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The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Season - Late Autumn (Fuzzy Timed)
Time - Later Afternoon | Shortly After Drills
Location - Atricis Weyr | Weyrlake

Speaker of the Weyr N'kili and Opal Dragon Omiimiith

Her Wing.

Only several days had passed since Ma'lek and Solange's departure, yet N'kili still had not entirely adjusted to her new position. The first few days left her dizzy with dismay, for never had it dawned on her that such good fortune could be bestowed upon her. At the start of the Turn, the opalrider's focus remained solely on the ordeal in Walled, however, it seemed that with new turn came a new opportunity. After Ma'lek and Solange offered her the option to replace them as the lead diplomats of New Atricis, N'kili realised the powers that be had provided her with a chance to succeed at her agenda. Yet she could not allow her excitement to best her. Mindfulness was critical now more so than ever before. If she was to use her newfound position to advance the cause, N'kili needed to plot with caution lest her life be cut short by an anger Mother.

While this certainly is a matter to ruminate upon, I think for now it is best that we let the matter rest. We both had a long day, and I need a good wash and oil.

Yes, Omiimiith was absolutely right. The day had filled itself with missives and requests, leaving the opalrider's eyes to become cross with words. Once the lines began to blur together, and she could not tell whether a letter's use of the word "cleave" meant to bring together or cut apart, N'kili realised she had had enough.

So shall we go to the lake then?

Yes, Miimii, I think we shall. Before she left, the opalrider made sure slip her gemlet into the gilded cage she had made for the creature. Large bodies of water were no place for the little bismuth like Pearl. Duke, however, was eager for their field trip to the lake, and even made sure to find his favourite wooden toy to bring with him on the trip. Once N'kili changed into some proper attire for the water and gathered a sheet to lay on, the little mottled brown firelizard took to her shoulder. Only then did he resumed his gnawing on the well worn corner of his favoured bauble.

"You ready too, Duke?" she asked of her friend as she made her way to the door.

He trilled through his chews.

Together, rider, firelizard, and dragon glided down for the Weyr lake, though they noted the time and realised they would not be alone. Did you hope to see some friends while we were here? she asked of Omiimiith in playful suspicion. As a social dragon, the little opal loved enjoying the company of her kin, especially other opals and pyrites, though encountering those of her hue was a rare occurrence. Omiimiith and N'kili were one of the oldest bonded opal pair of New Atricis now.

We do not truly have friends, but I did hope to make one today.

N'kili smiled warmly at her lifemate as they touched down. Then do take your time, and I will enjoy the sun. Even in autumn, the sun had not forgotten how to warm with its inviting rays.

That does sound nice. When N'kili dismounted her dragon, the little opal skipped off to the waters and submerged herself the moment the water reached her shoulders.

Friends, that would be a nice thing to encounter, N'kili thought with a faint smile. During her previous time in New Atricis, the opalrider had failed to do such a thing. Granted there were some acquaintances she had made, even daring to fancy one or two of them, N'kili was never actually granted the opportunity to know anyone well enough to call them companions or friends. Instead, N'kili found what consolation she could in solitude, or at least what solitude Duke permitted her to have. "Do you wish to swim as well?" N'kili asked of the little brown.

Large eyes regarded her before his excitement swept him off her shoulder. After several waves passed beneath him, the little brown relinquished his toy and dove into the refreshing lake.

And now N'kili was alone. She wrapped her arms across her chest, for she did not entirely know what to do with herself. Therefore, she thought it best to relax, just like she promised herself. There was a nice stretch of sandy shores for her to enjoy, thus she decided to do just that. Once she settled onto the sand with a blanket spread out beneath her, N'kili laid back to enjoy the warmth of Rukbat's embrace.

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