Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
I. All You Need to Know About...
II. Maps
III. Atricis' Major Dragonkin
IV. History & Archives
V. Pets & Animals
VI. Atricis' Lists

I. All You Need to Know About...
---- New Atricis
-------- Candidacy in New Atricis Weyr
-------- Weyrlings, Wherlings, & Daylings
-------- Mating Flight/Run Tips
-------- About Hatchings
---- The South
---- The North
---- The Flow of Time & Our Calendar

II. Maps
---- The Land of Pern
---- New Atricis Maps

III. Atricis' Major Dragonkin
---- Dragons
---- Isilian Whers
---- Day Whers
---- Pearls

IV. History & Archives
---- Overall History
---- Past Hatchings
---- Things of the Past
-------- Past Leaders
-------- Human & Dragon Bloodlines

V. Pets & Animals
---- Pets & Domestic Animals
-------- Non-Dragonkin Pets
-------- Dragonkin ('Lizard) Pets
---- Non-Domestic Fauna
-------- Northern Animals
-------- Southern Animals

VI. Atricis' Lists
---- Dragonriders & Threadfighting Wings
---- Wherhandlers & Guard Teams
---- Dayhandlers & Guard Teams
---- Pearlriders & Strike Teams
---- Ranking & Crafter Characters
---- Pets of Atricis
---- Dragonkin & Pet Templates
---- Staff Members

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