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Atricis: Awakening is a non-canon Pern roleplaying site that is a continuation of an older site, Atricis Weyr & Atricis: Resurrection. More specifically, we are non-canon Alternate Timeline 9th Pass Pern. We are categorized as non-canon due to various things in our community, but it would be best to consider us non-canon with canon undertones. There are some pieces of canon we choose to follow, and some we don’t, and others are left up to the players themselves to play their preference.

There is a lot to see and do on Atricis! You may find more about us in our Information forum and Table of Contents, as well as more about current site events in our News Forum. If you are interested in joining and roleplaying here, you may find everything about our site rules and guidelines in the Site Rules & Guidelines page.

Atricis: Awakening uses the RPG Rating site to try and give potential members an idea of what is allowed across the board. As it stands, our rating can be found on the main index, as well as below. For more information about what that rating means, check the RPG Rating site.

Note About Account Activation:
Account activation is e-mail based, and the site will send you an email to activate your account with. If you do not get your email in a few minutes, please check any spam and junk folders. We also suggest you whitelist emails from Atricis@newatricis.com to receive any important emails.

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Any and all references to Pern and characters pertaining to Pern as written in Anne McCaffrey's books are copyright Anne McCaffrey 1967-2008,
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