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The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:26 am


You're really bad at this. In an adorable way. Terrible but cute.

"You're supposed to be helping, not making fun of me." Sunaia had her eyes tightly shut and her hands held out a little before her. Not that it would help-- in the wide open expanse of the Weyr's "bowl", if she was going to run into anything, it would mostly likely be a rock hidden in the grass. "So, help."

I am helping! You told me I was bad at staying still and I got better, didn't I?

It was a brief, blessed hour of spare time but rather than devote it to resting, Sunaia had decided to try an exercise she'd seen done in Telgar. Supposedly it would help a young bonded pair grow to depend on each other's senses more and deep the link between them. So far, all it had gotten her was a stubbed toe and the start of a headache; she hadn't yet succeeded at seeing through Samandirieth's eyes as she'd hoped. On several occasions, she'd been able to use the sport's surge of worry to detect an immediate obstacle but that was feeling, not seeing. She was succeeding about as well as Sama ever did at staying still-- making them both abject beginners.

But the beast had a point. You had to know you were bad and then work to improve to get better at something. So she grit her teeth against the prospect of banging her toes or barking her shin, and shuffled forward again. This time, she forced her hands to drop to her side.

Not that way! Samandirieth was forbidden from following too closely. Her job was to look ahead and try to allow Sunaia to see through her eyes. She'd crept as close to her rider as she felt she could get away with though-- what? Sunny wasn't even looking, so it didn't count!-- and behind the human weyrling's head, a larger black-and-white draconic head popped up, eyes bright with alarm. There's a--

"Don't tell me! Show me!"

But either there wasn't time, or she couldn't figure out how, because Sunaia's steps carried her right into someone else, without further warning from the sport. Sunny recoiled and teetered. Samandirieth chirruped distress.

"I'm sorry!" blended with a private I TOLD you so.
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Even with turns of experience with the healing processes, Laikanu hated the itchy patches that came with the healing of stitches. While this batch was more professionally done than his own shaky and clandestine works, the location made for some awkward positions as he tried to scratch them the best he could... without ripping them open that is. Every time he came close to satisfying the madness, Tui would distract him just long enough so that the healer's work would stay intact.

This afternoon, Laikanu had stolen some free time to try and stretch the new skin with a series of exercises from his training days. While the stances and movements weren't exactly to his fighting style any more, the familiar cadences and routine had the brunet lost in memories. Trapped in thoughts of happier times, Laikanu forgot his current woes. Forgotten was the pain in his back, side and heart. Lost was the familiar sting of rejection. Here, in the unfamiliar sunshine of a not-quite weyrbowl, Laikanu was transported back in time to stolen moments with his brother.

He was so lost in his past that the warning from Tui went unheeded. His blue eyes were glazed, focused inward instead of on his surroundings like his uncle had drilled into instinct. The collision of another body into his sore one had the candidate hissing between clenched teeth. The more current memories clashed around him as his eyes snapped into focus just in time to try and steady the soul that bumped into him. "Careful!" He hissed out as he gained his breath again.
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