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The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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{OOC: fuzzy timed to while hurt weyrlings are still recovering a bit, though Mila is probably the closest to recovered of all the injured}
Folith might not have been the smallest bronze in the Weyr, but he was certainly close, and there were several browns that were actually larger. Neither he nor his rider had any problem with that of course, and on bathing days especially, Vin'del thought that he was luckier than the riders with the very largest dragons. He had spent over a candlemark scrubbing and oiling the bronze's hide, and now his bondmate was curled up in the sun by the lake, looking like a gleaming pile of autumn leaves. With that last coat of oil still waiting to be absorbed, he was actually difficult to look at directly in the early summer sun, and Vin'del wasn't trying to. Instead, he was lying out in the sun himself, though Folith was casting enough of a shadow that he wasn't getting much direct light.

He'd gone back into the lake for one last dip to get as much of the oil off his own skin as possible, so his loose trousers and shirt were wet and clinging to him, and in Folith's shade he was managing to feel pleasantly cool for a summer day, and just wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon lightly dozing until the two of them were dry. Apparently, it was bath day for more dragons than just Folith, though, and his bronze lifted his head suddenly, disturbing the shade, and looking at the group of weyrlings heading down to the lake.

They weren't the largest weyrling class he'd ever seen, though they came close, but they might have been the oddest. Aside from the multiple, and in some cases quite severe injuries (hadn't two of the weyrlings already been injured BEFORE coming to the Hatching?) there were two pairs of twins, two sport colored dragons, another chimera, and apparently a male green and a female brown. Vin'del knew that there was some curiosity about those two, whether the brown would ever actually rise, or the green chase, but of course it was largely academic. Even if that brown rose, she would surely have been given firestone first, so they were unlikely to see a clutching brown, and the green was probably too small to catch a clutcher. Still, when Folith told him that the weyrlings were coming down, Vin'del sat up to look as well.

The green and brown looked fairly normal of course, not as eye catching as the chimera and the two sports. Still, he peered at the three browns and three greens, trying to see if he could see the difference now. Vin'del couldn't feel the difference between dragons the way some people could, and he couldn't really see a difference in the body shapes, or anything about their behavior. Of course, greens only acted dramatically different from blues when they were getting ready to rise, so he doubted he would notice anything.

Folith certainly noticed, though, and was giving confused looks at both of them. Vin'del knew he had mentioned the two weyrlings to his dragon, but there was a reason dragons weren't known for the memories. Still, he was quite curious about this entire group, and he knew he was likely to end up with several of them in his wing. He might as well start getting to know them, and the easiest way would be offering to help.

One of the greens, Folith insisted, predictably, and Vin'del really should figure out which of the greens was male, and help that weyrling, just to annoy his dragon. But he went back to the lake without a specific dragonet or weyrling in mind. Apparently he was not going to dry off anytime soon, so he walked up to the closest weyrling. Folith should be happy, at least it was one of the greens.

Not that he knew her name, she was the greenling that had come to the Hatching Grounds leaning on a friend, though. "Hello," he said easily. "Folith suggests that you could still use a bit of help today?"
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Hali had been struggling to settle all her supplies down while trying to keep Ardi close. There was something a bit different today with the Green but for the life of her Mila couldn’t figure it out yet. As a result Arduinnath was a bit more clingy than usual, sensing that her rider wasn’t centered in the moment. Halimila for her part was growing more impatient with the whole situation. “Ardi! Stop and stay still for a moment!” Mila hissed with a scowl coming across her bruised face. While her injuries weren’t as hindering as they were a few days ago, the headache that accompanied her black eye and goose-egg came and went with her moods.

I’m just trying to help, Halimila. No need to be nasty, Arduinnath said holding her nose into the air with a sniff. Hali’s scowl lightened then as she realized what she was doing. “Oh Ardi,” The weyrling said on a hiccup. “I’m sorry!” She finished with a small sob, “I don’t know what’s gotten into me!” She carefully set the bucket of oil down and turned to the Green at her side. Dropping to her knees with tears threatening her vision, Mila threw her arms around the tiny dragon.

It was then that Arduinnath became aware that they were not alone any more. Nuding her rider’s shoulder, she tried to warn the now crying girl. Sniffling against her now stuffy nose, Hali turned her black and blue face to see who had come across them. A frown of confusion came over her wet face as she tried to piece things together. “Folith?” She asked raising one hand to dry her face. A bronze my dear, Arduinnath added helpfully with her own now worried gaze coming to the other rider. Not trusting the man, Ardi waited to see how the bronze rider would react to her own rider’s tears.
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