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The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Joss not happy. Kelsk knows why. The agate was on his couch, working hard to try and clean away the last remains of his breakfast from between his toes, despite the fact that he'd long since wash away any such evidence that had lingered there since their hunt had ended. He glanced away from his attempts at the hunched back of his handler as Joss read over the note his sister had slid under the doorway of his room the other night and blew out a stream of warm air that shook the papers on his desk. Not wanting them to go. Means leaving Weyr. Leaving Weyr means more food to hunt. More food to hunt means happy belly for Kelsk.

He shook his head, because he did't want to leave the Weyr, but if his sisters wished to leave the Weyr, who was he to stop them from doing so? All he could do was escort them to the nearest stop of the caravan, hug them, wish them farewell, then return to New Atricis which was his home now. It was were his wher had been hatched, it was where his friends existed, and it was where his lov-- no, that wasn't an accurate assessment entirely, but it was partially the truth at least. He would stay, but he would make sure the girls would get to their home safe and sound at the very least. One last service of protection to his beloved siblings before he said goodbye for now.

Fool, who was curled up in a basket on his desk, suddenly uncurled and looked up, something beyond the door capturing his attention. He chirped, a familiar sound, then stood up and stretched in his basket before looking at Joss with expectation. "Am not going to the door when no one is there." He said, as though he'd been told to do something by the brown. Wit a roll of his eyes had leaned back, thinking he might just go to sleep early that night, but instead, all thoughts of an early slumber were dashed when there when there was a knock on the door and he stood to answer it.

As he stepped towards it, Fool hop-flew to his shoulder and he gave the brown a scratch. Leaning towards the door, he grabbed the handle, glancing towards the firelizard as he chittered towards the as yet to be revealed individual as if he knew them. Shaking his head, Joss turned towards them, only partially aware that Kelsk was stretching himself up to try and get a look up or around his rider's tall, bulky frame. Ah, pretty healer.

DON'T you dare say it, you little bastard.

The agate looked a little smug for himself. And for my silence? What do I get?

What do you want? He soured that he was being blackmailed by his fucking wher of all things.

You know...

The thing was, Joss did, so he gave the wher a sharp nod before turning to look at Shihei, his breath now since resuming. He wasn't sure what she was doing there, in his room, but he supposed he would soon find out. "Shihei... it... has been a while. What can we do for you?" From behind his shoulder, Kelso could be heard giving a rumble by means of his own greeting.

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