer rippled along his arms as his knees bent and his back worked to lift the trunk. What was in this thing he wondered, boulders? It was as heavy as a mountain.

"Lead the way great and mighty Tralexi. I am but your humble servant come to save the valuable treasures of the noble folk of Igen!"

His theatrics never quit. His eyes sparked with joy and his mouth widened in an easy smile for her and for whoever accompanied them to their room. If anyone rolled their eyes or lifted their brows at him, he would chuckle and grin all the wider. Despite a tragedy, joy could still be given. He hoped in his heart that maybe the joy he offered could help.
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Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:09 pm

Rhianwen and Gold Lennoth
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The addition of one person to a Weyr was usually easy enough to absorb. Weyrfolk and candidates were always in short-supply and space was always available for the next class of weyrlings or graduated dragonriders. The addition of a large portion of another Weyr's population, on the other hand, took more than a fair amount of effort.

Since the decision for Atricis to take on so many of Igen's refugees, Rhianwen had been kept busy working with the Weyrhealer, Headwoman and Weyr Archivist as well as reaching out to Evanoria to see what laborers, crafters and supplies they may be able to add to the cause. It had been nothing but chaos since L'van's and Safryn's return, but everyone was working their hardest to make sure it was at least organized chaos.

Rhianwen stood with a few individuals at her side, ready to run messages or errands as needed. It was good New Atricis's residents had been so willing to step up and volunteer assistance, but Rhianwen was concerned now about a too-many-cooks scenario, while still fully aware she risked being one of those cooks.

"Run to the infirmary," she ordered one of the errand runners with her as she noticed a gathering of apprentice healers and quickly trained weyrfolk gathering together. They were greeting the arrivals and helping to locate which ones needed the most immediate medical attention, flagging them before they could reach the infirmary. "Let them know we're running low on triage tags in the field."

Harper Rina
Tag: Open

"And how do you spell Jillessa?" Rina asked the woman as she wrote he reply in as small a print as possible on a quickly-filling page. Southern paper may be a godsend right now, but they still only had so much in stock and there were so many people to track. "And your position with Igen?"

"I am a cook," Jillessa replied with pride.

Rina noted the woman as weyrfolk with experience as a cook. "As you self-report that you are not ill or injured, please find an assigned living space from the group by the dining hall. If you will be working with food, you will need a check-up by a healer to confirm you show no signs first. Thank you."

With that, Rina walked away from the woman. If they were going to take in this many refugees, the Weyr would need to know how many, who they were, their current physical status and where they would best fit into the Weyr. That was where the harpers came in.

Rina sighed and flexed her cramped hand before walking up to greet the next batch of arrivals.
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Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:01 am


N'kili felt like such a fool.

After three days of silence passed in Igen, N'kili found herself grow suspicious over the activity in Igen. For the time being, she had only begun to calculate what could have caused her contacts to go quiet, despite the fact they were in the midst of a critical transfer. She assumed Igen was plotting something against Atricis, something horrific enough to cut off all contact. She made mention to Safryn and L'van about the sudden cease in communication, but she did not put to word her true concern. It seemed too soon, and she wanted to give the desert Weyr just a little more time before she might finally request that the Weyr send a inconspicuous sweeprider to Igen. Unfortunately, that day never came.

Instead, N'kili found herself plagued with guilt when L'van and Safryn informed her on what happened. The fact she had assumed the worst when the weyr had suffered would haunt N'kili in the days to follow. It simply never occurred to her that an enemy like Igen could fall as it had, and while part of her knew such a thing was near impossible to predict, part of her felt she still should have been able to.

But she could only castigate herself for so long. With the refugees soon to arrive, there was work to be done. Messages would require couriers from her Wing, while delicate tongues would be required to speak to some of the more prominent, most stubborn, leaders of Igen. The move needed a smooth transition, one that would help to heal fresh wounds rather than cause them to split and fester. Atricis needed to do this right.

Day by day, the refugees would begin to arrive, and every day, N'kili over saw their welcome, while also picking out those Igenese that might prove problematic in the future. From the harpers, she collected the names of the riders, and made it her purpose to at least see them for herself, even if it was merely in passing, and then to L'van and Safryn, she passed on the information. The Igenese were not the warmest to Atricis, and while some undoubtedly changed their minds about the weyr by the day, there were those N'kili and the Weyrleaders would likely need to keep an eye on.
@Ember | Andreasan (mentioned) | OPEN

No matter her condition, work had to be done. When the Weyrleaders informed the Weyr about the pending arrival of Igenese refugees, Novandra immediately began to take stock of what she had in the Weaver Wing of the Crafthalls, and sent Andreasan a list of what they had, and what they would have ready by the time the first wave arrived. The materials created and provided by her craft would be required to make sheets, linens, supply bags, and, under those special circumstances, clothing. She worked the loom and over saw the work of others, making sure the craft of all luxury items was dropped in favour of more immediate items.

Did they have enough cotton? fibres? wool? Had they enough jute for provision sacks? What about silk for the healers and the injured? Late into the night did she work, and every morning she woke up clinging to her chamber pot as she dry heaved in misery.

"You're over working yourself," Faveonn told her that morning the refugees were set to arrive. The girl helped Novandra tie her hair back, and when Novandra tried to shoo her niece away, if only to regain some sense of dignity, Faveonn instead set to the heart to boil some water for some feather-fern. Quietly, Novandra was grateful for her niece's help, as was she thankful in the days to follow, for the refugees stole what energy she had to offer, and Faveonn's care gave her the extra strength to endure the demands of the day.

This day was no different. The featherfern still warm in her belly, Novandra set to task of taking stock, and handing out that materials needed by the newest arrivals. With a new group arriving, she made sure to walk the row and check the tents, making sure everyone had what they required.

But there always came that moment when the nausea hit, leaving Novandra's cheek to drain with colour. Faveonn said it was because she needed to eat, and that the featherfern could only do so much. The girl's nagging words rang in her ear, and privately, she obeyed her healer's orders. She walked down the line of tents, to the very end, and rounded the corner, There, she pulled out a meat roll she had taken for breakfast but neglected to finish. She unwrapped it from its handkerchief, a frowned at just how unappealing it seemed, but she nibbled on it nonetheless, if only to nullify the desire to vomit into the bucket by her feet.

She felt so much pain.

Every soul she passed clearly suffered from loss, leaving old wounds to burst open upon Amuderudalya's heart. In the first day, the baker ended the day in her apartment, sobbing into a pillow over the emotions that battered and bloodied her heart. The suffering that permeated in the refugee camp nearly suffocated her, but little by little, she slowly began to find her footing and overcome the wave of sorrow.

It was the only way she managed to survive as she looked upon their faces. Sickly and torn, the wretches rarely mumbled even so much as a thanks when she offered food from her basket. They still suffered from the trauma of Igen's downfall, recovering from broken bones and souls alike.

"Please, take what you need," she told one man who looked particularly broken. She suspected he was recently made dragonless like several of the others found around the camp. Large and small alike, the earthquake claimed its victims, leaving many to survive without half of their soul. The dragonelss were a shadow of their former self, which broke Amuderudalya most of all, yet still she offered meat rolls, bread rolls, and anything else she carried upon her. Of everyone here, they suffered most of all, thus she did what she could to help them.
Tag - @Linnea | Rina

"And your name?" Angela asked as she arrived at the end of a long row of tents. This section in particular housed the children from the Igenese Creche. Every tent the candidate entered, she found a foster parent with several children under their ward. Each one she collected detailed information, whatever they could to keep track of who was who. Name. Date of Birth. Origin. Rank. Who was their foster parent? Who were their biological parents? Did they have siblings?

It was a painstaking process, one that left her hand aching by the end of it, but Angela knew better than to gripe. What was a hand ache to the hurt these people suffered. Even if she was not always the most mindful, the soggy tears, hesitance, and fear on the part of the Igenese were enough to remind Angela to be patient with them.

Once she finished the row, she returned to Rina to hand over the information, and refresh her supplies. "Finished the the creche row," she informed her superior, Rina, once the woman finished with the latest wave of arrivals. "What needs to be done next?"
@Ember | Kolyat - L'van mentioned

Even if she knew the wound was slathered in numbweed, Faveonn still exercised care when changing the bandages. The girl worked under the charge of Journeyman Kolyat, treating the the injured who had settled in the camp. There was simply not enough room for them in the Infirmary, thus it was in the camp where the patients were treated, bringing the supplies and medicines to them. Changing dressings was an easy enough task, one that Kolyat could trust someone like Faveonn to do. After the twentieth change, Faveonn found her pace, working efficiently, but never rushed.

"How does that feel?" Faveonn asked one woman as she slathered fresh numbweed across the stretch of sutures that ran down the length of the patient's arm.

"Better, thank you."

"Good, and if you need anything, just send your firelizard to us." With a final nod, she left the patient and emerged back onto the path that cut down the camp.

The sound of cries and moans reached her ear, giving Faveonn an idea of where she needed to go next, but she could not do so without consulting Kolyat first. She looked about, wondering where the man was, and had to send Mayfly to find him.

As she waited, she looked about, noting how the grass underfoot had already begun to brown and die along the pathways, the thousands of thoughtless footsteps pounding the once vibrant verdant fronds into dirt and mud. The burn of marinating body odour also stung the air, and unfortunately did not go amiss by Faveonn, who had always had a bit of a sensitive nose. She detested the stench, but she recognised the people around her simply could not help it. However, when she passed some tents, she caught the smell sour milk. A frown came to her when she realised what that meant. Infection. She would have to remember to tell Kolyat when she saw him.

Kolyat would not be the next familiar face she would see. As she waited for Mayfly, a tall man with greying hair made his way up the row. The very sight of him caught Faveonn off guard, for she did not expect to see the Weyrleader of Atricis Weyr in her section of the encampment.

Not long ago, she had found out that L'van was K'rios's father. She had heard it over weyr gossip, and confirmed it later when she dared to ask one of the healers she worked with. That would mean L'van was her grandfather. But why would he care to know her? From what she understood about the man, he had litany of children and grandchild. What would he care if he found out he had one more? Besides, as a Weyrleader, she doubted the man had time for someone like her. Therefore, she shrunk away from him as he passed, making sure to stay out of the way of what must have been pressing work.

... yet still her eyes chased after him, curious as to what sort of man he was. Even after Mayfly returned to her, Faveonn lingered at least long enough to commit his voice to memory. Only then did she permit herself to leave, letting Mayfly guide her to Kolyat.

It did not take long to find the healer, and quickly she reported to him. "Sir, I changed the bandages like you asked me to. The patient is feeling better, especially after I applied the numbweed." Since the girl had found her pace in her work, she had also found her confidence, for she knew full well what her duties entailed, and what was required of her. She also did not forget about the scent she had caught. "Also..." she made a glance down the row she had come from. "I think I smelled infection coming from some of the tents."
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Mon Apr 29, 2019 3:45 am

[ Tag: Open ]
He’d been working almost relentlessly since before word arrived that they would begin arriving, and it was one of the reasons why he wouldn’t stop moving. If he did, he didn’t think he would begin moving again. The Weyrleader was a bundle of energy that was born of artificiality and nerves, uncertain of how this would turn out and whether or not this would even work in the end. There were other factors behind it all, and it was something he couldn’t think about, that he couldn’t even allow himself to begin to stop and consider. And maybe it was the reason he wouldn’t allow himself to give pause, even for a moment, no matter how brief.

It would not hurt you to allow yourself a chance to mourn them.

It gave him cause to stumble, and he almost gave a pause as he moved through the rows of people. But he kept on his feet, and he continued to move, stopping only to speak with someone, to offer a few kind words. But then he would begin to move again, anything to keep his mind from lingering on them. He glanced at his fingers for a moment, swore that the ink still stained them from the missive he’d received from an old friend of his. But no, it wasn’t there, just red marks from a clenched fist he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.


Not now. There will be time to mourn them when I’ve had the chance to sit and breathe. That being said, he turned back to what he was doing, heading in the direction of the tents, checking on things there, then moving back towards the main portion of the Weyr Yard where he wanted to see how the majority of the refugees were settling in.

[ Tag: Faveonn ]
It was a horrible thing, what had happened at Igen. It didn’t matter that these people were as close minded as they were, what had happened to the average citizens was something that needed to be taken care of with now that they were here. Kolyat was among those on hand with the touches required to assist with the injured, being a healer.

He glanced at Faveonn as she returned and nodded, though he found he couldn’t smile like he normally did when told that a patient was feeling better - it was all due to what she stated next. Infection was what he’d feared would happen with some of those injuries, and he knew it was something they would be fighting for a few days with them.

He glanced off in the direction she’d come from, and nodded, grimacing when he realized that some of those people must have been living with their wounds for a few days then. They must have been short staffed at Igen, whether through ignorance, or the death of other healers, he couldn’t say. Regardless, they were here now, and Atricis had some of the best outside of the Healer Hall at Fort.

”Good job for pointing those out. We’re going to gather some of these supplies,” he’d been packing the makeshift shelves with a few things, making sure it was all labelled and sorted in between checking on patients. ”And then we’ll head out to look at everyone.” He heard someone call his name and winced, knowing this was going to be a regular thing as well for Faranth knew how long.

Alasander brought over a stack of clean linens and frowned. ”Sounds like another wave is coming in soon.” The daywher candidate and healer stated. Thought you might want to be prepared.”[/b] He tipped his head at both before jogging away, and Kolyat glanced at his young aid.

”I think we can handle this, don’t you?” He finally allowed a little bit of a smile to peek out, but it was tired, and not enough to show any real enthusiasm, just an ache and sadness for what to expect in the coming days for the people that they’d no doubt treat, and inevitably lose.
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Teteakea was lucky, in a lot of ways really. So many people had lost a lot in the quake, she had been lucky to not have much to lose in the Weyr at the time, no family hurt or worse... Even with the experiences of tremendous loss she had felt through the dragons though, she was still better off than some. She was sick, but so were a lot of the people of the Weyr, and she wasn't in the worst states either. She'd at least been aware enough to wonder how they were going to get her and the Weyrlings moved. Especially her Siveynarth. Really, Gold hatchlings were so big, bigger than she had actually expected. She might have laughed at how the larger adult dragon had to cling to Siveynarth for travel, but she just didn't have it in her right now.

When they came out of between, Teteakea suffered another coughing fit, releasing the rider only with one hand to cover her mouth as she felt she was about to hack up a lung. It had settled by the time they landed in the Yard, but her head now throbbed, and as soon as Siveynarth was released, she trotted over to the dragon's side and demanded she get to her Teteakea. Again, she might have laughed, or at least smiled, but there was just too much going on. Her head throbbed and all the new dragons and new... everything, just wasn't helping. At least it wasn't blindingly sunny, but it was...dreary.
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Wed May 01, 2019 7:23 pm

The Igen refugees had been coming in at a steady pace, more injured and sick than V'say had expected. Every face he saw was pale and wrought with distress. Not a smile among the lot at being here in the wonderful South where life thrived to its fullest. V'say had heard plenty of rumours of how Igen was, strict on what kind of dragons they allowed which seemed so silly to him. All his life he had heard how the Ancients left leaving Walled with just blues and greens and the rare brown for many, many Passes. Every dragon in New Atricis was so amazingly wonderful, what Weyr would get upset if some weren't the traditional five? Differences aside what truly struck V'say was so many people were unhappy and he decided it'll be his job to at least put a smile, even temporary on as many Igenites as he can.

First thing in the morning he truddled out to the Weyr yard where most of the Igenites were being brought to upon arrival, providing they weren't so sick immediate Healer aid was required. Not that V'say intended to neglect the sick and injured, he'll make a visit to the makeshift Infirmary as the day progressed. He carried a wooden box and set it down where plenty of people could see it clearly, especially children. Flipping open the lid he then picked it up again and turned it upside down and gave it a good shake. When nothing came out he put it back down onto the ground. Now his show will truly begin.

>I really don't think this is a good use of your time.> Sioriarth broke into V'say's thoughts.

I think it's a great use of my time. There are plenty of people who can take names, carry stuff and help the Igenites get to that place or the other...but they are all so sad, scared and worried. What better way to make them feel at home and lift their spirits than with a little entertainment? V'say was sure this was a good idea, so sure that he spent half the night coming up with something as entertaining as he could make it on his own.

The bronze humphed in V'say's mind but didn't make any further comment. V'say could feel the bronze wasn't completely convinced but willing to let him give it a try. There were so many hurt, sick and shell-shocked people and dragons Sioriarth couldn't refute his rider's opinion some distraction would help.

Now that the distraction of his dragon was gone, V'say returned to performing. He stretched and arched his back way over till he was bent backwards so much his hands were touching the ground behind him. With a bounce he did a complete hand stand and flipped back up onto his feet. Now fully stretched he looked into the box, bending down low to peer in. He then proceeded to slowly fold himself inside the box, making look like he was doing the impossible, fitting into a box far too small it had to be impossible for a human to fit inside. He even used a finger to pull the lid down shut.

He remained that way for several minutes before popping open the lid and unfolding out of the box one careful movement at the time.


Wed May 01, 2019 9:39 pm

Elikos - Walled street-rat/thief
Tag: @LdyPayne | V'say, OPEN

Locke had told him to keep his head down. He was not to help unless specifically asked to. He was not to steal from these weirdos that were coming in. Elikos obeyed. For once. He could feel how monumental this whole chaotic mess was. He could see the suffering and loss of these people. The sick and injured he avoided. Most everyone he tried to avoid, putting Locke's few lessons of stealth into practice. He did not want to disappear altogether. He wanted to see this. He needed to see this. It opened his eyes in a way he'd never known before.

Grand scale mercy, kindness, generosity. And yet some of those that were helped seemed to be unthankful, a few were even very rude. Be it shock, grief or a natural personality that stunk, Elikos did not care. What got his mind to pondering things was the caring. He'd never seen such a thing before meeting up with those that had saved him in Walled. And now he was at the weyr and he was watching, silent and disbelieving. There had to be an ulterior motive for this level of caring. No one ever did this kind of thing for nothing. Well, maybe Locke did, but.... This was strange.

Something else that was strange was this man and his box not too far away from where he was keeping to his shadow. He watched as the man bent in half. He straightened and leaned forward a little as if to see better. What was this man up to? Was he injured? Was he broken in half now? Elikos didn't even think he could do that and not hurt from it. He wouldn't even try. Okay, maybe he would, but not right now. He was too busy looking.

The tiny box. The man was getting inside this impossibly small space. How?! Was the box somehow larger than his one good eye could account for? It had to be! Why was the man crawling inside it?

The lid closed. It closed! The man was inside this tiny little box completely and the lid closed. How? It was too much for Elikos to let go. Inching out of his hiding place, he glanced to those that were watching this closed box with various expressions upon their faces. Feeling bold, he circled the box from a 'safe' distance and crouched down, trying to figure it all out. Was the man okay in there? Had he really seen what he knew he'd seen?

The lid suddenly opened and he jumped back instinctively and ran a few steps further away and turned back. Very slowly the man crawled out of the box and though applause, approving sounds and the like were made, Elikos stood, the shock, confusion and awe on his face was clear to see. "Wow." He uttered quietly.
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Fri May 03, 2019 10:43 pm

There were plenty of amazed faces looking back at him but the expressions he truly lived for was the smiles instead of frowns. When he spotted a young man looking utterly confused and awestruck V'say gave a bow before standing straight once more.

"Oh that was quite tiring..." he proclaimed then he collapsed into a heap as though his strings had been cut. Winking at the young man he then rolled into a sitting position and pulled one leg and rested his foot up behind his head and followed that up with his other leg. "Bid well I rest a moment but feel free to ask me any questions while I do."
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Sat May 04, 2019 10:05 pm

@Marvealle | Teteakea - @Ember | Kolyat

The arrival of Teteakea, the Igense queenrider, N'kili found her focuses narrow. No matter the condition of her queen's hide, the gold was of extreme value both to Atricis Weyr and to Igen (if the Weyr ever found its footing ever again), thus to see her rider in such a condition was nothing short of worrying. The clutch of her head was of particular concern to N'kili, the way those hands pressed against those tender spots that indicated the girl was in pain.

Valley Fever, just like the rest of them, N'kili realised as she moved over to the girl. Though mindful of the young queen, it did not stop N'kili from gently reaching out to touch the girl's shoulder. "You must be, Teteakea," she began, and then turned to the gold, "And you must be Siveynarth."

The brown from her shoulder offered a chatter of excitement while Omiimiith reached her mind out to the queen from the cliffs. Welcome to Atricis, Siveynarth.

"I am N'kili, Speaker of Atricis, and I am here to help you acclimate to the Weyr, though first, while I may be no healer, I do believe your headache should be tended to." Already, her mind reached out to opal to call upon one of the healers wandering through the camp.

It was to Kolyat's mind that her dulcet voice sprouted. My sweet healer, the young queen and her rider have arrived from Igen, and are in need of some attention. My rider is near the landing zone with them.

N'kili made a glance around, and then continued. "Omiimiith has called for a healer. One should be here shortly, so we can get you both settled and treated."

@Ember | Kolyat

It felt good to be recognised for her cleverness and her hard work, but Faveonn did not dwell on it for long when she realised there was much work to still be done. The potential infections were especially concerning. If they involved wounds, and they nearly always did, Faveonn knew they would likely have to drain them. Just the thought of it caused her to wince, but only for briefly, for she did not Kolyat to have even the slightest inkling of her own hesitation.

But they had more to do. When Alasander slipped in, Faveonn ducked her head from the man in an attempt to stay out of the way and go unnoticed, and slipped to the makeshift supply shelves to collect a scapula, sutures, gauze, redwart, fellis, numbweed, a bowl, and a readied skin of clean water. Kolyat did not need to tell her what was required. She had assisted enough drains and lances in the infirmary to know what was required, and did not need to be told what to collect.

Once Alasander slipped off, Faveonn presented the bowl with all items to Kolyat, confident she had everything required for the work ahead of them.

”I think we can handle this, don’t you?”

She gave an affirming nod of her head. "Of course we can," she replied. Though her encouragement sounded genuine, the apprentice did not fully believe it herself. They needed more help from the Infirmary... but they only had so many. It was in moments like these that triage became necessary, and she feared they might have to practice it soon enough.

Unknowing to Faveonn, as she made her way to the exit of the tent, the call from Omiimiith came to Kolyat.
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